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July 24 [Tue], 2012, 13:12

Forward so anxious suddenly snapped in the direction of the front left hand and a gunshot to the grass bushes came a ray of light smoke, the woods in front of him was hit, issued to the kind of throat shot the lethal unique to the short intense cough. Followed by someone in front of the bushes, roll up and grass crashed ring, not to five seconds, bang, touch the man rolling in the grass rang mine. Forward only to see a Xuewu and a few tattered rag smoking at the same time rising in the smoke, pop-grass shoe flash disappeared.

Do not have any shots were fired on three shifts positions, we all continue to wait for the other movement occur. Ralph Lauren Outlet

The smoke cleared, followed by the bushes, there has been movement. There is an enemy command up to examine the mine engineer the situation to see people have died, is now back to the bodies of fellow.

This case, we generally will not shoot. The classes of the sentinel in the heart of species deep-seated hatred of looking at the grass has happened, he snapped and fired a shot.

Follow the engineers touch up other enemy, closely lying channels opened up not far behind, no-one dares to look forward to was not found. They also do not want exposed in advance, artillery support has not come up, from the time of the attack ten minutes. Say now, mine engineers in claims, nearly a meter-channel is not open, which can be harder to resolve. Burberry Sale

Raid not only have lost the secret, in broad daylight, the storm is not a good idea, they know the strength of the class warfare of the platoon deployed in this position whopping storm to be able to win as early as scored. To consult his superiors, so after leaving two dead bodies, indiscriminately open up a few shots, sadly receded.

Again when the attack not only find the opportunity the next time you launch a company-sized attack revenge. This is the enemy they want.

See the enemy without a fight from the back, and gunfire was going down, we were relieved. Christian Louboutin Outlet

Wu Anbang have been sleeping in the tunnels to find monitor talk a bit about things no one expected a fall of ground, too tired, things do not want to talk about, and soon fell asleep. Is that of a landmine explosion awakened him in his sleep.

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