Boss Combos

January 18 [Mon], 2016, 10:32
Boss Combos

Bosses, on the other hand, are not as easily affected by conditions. These powerful foes will require careful coordination with your group in order to Buy BNS Gold successfully complete a combo. There are two additional bars under the boss’ health that start out empty, and through coordinated group efforts can be filled to apply a desired condition.

When a player performs an ability on the boss that creates a condition such as Daze, a bell sound will ring, a pop-up notification will appear the name of effect, and one of the boss’ status bars will light up in a color that is specific to the condition.

The boss isn’t automatically affected by that condition; instead, the boss is now vulnerable to that type of condition. In this example, for the boss to become Knockd Down, the party members will need to act quickly and perform Knock Down-afflicting abilities to Cheap BNS Gold fill the second bar to successfully knock down the boss.

Working together with your teammates will help tame even the fiercest foes, and you’ll find that the greatest strength lies in coordinated attacks.
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