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September 18 [Wed], 2013, 11:33
; The past, because of shortage of funds , the state investment in education and health care , but lacking , there is a considerable gap. Odd no popups qi, junior high , high school, college , and even in the technical college, university , research institutes , not to mention the relatively low value , even if it is absolute , not too much. High-end and high-tech field disciplines, and developed Western countries , but there is a very obvious difference. Not addressing these infrastructure problems, we in the field of education , science and technology competitiveness is actually relatively weak . Health care situation in the field , the same is true . Serious shortage of infrastructure , technology is relatively backward, that is a fact , no one can deny it. But if so must these two areas north face clearance sale overhaul , I think , must be careful to many discussions, not too urgent. Because once the change continues, chaos , and then want to change it back , big difficulty . Liu Weihong wrestled with words , said slowly , his face solemn . He Jingqiang smile and said: Director Liu , change will not necessarily go mess ? Chaos, then no need to change it back . Will be chaos . Liu Weihong said without hesitation , his tone quite sure . He Jingqiang somewhat disagree. The Liu two , than he stubborn, flood veterans counted in front of the vertical , but also to speak with this tone of doubt . Plain but is just beginning to try , had already seen such signs . According to our research to understand , just a flat city fifth primary , the implementation of changes, a variety of tuition and North Face Hoodie Sale fees charged , is more than a year turned over several times , the fifth five or six ten primary school children of needy families , can not afford to pay the tuition and fees. This is only , has only just begun to change , by extension , the city's elementary, middle and high school are included, how many children from poor families , can not afford to learn ? City already so , suburban , rural situation , only worse. With the deepening of reform , the amount of fees , only go higher . One can imagine , can not afford school will become a more widespread phenomenon . This is not a question of purely economic , but political problems in the field , related to public support , related to our foundation and the ruling party's ruling status is stable . Can not take it seriously. Liu Weihong casually point to the actual situation of the plain out. He elaborated on that report strong competition among the city on the plains areas of education reform and health care reform, there are some problems, do the necessary landscaping treatment, did not like the inspectorate originals as direct , sharp . The Liu Weihong can understand , after all, is plain He Jingqiang mayor , these two reforms are to engage them after his arrival , and HE Jingqiang not matter to describe their mess , bad bear . He Jingqiang agreed to write this report , is Liu Weihong already done a great deal of compromise , I do not know how hearts of anger yet. Can not be too self- sealing Weihong even for himself . Today, CEOs face in front of flood , He Jingqiang estoppel , Liu Weihong not polite . He Jingqiang face calm, do not see any emotions. Fang Li has been listening attentively suddenly said : Director Liu , fifth elementary schools , will not be an isolated phenomenon ? According to the report of the plain view, the fifth primary school principals and Treasurer collusion arbitrarily increase the size of fees , pocketed two bad elements , the city has been processed . Other school situation , is not it will not so serious ? He did report strong competition is so written . Zheng Xiaoyan Gao Yuzhuang face after peace Plainfield Board of Education District Board of Education on the fifth elementary school immediately and Lang Director Dr. TSE conducted a survey and found that they colluded with corrupt situation like , has dismissed the two men checked force . Liu Weihong shook his head and said: fifth primary situation is particularly serious , but other schools , according to our survey of the situation , it is only a slight difference in degree , not essentially different . The key is that this document a fee increase , just as open a gate , so that all schools have a plus charge basis. We should also see that the current mode of operation of many of our government are opaque, what is the Government clamps , what state laws and regulations , in most cases , people do not understand . So there is a blind spot monitoring . There is no guarantee , the fifth primary school is just a special case. According to our situation in recent years, anti- molecules is simply one after another, selfless . Moreover, once the implementation of open school fees , no limited , and a variety of names will appear . By the time many local governments responsible comrades tasted the sweetness , I'm afraid will be more uncontrollable , the government not only does the education industry investment, actually turning it into a tool for charging . Increasingly heavy burden on the masses only . Fang Li smiled and said : Director Liu , adding some school fees , but the government also put down the burden, financial and material resources can focus on investment in infrastructure, investment in large projects, stimulating local economic growth. With the rapid economic development , people's income will continue to increase , relative to the masses in the proportion of total expenditure on education should not be much change ? Fang Li this , it can be seen as helping HE Jingqiang to Liu Weihong questioned , but can also be seen in line with Liu Weihong Fang Li , so he 'll want to contents of the statement , all say it. Liu Weihong want to get in some places even not so thoughtful , Fang Li also reminded him. Fang Li Hung CEOs deliberately stay, perhaps to let him play this role . After all, Hong CEOs can not always ask questions to the two younger juniors , too have taken . Or there will be great changes. Because prices rise , the base state equilibrium , rapid economic development , it will definitely bow hair a certain degree of inflation. Inflation rate , the country basically the same. The speed of economic development across very inconsistent, and even the same area , different occupations, different groups of people , revenue growth will be a big difference . Perhaps part of the increasingly affluent masses , can withstand the rising cost of education , but certainly there are some people can not keep . As a government, we can not just average data , but must be considered in livelihood areas more low-income groups , that is, the capacity of vulnerable groups . Although the absolute fairness does not exist , but in the same country , we must find ways to achieve a relatively fair . Public trust in the government will not continue to decline. If you follow this pattern now engage in it, the education sector is fully liberalized, does not take too long a time , a considerable part of education spending will become a heavy burden on the masses of the family . In a sense , we are in the implementation of the elite educated . Small portion of wealthy families, children can enjoy the most high-end educational resources , while most children of less affluent families , from the outset, at a distinct disadvantage . Here, Liu Weihong slightly paused, drank. Water, proceeded to expound their views. Just like our neighbor India, they engage in is the elite education . Brahmin and Kshatriya class, enjoy the high education and enjoy a lot of resources , creating a group of elite . However, the country most people , still live below the poverty line . For one of the countries have a population of 800 million , 20 million of the elite who can not afford anyway supporting the development of the entire country . Countries to develop and prosperity , we must stick to our original idea of common prosperity mouth without this foundation , the country's development can only be deformed . And we are ready to implement educational reforms of the mind, will the opposite. Our implementation of education reform is because of insufficient funding , lack of educational resources , the penetration rate is low , hoping through private participation , additional costs , universal education, thereby enhancing penetration of educational resources , so that more families , more children can enjoy a good education. But the actual operation , it will become an elite education model . In the final analysis , is the vast majority of less affluent families , with pay, transform our education system , increase high-end educational resources, and really enjoy these resources , is not the ordinary people's children , but children of wealthy families . This has become a paradox. Education injustice , the many social contradictions will become extremely prominent link. Because each parent, all love their children, their children placed great hopes. When injustice occurs in the child itself , is bound to lead to serious dissatisfaction parents . Meanwhile, children who grow up in this environment will further inherit this discontent. Pretty soon, a maximum of one generation , this conflict will be flooded the grassroots , from the fundamental cornerstone of destroying our country . Liu Weihong said flatly , and looked very earnestly . This is not alarmist , it is Liu Weihong mind real memories from another parallel reality of the world . Unfair education , education, led to numerous social conflicts and discontent still further accumulation. So, I think that education reform can not simply from an economic perspective , we must more from Women's North Face Gore Tex Clearance the perspective of the people's livelihood , the people point of view. Countries to overcome temporary difficulties group , continue to increase investment in the field of education , continuous improvement of educational resources, expand popularization . Let kids across the country , should be able to enjoy the resources , this is the long-term solution . Do so, perhaps in a period of time , will increase the burden on state and local governments , or even very difficult. These difficulties, however , of course, is our government should come to bear . Government can not only their own relaxed, shift the burden to the masses head to . Anyway, the capacity of the government will certainly be far greater than the capacity of the individual . This is also the government's basic duties. Just like the war , the army without sacrificing bound sacrifice the masses . Now , too, the government does not bear the pressure , the pressure will certainly be borne by the masses . This is not desirable ! Liu Weihong said bluntly , without the slightest hesitation.
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