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> Four hundred and fifteenth chapter Korean volunteers listened to the words of Zhang Heng, Mao Wenlong's face sè go up. wWW! Quanben! CoM Tartars dig, dig trenches this trick against firearms really is miraculous, last night, a war is a good example, if the Tartars dig dug under the city, and that broken city, really refers rì could wait. "Zhang staff, may have style all their own?" Mao Wenlong immediately asked, now, look at this Zhang Mao Wenlong staff, has been ever more pleasing to the eye, and has put the sheets staff as one of their kind, with the war, through fire and water, that feelings is not the same. "Oh, Marshal, in fact, nothing unusual step last night that Ermao the Marshal forget? That was odd quasi people throw grenades, Marshal pick this up and down as long as the army grenade odd quasi-man, composed of a throw grenades jīng specialized soldiers, riding Tartars also dug trenches a few days, rehearsing it, once the Tartars we dug trenches to within fifty paces, preferably thirty steps, thinking from the trenches will be safe to walk , we then shoved to give him a surprise, let this throw grenades jīng towards his troop of soldiers, while hundreds of grenades thrown into the trenches, I believe this will be very jīng color. "Zhang Heng explained with a smile. "Zhang staff are really good ideas, if indeed the General Staff came out." Mao Wenlong squint, stroking his beard, laugh. Who called last night to give him the impression Ermao also quite good, especially constantly flying from his hand grenade, giving the impression of Mao Wenlong very profound, especially the throwing hand grenades associate head, really a wow dedicated to the Tartars The crowd fly, let yù already shook the north curtain fall immediately turned the corner, talking Ermao, Zhang Heng Mao Wenlong already know what the idea of ​​playing it. "...... Good, staff said, according to Zhang, pick me up and down Fort Zhenjiang grenade master, composed of grenadiers jīng Rui, ZHANG staff that said, this jīng Bing Bing does have a ready-made head, that is called Ermao , that is him. throw a prospective, obedient wrong, good luck, Too Late war, it is set a great credit, and now, it touches can make a total flag no problem. "Mao Wenlong right pair of arms last night quite an impression deep, a man's hand, a coarse, a fine, this is not what the disease, but to throw grenades thrown out, seen at the time of the situation, in order outbreak Ermao can go Huochu life, otherwise, how likely a thick, one thin case? What people do not know that hurts? Speaking of that Ermao Marshal listened own thing, all the Ministry who are thumbs say good character, flew out last night that a grenade after another, giving the impression that a lot of people quite profound, when the Tartars jīng almost sharp attack to the north of the curtain there, to work harder, you can attack the finalists child, and once the Tartars invaded the curtain, this fort may dangerous Zhenjiang, Zhenjiang Fort Citylink is nine, nine size curtain together, once a curtain broken, other defense forces around the child will drop to the scale of tens of thousands of Tartars siege, Zhenjiang fort is difficult to Go On a steady stream of Tartars. Therefore, the critical juncture, this Ermao forces broke out, reversing the situation on the battlefield. "Goes adults, if the Tartars dig, how to do it?" Do not know who is calling the sentence. "Yes ah Zhang staff, how to deal with this?" Mao Wenlong also followed asked, does not solve this problem, Zhenjiang fort can be really dangerous. "Oh, this is no problem, as long as all over the city to listen to, you can know where the Tartars dig, dug where, this, Zhang on the package in my body." Zhang Heng smiled promise. "Well, since Zhang staff well prepared, and that this, he handed over to the General Staff of the sheets." Said Mao Wenlong happy. Zhang Heng thought,Cheap Oakley Lifestyle, then said: "Commander, Xiaguan that, since the cannon has been violent lù, then, it is no longer necessary to hide, and now the Tartars in digging trenches, Marshal, as a large shelling so, allowing the Tartars limbo dug trenches. "Zhang Heng has suggested. "Well then, said the office staff by Zhang, also let the Tartars taste of our artillery power ......" Mao Wenlong did not think, immediately agreed. ...... Did not take long, Zhenjiang cannon on the fort began to fire up. In addition to last night's artillery, this is the first initiative of Zhenjiang Fort daytime fire, before this, in order to hide the strength, Zhenjiang fort did not come up with artillery bombardment, so, so most of the Tartars have forgotten Zhenjiang artillery fort exist, many people are in a mile outside of Fort Zhenjiang unbridled back and forth. Distance came the sound of shelling Fort Zhenjiang, only to paralysis of the Tartars multi rì wake up, guns can actually be hit very far, especially cannons and hit farther than these rì child since Ming can only play three things within a hundred paces. "Ah ......" sound miserable cry, scream creepy, being buried digging the Tartars who hear that penetrate, and found, a cannon "plow" out of the blood trough in their own eyes. From the shells began landing, someone was hit, the first to be hit man had no time to cry, it has been great shelling into minced meat, a potential energy of the human body simply can not stop the cannon, artillery shells breakdown of a man after he penetrated the second person, the second person the same, no time to utter a cry, it was beaten into minced meat, shells landed, and then bounced on the ground, and hurt a few people, a bloody road and it was plowed out until shells potential depletion, this landing. Some injured Tartars, this time to utter a cry, saw his half of the body has been broken, its cry of fear, enough as people staring down vertical. "Help me, help me ......" a body had been knocked out of the lower half of the Tartars, miserable shouting, Shen Zhaoshou not far from the Tartars toward distress, the edge of the Tartars looked at the bones was beaten by the people, could not have been back, as if this person is a hell of a climb out of the evil, that dense white tuǐ bone, in which the sun, it is particularly infiltration. Not a few, this miserable voice no strength, only I do not know it's nonsense, then, even raving as well. After Kim Khan ...... accounts. "Newspaper ......" "What happened? So crazy?" Yellow Daikichi is sand table to discuss something, I heard the sound of off-balance with fear, and immediately shouted. "Qi Bing masters, bad, beat * Fort Zhenjiang, dead several coating." One I fear said. "Dead several coating so the fuss?" Yellow Daikichi annoyed asked. "Back to the master, and that one dies, it is too penetrate the ......" The more I say, the more voices talking, off-balance, there has been movement. "Qi Bing profusely, Pham Van den officer asked to see the process." Outside is an I sound. "See." That yellow Daikichi away anger. Come precisely Pham Van Cheng. "Profusely, Ming blasters, and has wounded several people, so people gathered excavation trenches fear is inappropriate, became the Ming Dynasty live targets, or until after dark to dig better, otherwise, in morale hurt too much. "Pham Van Cheng saw the fire at Fort Zhenjiang, see the digging of people being hit, and immediately went to see, the kind of bloody scenes to Pham Van Cheng felt that something was wrong, that people in a circle dug trenches, although trenches dug quickly, however, does not want to hit the Ming gunner is immune, although not many people killed, but the morale of the injury,Nike Jordan 11 Shoes, it really is hurt badly, who watched the cannon to break out any blood trough , had to fear, a mile is not a safe place. "Really? Then the first time being do not dig, to dig, but also from the valley began to dig it, the sweat effect, it touches forget, Ming has red cannon, this cannon can play at least four or five miles." Huang Daikichi patted his forehead, just think of it a look. "Wen Cheng obeyed, which is handed down." Pham Van Cheng promised sentence, ready to go out. "No, wait a constitutional struggle, the sweat still have things to discuss and constitutional struggle, heralds thing, I let them go." Huang Daikichi said something. "Cha ......" Pham Van Cheng heads bowed replied. I also should be a sound one, quickly ran to herald it. ...... "Good" Zhenjiang fort, the two red cannon in front of the crowd shouted consistent sound good. Is hit red cannon Tartars, plow out a way to survive. "Master ah" Zhang Heng's jīng God was still excited from last night until now has not had to rest, to the point that many people go to rest, but he still let in jīng God cannons Olympus fire. "Your honor is flattering, but the Tartars so many people get together, just want to vent too small difficulty," a gunner somewhat embarrassed, said. "Ha ha ha," Zhang Heng laughed, indeed, thousands of Tartars digging together, of course, the scene a little scary, but this fire, the battle is good too scary, then plow out blood groove, Zhang Heng through a telescope to see a clear picture, even the people who shot a miserable cries seem to be able hear. "Well then put specifically towards the Tartars where many people put specifically towards the Tartars leader to be in place, letting the Tartars Check out our powerful, hum, we do not fire, the Tartars have actually put our Fort Zhenjiang cannon forgotten things to do, light days of rì under such a bold dare digging ...... good fight, I have set before you, please Marshal reward ...... "Zhang Heng said is still quite heady . "Yes, a small obeyed ......" Those two gunners also happily promised. Did not put two guns, Tartars began collapsed, not pitted. "Your honor, sir, Tartars ran ......" sharp-eyed gunner immediately shouted. Zhang Heng already seen, this opened a few guns? Tartars ran away? This cannon to fight mosquitoes of the game so soon over, Intuit also boring, tǐng depressed. Looked around the Tartars receded, Zhenjiang waves broke out on Fort cry. ...... "Constitutional units, which the siege of dollars, just to dig trenches, fear, or there is something wrong ah sweat after thinking this, I feel, is relying on bare trenches and tunnels, fear not enough to Fu Zhenjiang fort, with only a few would dare Mao Wenlong thousands of lives at risk Zhenjiang fort, fear had to be prepared ah the sweat worry, these two points alone, afraid enough to succeed ah so-called rainy day, feel the sweat, have to think of other ways to point ah "yellow Daikichi a worried look, just Zhenjiang fort cannon, suddenly let him have some bad feeling, with trenches that authentic feel besieged and took Zhenjiang Fort strategy may not work. Pham Van Cheng head down, eyes pointing in that sandbox, the sandbox middle of Zhenjiang fort. Pham Van Cheng thought for a long time, said: "profusely, indeed, it is easily defensible Fort Zhenjiang, north of the mountains, south of the river, east of the river is not far away, are not suitable for tunneling, also west of the piece of land You can dig near Zhenjiang fort, so, Zhenjiang fort to guard against us, it is much simpler, now dug into the tunnel yet, I do not know really okay, sweating, really have to do another plan, dig this alone, afraid to it will inevitably be disappointed ...... "Pham Van Cheng pondering for a yellow Daikichi, then buried in his mind also put some words out, these words, Pham Van Cheng did not intend to say this, read the book, do counselors who have some taboo, not a last resort, do not do things that they think, "injury days", that they are those who engage advisers feel that this something to do more, short duong tho, Budehaosi, such as Zhuge Liang because done " injury days "thing, and short duong tho, but since today asked about their own masters, and it can not be hid. "That's the meaning of the Constitution bucket? May be a coup?" Yellow Daikichi been pondering crack Zhenjiang Fort coup, however, think that Leiguang hell of fire, yellow Daikichi think, in addition to lives filled with fear is really no good way. "Profusely, there is a meter, Wen Cheng do not know what to say should not say." Pham Van Cheng much thought for a long time, or that out, although this matter will be shorter duong tho, but that is what happened after rì, or over the first hurdle to say. "Oh, Oh, constitutional coup textbook bucket may have sweat?" Yellow Daikichi Xiaohe said. "Profusely, Wen Cheng should not ask questions, then sweat thinking, breaking Mao Wenlong grenade, what is the best way?" Pham Van Cheng seems to be finally determined to start planning for their own masters, and what injury days short duong tho such heartfelt jǐng report, had thrown to one side. Yellow Daikichi thought for a moment and said: "ah say fighting broke Mao Wenlong Constitution grenade, this really can not think of any way to sweat, the sweat that, in addition to life outside the fill, and nothing good way, unfortunately, filled with life I can not afford ah Daikin fill "yellow Daikichi think quite a while, they came to this conclusion, if you are not afraid of casualties, and vapid on the people, and even a twenty thousand casualties, it can win Zhenjiang Fort, however, this Daikin total of only 200,000 people suddenly went a percent, Huangtai dare under this determination. "Profusely, I can not afford to fill Daikin is, however, in addition to my Daikin, there not here a man can pull to fill it? Long as the consumption of an empty grenade Mao Wenlong, Ping Zhang Zhenjiang Fort gone, and I can rest a Daikin drum and the next. "Pham Van Cheng voice faint ringing in sweat tents, Pham Van Cheng's fingers with a place on the sand table. "Here?" Yellow Daikichi along Pham Van Cheng fingers, eyes fixed on the sand table somewhere. "Profusely, it is here," Pham Van Cheng took yīn cold voice said again. "The Khan understand ......, constitutional bucket mean, pull the Korean people to fill?" Yellow Daikichi looked out of place, has come to understand the meaning of Pham Van Cheng, Pham Van Cheng refers to that place, over the Yalu River, belongs to Korea country, and from there to pull people over, naturally refers to the Korean people's lives to fill the pit Fort Zhenjiang. "Yes profusely, North Korea has allegiance Daikin me, now, to contribute to the DPRK for my Daikin's time, to organize some volunteers to help me Daikin siege, naturally it should be." Said Pham Van Cheng righteous, words lù bursts out of the beholder. Yellow Daikichi thought for a while, very hesitant, said: "Constitutional bucket, the sweat is not resolved ah" yellow Daikichi considerable hesitation, that North Korea was not easy allegiance, and the Ming Dynasty encirclement ripped a hole in a lot of things can pass Korea added, Daikin This is easier to live on, if the relationship between the DPRK and get too stiff, then this encirclement Ming may have another rope, and so on Daikin's survival, but quite negative, East face Korea, south sea, is Mao Wenlong west, Yuanchonghuan and Lindan Han, north Needless to say, Oh, yes the Daikin huddled drum up. "Sweat ......, organized a group of volunteers to the DPRK, in the evening, drill through the trenches near Fort Zhenjiang, constantly clamor, occasionally coming out, see if that wall, see the shadows moving to and fro, will a large number of down throw grenades, grenade its consumption will double, sweating just so few rì, then Zhenjiang grenade inside the fort can be depleted, not a grenade, Mao Wenlong With that thousands of people, how could defensible? "Pham Van Cheng went on to use the Korean people to fill the pit Fort Zhenjiang benefits. Yellow Daikichi more hesitation, is strategically will, or will tactical? Dilemma, in the long run, is undoubtedly strategic priority, but now this has become a difficult Zhenjiang Fort bite down bones, Zhenjiang fort as soon as possible if they can bite down, is undoubtedly a bargain. "Profusely, Korea allegiance to me Daikin, Daikin my life Korea organized volunteers to help me Daikin, but right and proper, and then normal thing, not to mention, attack over the city, which was disbanded rebel back, I Daikin and not occupy and hold, why not? "Pham Van Cheng is a natural look, do not care, said. Yellow Daikichi know Pham Van Cheng says what it means, the so-called North Korean volunteers, in fact, but that is to grab some Korean people, and then forced them at night to the city go clamor, intentional violence lù,Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, then yin * wall, throw grenades, so as to consumption Zhenjiang Fort grenades, that's all, as an excuse and justification, of course, very stately. But ...... "...... sweat, sweat does not even organize volunteers to Korea, that North Korea has long been afraid of disloyalty, the Ming Dynasty to the capital in the news, Ming Huang afraid to North Korea hands, afraid that North Korea is immediately have to set their eyes on the Ming Dynasty, the sweat, this time is to organize volunteers, for fear that soon, is to grasp the enemy captured, is wrong with that? "Pham Van Cheng continued to persuade Huang Daikichi. Yellow Daikichi hesitated, have been hesitant and Korea relations, Pham Van Cheng heard these words the heart no longer hesitated, Ming Dynasty capital of insider information, the Ming emperor had intended to North Korea hands, so sooner or later it is more likely than Korea in that case, then blame me catch the Korean people to fill the pit. "Well Wen Cheng, and thus laid down, in accordance with Wen Cheng said, the organization Korea rebel." Huang Daikichi bite the bullet and decided to fill the pit with the North Koreans. Fill the pit with someone else's life better than their own people to fill the pit.

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