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September 06 [Fri], 2013, 12:42
When the next Shi; should have a start didn't understand what this guy. What, Lee from nature can not get too high things out, such small manager will not know, this is the hotel platinum membership card, so that if the words in Ji'nan, is estimated at a lot of, but here is very rare, estimate the whole Philippines has such a card has a three five it is good, so this thing is bluffing, and this guy saw black se card immediately after the bow and scrape the fear is the hotel's customer to offend, alone is a a parking space, it is estimated that the manager level inside also dare not. Li Cong smiled and nodded, North Face Pink Ribbon Clearance then pulled out a one hundred yuan, this guy smile more brilliant, good, very long time have not seen shot so generous people, the Philippines rich but not give any yuan, up to the point of the peso is good, but how that will RMB compared with it, when I'm also rare that things, but those things can not be protected well, now heard because of the Mellon generals, prices high, this can not blame the generals, the economy of Philippines is so bad, he will support the army of what, spending certainly great, only by printing money to do. I said, you just get out of that is what things, how so good, when the last office director Wang to like didn't see those guys are so enthusiastic? Go after a strong box is finally could not help but want to ask, that north face jackets clearance although he did not wear uniform, but what is said in Philippines features, but now they have no such treatment, they have seen a lot of big man, who did not have the treatment, it is do not know how to get this guy. Oh, that's just a group internal staff use of things, you know, I am responsible for Philippines things recently, segment length Li Xiangen I can still, put his cards to bring borrowing power to do evil to play two days. Li Cong think of a reason to tell this guy, the guy is really believe this statement. Liu north face clearance Jing helpless look in the high-rise seen the guy, I really don't know what this guy is at the top and see the world, seemed a little child, with your head should also know that this guy is really false, it is this guy's face again great, but how can segment long card given to anyone? This is absolutely impossible, also don't know to what this guy's head, said he often in the upper social mix, really? When the order is not what happens, Lee from fear this guy toward their own show a direct call a standard, ask when is thousand dollar standard, this time Zhang Qiang is a bit don't believe, this room even though they didn't have to, but you to spend thousands of dollars to eat here? Originally the table with Liu Jing in Lee from the arms procurement bill to finish, can have a strong this guy here, although this.
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