holding the sword to squat body cutting

September 11 [Wed], 2013, 10:48
No, have fled,; she really sleeping or playing me? But no matter how, always want to try...... And after a while, when the little girl took out Zhao Xuan's eating, fell asleep again, and was lying on the Zhao Xuanhuaili, suddenly let Zhao Xuan speechless badly, feeling the his bed? But heavy mind but after Zhao Xuan also immediately decided, must escape. Don't escape not ah, stay at the bottom, with such a complete without a reason with the little robber fathers, but what fun persists. Archosaur furnace...... The furnace is not in archosaurs girl who, before she disappears in a circle, was Zu furnace she snatched the also don't know where to go, is estimated on the big array? Zhao Xuan dared not go to the depths of view, just look at the eyes and arms shall, before deciding to take a risk. Flee, archosaur furnace don't know where the lost, or to escape it, the little robber fathers too touch impermeable thin. Baby, but safety is more important. Hesitated for a moment, Zhao Xuan was careful to pick up the little girl, but also just reached the soft, cool, smooth and fine to let a person heart tremble delicate skin, or the spot electric Zhao Xuan once, it is his first touch to the little girl, who thought this stimulation, just feeling, let a person simply grow numb whole body all neural line in thriller, wipe...... Not so exaggerated? Zhao Xuan was immediately pressed down everything with great care, tempted to the little girl on the stone table, then stood up. Status, after the Star source force put by flying star is flying, can use the stars give lightning storm...... But to put it bluntly, is to use the star, Zhao Xuan hand star for many, but is not the soil to escape, so only by digging. But just as his voice suddenly sounded, below a nature delightful. Ah, what do you want? Zhao Xuan startled look, but found that small fathers have stood up, rubbed his sleepy eyes looked at Zhao Xuan, eyeful is confusion and curiosity. Zhao Xuan was silent, silent a moment is very generous smile, I see you so uncomfortable to sleep, so ready to let you sleep comfortably....... From the family of little girl but stared a circle eyes blurred beauty. Straight at Zhao Xuan. The eyes have a obvious doubts, what's called sleep comfortably? Zhao Xuan looked around, and then carefully took out a sword, holding the sword to squat body cutting up the stone steps, here is just an ordinary stone steps, just around a few meters thick layer. Heavy like a cage, with the strength Canada Goose Foxe of Zhao Xuan cut up is not easy, so easily North Face Gore Tex put could melt a person through the stone cut out of a broad money. The formation of a nearly five meters width, eight meters length of platform, carved out of stone is a natural by Zhao Xuan into the space ring. And in the cutting of Zhao Xuan also very carefully watched the little girl's reaction, but he was surprised to find a small girl in Zhao Xuan found that can easily cut rock using Feijian after. Her eyes are infinite shock and shock, stay small mouth up all round, as if this is a how unbelievable miraculous. This...... Is not scientific, it is installed, or really. Even this low ability are so surprised? The other horrible to nowhere, Men's North Face Waterproof q
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