How's it going? 

2008年07月09日(水) 16時53分

Hi Everyone!
It's too muggy isn't it.
By the way,I bought sake via internet.
Off couse Japanease sake is revered around the world for its delicious flavor.
But I don't like it very well.
So,I chose the sake that is quaffable.
It is named "Hakurosaishu.
It's good taste for me. I am really satisfied with it!
Maybe I can like sake.
Take care!

Today's Topic !! 

2008年07月08日(火) 21時41分
How's going?
I'm good today.
Well,I've had a medical checkup!
The substance is blood draw,X ray of the stomach,eye examination,
auditory diagnosis,blood pressure, electrocardiogram etc.
The diagnostic outcome is gone out by mail in a week or so!
Up to that time,I've got to keep waiting with pounding hearts!
I guess It's depressing.
Take care!!


2008年06月24日(火) 19時04分
This is second comment in English.
Let's see,what should I write?
I think I'm getting fat.
So, recently I started physical exercise.
It's around twenty minutes.
To put it concretely, It is like jogging.
Jogging is very good to reduce body fat.
In case of less than 20 minutes,It has a small effect!
Pay attention to it!
I've got to continue on physical exercise or no point for me!
Take care!


2008年06月18日(水) 17時32分

Hi! Everyone. How's everything?
It's another fine and hot day.
I guess Beer is refreshing just like
this. right?
I'm in the mood for a nice cold beer!
It's mouth-watering.
Take it easy.


2005年12月15日(木) 22時27分
差入保証金        640,000 円
評価損益(含み損)   -154,723
確定損益(決済損益)       0 円

トータル保有金額    485,277 円

取引会社 : 楽天証券

  オーストラリア/日本   5万 買い持ち(金資源国)
  ニュージーランド/日本 1万 買い持ち(7.25%高金利国)
  カナダ/日本        2万 買い持ち(世界第2位原油資源国)

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