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October 15 [Tue], 2013, 15:45
Crescent moon hanging in the sky shining throughout the ten thousand mountains, this time ten thousand mountains seemed so quiet and moving. Yin Yunfeng above, Ouyang Tao hands constantly flying a spiral light arrows, continued his arrows fly into the sky, disappeared into the night. This distance is a maximum of seventy and thirty after penetration would be lower, it seems control issue. This initial contact through the clouds and arrows, even Ouyang very hard, even if he has been practicing hard for a month, but want to really play to the best arrow through the clouds will still be difficult. Arrow through the clouds with arrows Ouyang skills are different from the past, in the past the emphasis is on precision technology arrows, and arrow through the clouds not only accurate, but also must have a strange kind of screw speed and power of penetration. Let the arrow rotate Ouyang can do, even in the small world did not become a demon fighter can do when he let the arrow fly rotation, but the rotation with the spiral of light flying arrow is completely different. Ouyang also try to use that way rotation control light arrows flying, but every light arrows flew thirty stops rotating rotary flying straight into a kind of weakness. Well ...... I imagine not easy ah. Ouyang sitting in the moonlight, looked up at the moon continuously curved silver light comes out of the eyes of even showing a little nostalgic. Once upon a time myself have so carefree look moon, but it was in another world. When he came here strange, everything changed. Law of the jungle, dead mountain sea of ​​blood, only fully. Everything everything he had any contact from the past, Ouyang thinking shook his head. The world does not care transcript I want to live only walking. Ouyang clenched barbed owl bow stood up and prepared to continue to practice, just as he got up in a moment, he suddenly saw a blue shadow of the woods in the distance fleeting. Well? Ouyang frown, without thinking, opened the bowstring, a light pierced the darkness arrows fly directly into the woods. In addition to white rot Ming Yin Yunfeng only he alone, with his white rot offerings impossible to play this silly game, then left only a possibility, it is the enemy. Rip ...... light arrows with rapid rotation and air because of the friction generated sound fly into the depths of the forest, but this did not occur imagination Arrow screams. Poof ...... light arrows flying in the woods for about one thousand meters or so is like experiencing the same ice flame, direct melt disappear. Seeing this, Ouyang first idea was turned on the flash! Ouyang whole person is like a Shuoshu directly like coming into the ground, among the white rot offerings toward hillside location of escape. But he found himself just burrow into the ground surrounding rocks are completely sealed, and then his whole person as if the earth to the ball bounced out. This is what allows Ouyang no small surprise, Ouyang direct flames ignited the bloody body, put Yaoqi all burst out. To do so is not the enemy, after all, one can even sealed the earth, and North Face Fleece Clearance instantly obliterate their strong light arrows certainly not be able to confront him now, Ouyang do so only want white rot invocation offerings. Hey, really erratic Quartet banners ...... a female voice wafting far from the woods, and this sounds almost did not arise when Ouyang scary. Arrows shot himself will be with a trace of the ancient Quartet banners force, but the white rot Ming has said that if he did not deliberately to mobilize four banners, then that level unless he's strong, it is impossible to find ancient power of existence. And now the female actually opening directly uttered four, square battle flag, which is too bizarre. What people! Ouyang trying to keep my cool, here is the Yin Yunfeng, here is the site of the white rot offerings, even if the other side is the Great did not use, as long as the white rot deep out of the world, few can hurt their own! You got the wrong person! Ouyang is not stupid, he can not go up and say the idea that how do you know what kind of, if the other party is only tentative, then your own people know this one has all of it. You do not admit, to tell you the whole ten thousand mountains there is nothing I do not know. Sound re-noon clothes from a woman covered in green among the mountains marching out from the moonlight, her face with a faint mist, Ouyang cohesion real eye attempts to see through this woman's face, but when he looked around, but found that women face even with the clouds look white rot had their own offerings, as there is see through. Own real eye how powerful they are most clear and present so far in addition to a white rot deep they can not see through, this woman is the second person. Have you ever been ancient, your body has his breath! Very positive woman said. You in the end is what people! Ouyang standing there, he continued to try to escape, but the earth seems to be displaying the magic of the surgery method, already condensed one, he did not fit into the mountainside opportunities. And not to mention the sky, their flight speed you know what the face of such a weird woman, his chance to escape essentially zero. Do you want to want to die Nick? Extremely eccentric woman, she looked curious Ouyang even an understatement to say so. This was supposed to be one full of words intended to kill, but from her discourse say it was so light. Ouyang did not answer, because he has a feeling that this woman may not be white rot repair deep beneath! White rot offerings eight hundred years ago known as the best in the world, but now it has come out into the night a woman ten thousand mountains Yin Yunfeng, the most critical is the white rot offerings to now did not even appear, which really very strange. Can not let the white rot into Yin Yunfeng offerings found, which itself has indicated that her strength. Ouyang did not think they could figure in such hands Dunzou, think white rot offerings of madness, he might kill this woman need only one idea can be done. No one wants to die. Ouyang very honest answer. Well ...... if you want to die, you help me to do one thing I'll miss you, how? Is simply a woman did not press any routine the cards of people, this threat means Ouyang first heard. You in the end what people? Ouyang narrowed his eyes, and he saw it, this woman of her that are not intended to kill, as to why she would appear here told myself that this sounds very strange, then let Ouyang was very puzzled. My name is Ling Shan, remember what you say, oh, starting today. Beginning you owe me a life. One day you want to do one thing for me, oh ...... this woman in green saying so even turned away when she disappeared the moment, white rot offerings like a ghost shadow appeared in Ouyang's side. Master! See the emergence of white rot Ming Ouyang heart Daan, white rot deep in the side, even if the woman is not afraid of the strong over the Great. What do you see? White is such a rotten offerings up and asked Ouyang some fat ignorant. Is not seen a woman in green? White rot offerings as if he knew what went on. Master? Ouyang Ming looked white rot, white rot he knew deep know for sure what, so now would like Ouyang Ming mouth from white rot know the identity of the mysterious woman in green Lingshan! It seems that you Canada Goose Online Store really see her. I have to force blockade world, after all, can not block her check it out ...... white rot Ming shook his head and continued: she is not already know your four, square banners? Well! She seems to see things the same, only know that I have four banners, even I entered the ancient know. Ouyang Ming did not hide the white rot, the situation just said it. Hmmm, would return with such a condition, she also misjudge my disciples! White rot offerings seems to be talking to himself and who seems to speak the same way: Yin Yunfeng is not a place you can come downtown, eight hundred years ago, I'm not your opponent, but eight hundred years later, you're not my opponent! Wonderful thing nobody can threaten me white rot offerings disciples. Ouyang Ming looked white rot, white rot offerings from remarks he could hear that kind of language into the meaning of love. Eight hundred years, white rot deep enlightenment honest will. And know what honest representatives Ouyang know if one can not heart, it definitely will not get honest, which is why the white rot Ming Ouyang believe the reason. Master, Who is she in the end? Ouyang listening to the words of the white rot offerings, offerings from white rot out to hear the discourse, this woman might eight hundred years ago, just like his master had a fight. Eight hundred years ago the white rot Ming Dynasty war the world has known, but this time the white rot offerings since claiming eight hundred years ago, he was not that woman opponent, then how strong a woman called Ling Shan? Great? Great pinnacle? Or is enlightenment Feixianguan a will embark on the road to strong? Do not ask, she is also a poor man. White rot Ming shook his head, obviously he knows this woman's identity, but they do not want to say it. Come with me today, I suddenly remembered one thing to, it is very beneficial for you. White rot offerings quickly change the subject, a Rao Yang, teacher and student were subsequently disappeared into the hillside above the hills among. Month, such as hooks, hanging in the sky, a light silver water sprinkled on numerous peaks over ten thousand mountains. Yin Yunfeng depths of the forest, when the white rot Ouyang Ming and disappeared, a green shadow again, and now there. She stood there blankly, tear across her face was obscured by clouds broke in Yin Yunfeng North Face Windstopper dense forest. Why ...... I have nothing wrong, why should this ...... woman gently tell, if they have to tell from the ancient heart of injuries. Lingshan stepping lightly, she looked at the whole Yin Yunfeng, she just looked at the location of trapped Ouyang, a preoccupied look. Lingshan than anyone aware of their fate, but from a long time ago she can not take their own destiny, she would also like Guards to change it, but she should know better than anyone Guards to change it and what kind of force. When Ouyang Feng in the clouds, revealing four banners that represents eternal life among both banners and unyielding when she first saw hope, saw the renaming of hope against the tender! Green shadow gently dispersed, the Ministry of Lingshan as if there has never been the same ever disappeared in the Yin Yunfeng, except on the ground that the land had been tears of exhaustion, no other, while Yin Yunfeng once again restored to its rightful calm among the ...... (5 more seeking monthly! hands pass brothers and sisters to vote for small night bar, if a monthly ticket to power, small outbreaks continue tomorrow night!) (To be continued)
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