Interesting Lore to Add to Your Story

January 18 [Mon], 2016, 17:31
While going through some quests, I noticed a few interesting bits of lore that others might miss, yet could inspire additions to your character's story Cheap BNS Gold.

Yeah, I think it'll be a little taboo to play a character who was there when Jinsoyun arrived, however playing an older Hongmoon disciple isn't really all that taboo, I would think. One who had trained there previously and already left to explore the world. Not all Hongmoon disciples are going to be super uber powerful - while they'd be good martial artists, not everyone is the best of their class.

The information still gives anyone wanting to Buy BNS Gold play any sort of Hongmoon disciple an idea of how long reasonable training might be. Hell, it gives us an idea how long anyone's training at a formal school for clan might bee. Three years is for an exceptional student/prodigy to start learning the secret arts of a clan, and expand from there.
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