Growing attached to your sword

January 19 [Tue], 2016, 16:31
Considering most MMOs revolve around the acquisition of new equipment, Blade and Soul is notably light on lucrative loot drops. I'd wager that this is due to its aforementioned wuxia influence, with the game encouraging you not to simply drop your acquired weapon at the drop of a hat for a shiny new one, but to instead upgrade it repeatedly across the course of your journey in order to transform it into a formidable tool with which to Buy BNS Gold cut down swathes of enemies.

Rather than being just another cool item to attach to your character, your weapon in Blade and Soul will likely follow you throughout most of your adventure. While there is the opportunity to buy new weapons from the in-game marketplace, you won't find a brand new, better piece of equipment every couple of hours, with the vast majority of weapons you discover being most useful when they're used to evolve your currently equipped sword/axe/other instrument of death. Evolving the weapon allows it to increase in level, and after every 10 levels you can perform a "breakthrough" by acquiring a rare piece of equipment obtainable in a specific location, typically at the end of a particularly challenging dungeon. Upon performing a breakthrough, the power of your weapon increases significantly, and it's a great method of allowing the player to grow attached to the equipment they utilize.

This method is also used in the necklaces, earrings, and Cheap BNS Gold rings player wear, though the game does away with traditional armor in favor of "Dobok," a form of clothing that features no stat boosts in favor of allowing players to dress however they want. MMO veterans may balk at this, but considering that the majority of the armor looks quite lightweight to remain in-keeping with the game's setting, I found the ability to dress my character however I pleased a welcome sidestep from the conventions of the genre.

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