the State Department Guozi Ban

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; Chapter 1117 of the little girl begging Hurry ...... security obviously very nervous , not far from the be all VIP ah , the general manager of a long account of the plains largest hospitality State Department official to come here a big lead , that they are careful, you do not make any flaws . Seeing that the leaders finished the meal , which would leave, security secretly sigh, behold the little girl on the drill out here begging. The security suddenly startled , just scold one , frightened little girl , this fell to the ground . Security desperation, they made ​​a mistake , that leg to kick enamel bowl , enamel bowl is estimated that want to kick in front of the little girl , so she quickly took the bowl away. Who knows what the little girl to mistake for security to kick her, scared immediately burst into tears, weeping, shouting : uncle you do not hit me, I immediately went ...... sound immature, sounds doubled sad. Stop it ! What are you doing ? Side of the car as early as mad Miss Zheng Da , Chen Mu loud shout , then angrily walked over. Chen Jian and plains of the leaders of the city , suddenly have to face under the plate , very angry. Liu Weihong , who had just arrived in the plains , to see this scene. Is simply nonsense ! Chen Jian daggers at the side of caution to accompany a hotel general manager , that angry look , scared little darling good while managing quiver , had suddenly become pale face embarrassment without blood . Zheng Xiaoyan strode over , staring security one , they squat body , softly, and the little girl said: little sister , do not be afraid , he does not hit you . Little girl looks , about age appearance , should not exceed the old, tie two pigtail, big eyes , looks very cute, wearing a pink vest and blue shirt , looks pretty neat , and is not very dirty , just a bit of dust stuck his face , stared looking at Zheng Xiaoyan , and looked panicked , tears flowing down without a break . Zheng Xiaoyan hands are pinching a paper towel , then stretched out his hand , to give the little girl wiping tears . Little girl frightened, shrank back again and again , and cried and said: I left I left , I could not dare to come ...... hum ...... Zheng Xiaoyan greatly distressed, softly comfort : little sister do not be afraid , do not hit you , nobody hit you, do not be afraid Do not be afraid . , The aunt gave you wipe tears, good ah, do not be afraid ! Zheng Xiaoyan so beautiful , little girl on her naturally produce a sense of intimacy , the action stopped shrank back , stared at her. Behaved, do not be afraid ...... Zheng Xiaoyan while comforting the little girl , while her tears wiped clean , and took the enamel bowl , carefully coins will be scattered on the ground and picked up votes in hair , on the enamel bowl , the delivery to the little girl. Little girl quickly seize up, sobbing quietly , his eyes still have tears fall , aggrieved look particularly distressing . Sister , where your family ? Your mom and dad do ? Zheng Xiaoyan propped little girl crouched in front of her , whispered . My father was sick , my mother was gone ...... little girl wiping her tears , choking back tears , said , vaguely , that is the plain dialect , Zheng Xiaoyan pretty hear to understand . This time, Chen Jian , HE Jing Qiang and Liu Weihong , et al Jujie walked over. Zheng Xiaoyan continue whispered the little girl : girl, what's your name , the family live ? Enlightened hotel manager they hastily explained: Zheng leadership , we are here there are often foreign to begging children are ...... are controlled by gangs . Seeing that come up big trouble , the hotel manager could not wipe . Zheng Xiaoyan management are ignored , watching the little girl said: little sister , you tell Aunt , Aunt invite you to eat mutton . Little girl suddenly took swallow a mouthful of saliva , apparently on her mutton has a great temptation, and then carefully looked Zheng Xiaoyan one , whispered : I , my name is Tang Waner , my father is a Mens North Face Scy tannery worker sick , do not work, no money, no food ...... tannery ? Zheng Xiaoyan repeated one . Real complaint letters , the list Youth Canada Goose Expedition of more than a dozen state-owned enterprises to be sold , there Plainfield tannery 's name. Ah ...... little girl nodded . Zheng Xiaoyan they stood up against Chen Jian said: Chen Shuji , you go ahead , I want to take this little girl to eat mutton . Miss Zheng Da , but about the credibility of the people , can not deceive children. Chen Jian looked very embarrassed and said: Zhengzhu Ren , you see, today 's car sat for a day , very hard tomorrow, but also a meeting. Please Zheng Zhuren first rest. The ...... girl, we will make people take care of her , her home, you will do well . Zheng Xiaoyan shook his head and said: Chen Shuji , no, or I'll take care of her. This ...... Well . As party secretary Chen Jian is also very decisive person , slightly hesitated, regressing been decided . Anyway, so a lot of well-dressed leading cadres , stay in enlightened Hotel entrance , surrounded by a little girl begging debate , certainly not a solution. Peiheng , Tiecheng , you and everyone go back first , Women's North Face Down Clearance Sale and I congratulate the mayor to stay here. Chen Jian , deputy secretary Zhang Peiheng turned to the others gave the order . Right now regarded as emergency situations, in the absence of clear conditions before insiders or better. Chen Jian is undoubtedly very proficient in handling the crisis of the road . Okay, secretary. Zhang Peiheng immediately nod swear , and other leading comrades to HE Li Jing Qiang , Liu Weihong , who prodded , have boarded the bus to leave, noisy hotel entrance, it suddenly became quiet . Aunt so called Hello Ms ...... bad ? Zheng Xiaoyan turned to the little girl , with a smile. Well ...... we all so call me ...... little girl nodded sheepishly Ms Tang has put away the tears, curiously in front of a crowd of people , can not help but try to be the Zheng Xiaoyan , in her view , except Zheng Xiaoyan is worthy of trust. Come , Ms , aunts take you to eat mutton . Zheng Xiaoyan took her little hand and led her to the hotel door. Chen Jian , HE Jing Qiang , Sun Changping looked at each other with Liu Weihong , Liu Weihong mouth float a wry smile and said: Chen Shuji , HE Mayor, Director Sun , Zheng Zhuren is this character. Father decent people is the provincial secretary, I could get her Director Liu Mozhe ! Chen Jian nodded, sighed and said: Zhengzhu Ren really warm-hearted ...... our party cadres , if Zhengzhu Ren and all of them have the same concern for their sufferings , so much the better . Today this situation , it will do Zheng Xiaoyan , dare to do so , for a common organ female cadres , definitely not strong early, leading to a lot of sub- face rejection , so that everyone is Xiabulaitai . Liu Weihong wry smile and shook his head. Miss Zheng Tai 's character, is the case, stubborn temper attack them , who could stop her. Afterwards to calm her down, it touches can criticize , and occasionally also open to ideas . But at the time , who stopped her she was going to emergency , King I 's not to face . Sun Changping his face a little embarrassed. Throughout, HE Jingqiang silent, sit on the sidelines . Oh, walk , Liu Bureau Director Sun , HE the Mayor , and everyone went to rest a hotel , a cigarette , relax. Chen Jian soon calm down , laughingly invitation . Good ! Liu Weihong swear nodded , then turned inspectorate comrades. Sheen , Li Qiang , you both to stay, Liu Qi , you and other comrades back to the room and rest first , we all worked hard the day. Okay, Secretary . Liu Qi repeatedly promised , and the inspectorate and other comrades in the hotel , under the guidance of the staff returned to their rooms to rest. Chen Jian he commanded the hotel manager : as people to do a mutton , lamb extra point . Yes yes, Chen Shuji ...... hotel manager nodded cope, trotted , grab advanced to the hotel, went to the kitchen away, around the time after Zheng Xiaoyan , the eldest did not forget to squeeze a smile . Enlightened the hotel as the most upscale hotels in Plainfield , past superiors to come if there is plain inspections are generally staying here . Hotel Front leaders do not know how many big leaders , can be considered well-informed , but this does not give local officials face female leadership , the hotel manager really is the first time to see . Today, these leaders , it really reveals a strange, one by one are so young , especially who was treated Liu Chen Shuji respectful Bureau , it is the young outrageous , it is estimated that twenties like it , see do not fly up and the female lead is almost as if his job happens to be the highest . Really do not know the State Department Guozi Ban inspectorate , is what units , so leather ! Zheng Xiaoyan look back and smiled and said: Chen Shuji , HE Mayor, Director Sun , you smoke it a few over there , do not come ah, scared people baby. Leaders suddenly one full forehead black lines , the relative stunned . Miss Zheng Da real cow ! Zheng Xiaoyan head was never mind whether they really fun , and took the little girl 's hand , and went to sit on the side of a table , the waiter quickly served hot towels , Zheng Xiaoyan picked up the towel to carefully wipe his face Ms Tang , suddenly heard cheers : Well -behaved little girl ! After clean face , big eyes Ms Tang , obediently sitting on a chair , full of cute. Just slightly pale face , without her little girl this age should have rosy color. Ms, How old ? Go to school yet ? Sitting in a chair in the hotel , Ms Tang looks very little stiff , secretly looked all around, see Zheng Xiaoyan asked , quickly burbles replied: Auntie, I am nine years old , and last year the third grade , now do not go to school ...... there was no money ...... and no one to take care of my father ...... Zheng Xiaoyan then nodded and gently stroked her hair and said: pigtail really beautiful, who gave you the knot ? Lily sister to help me next junction . Ah ...... ( to be continued
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