I heard that one out of town

August 14 [Wed], 2013, 16:30
; With five brothers and disappeared into the night, lying in bed, thinking back to this mission through, feel feeling a lot. If he did not understand the five brothers mean time, is bound to take some more hands. Although they have the confidence to finally get back Yuhe, but certainly not so easy. Perform this mission, let him know that the important battle of wits not fighting force, failing to calm, not anxious. Also draws on some of the martial arts arena means. His only disappointment is that he did not and the other hands. Less a practical test of opportunities. Cranky when lying in bed, he did not know, they leave the hills, Wang found that white box was gone double eagle was gas Qiqiaoshengyan, furious. Originally, Wang double eagle has white box has notified the Wohushan by Wohushan upper praise, and promised, if Yuhe safely transported to Wohushan, be sure to reward the two of them, each a life extension Dan. Life Extension Dan martial arts million gold but hard to find treasures. I did not expect just a few days before the arrival of Crouching Tiger, Hermit, was to take away. How to let them angry exception. Let him his younger brother Wang Lin Wang Qi, recounted in detail the case of fighting over the foot. The original is a good move all those people, steep one touch, it was his first pass break up. Then the other side began attacks Canada Goose Sale UK on the second pass, but I do not know why, they just shouted, and not to attack, attack for a while, they have retreated. But the other side are face masks Heijin, left, also injured people to give away. Wang Lin afraid of each other ambush, no downhill chase. Just picked up a dart at the scene, is in capable hands of a corpse to get. Wang Qi hand holding darts, carefully check a lot, seems to have realized. He secretly ponder a moment, suddenly understand. Although the other side are masked, but Haobai near the city, have the ability to attack the day Cangshan cottage, only three. One is two miles away hidden Yongsan, the mountains are Bangzhong thousands of people, big headed is Weiminghehe. A city that Lu Yu Gui Tian, ​​there was a falling clouds valley Fenduo Haobai the city. Wang Lin picked up that knife and engraved with a palace, it is Gui Tian underboss, Liu Gong Yu portable darts. Last time, Gui Tianshan just hand twenty thousand taels of silver, it was days Cangshan mantis stalks the cicada, oriole in the post to overcast one. This is reported to be won silver last revenge came. The thing is that despite knowing Gui Tian committed, however, she had no ability to double eagle in one fell swoop to the other side win. Gui Tian Shan mountains, dense forests, treacherous terrain, has surpassed the number of days of Cangshan. Official massive attack several times, but also to take Gui Tian no way. Qin Fengming Wang is now available regardless of day Cangshan double eagle how to think, to complete the task, first and foremost is to return to sect. Then, after breakfast, he checked out the Haobai city. As the door division did not let him return immediately, so you can walk around, there have been more than five years have not seen his family again, this time just to give a lift to go home, meet the parents, grandparents and others, so that everyone in the family ease. Haobai City and his home town adjacent to where the Qi Jia, if the Jiabian horse, five days can be arrived at, he did not hurry hurry, the seventh day fast next night, when he was thirty miles into the distance Qinjiazhuang Teng longzhen, like in the town one night, next morning and then returned home. Qin Fengming was not the first to Teng longzhen, and went straight to the largest inn Teng longzhen blessing to the inn, which is a two-story inn in front of the restaurant, followed by a dozen rooms, he will give horses folks, himself on the second floor of the restaurant, looking for a table by the window and sat down. Commanded the man on a few dishes, a person eating street. Think I came here five years time, or an ignorant teenager, and now they are are able to independently perform tasks out martial arts master. At that moment, the sound loud burst of noise coming from a distance, mingled with men and women shouting cries. Suddenly attracted many passers-by stopped to view. Time not too soon, they see a group of people came bustling, constantly pushing the current two pedestrians on the street, the street Seeing this, suddenly gathered are all scattered to escape. Qin Fengming sitting on the second floor, just following the crowd will be a closer look. To see seven Men's North Face Windstopper Sale or eight Han, open chest exposed belly, crooked with hat, in front of two open, in the middle two strapped to a young woman, hair disheveled, walking and crying. These people noisy side went to Dragon Town. Pointing back pedestrian, but no one stepped forward to stop. Qin Fengming was confused and incomprehensible. At this time, diners upstairs talking about. , Zhang again sin, that is, I wonder if this is a distress Which girl? I heard that one out of town, mother and daughter, this is come to vote pro, unfortunately Zhang met young master, suddenly scared to Heaven, to whom her daughter to marry him on the spot. They want to be rejected. This does not, Zhang angry young master, sent the maiden grabbed Zhang House, but also a way of life. Hush, you be careful, do not be heard of their home, only to get into trouble. Qin Fengming heard here, suddenly realized that the original is here in the evil bully young master Zhang adjacent. Suddenly remembered five years ago, he and his father to grandfather to Teng longzhen leg caught herbal therapy, Master Zhang had been Kensington Parka CG55 Canada Goose severely beaten, could not help but secretly Hey sneer a few times. Meal, Qin Fengming was taken to a room mate, will support folks left, closing the door, sitting on the bed secretly pondered. Zhang Teng longzhen scourge in ten years, countless evil things to do, but also the retribution. Just to the local people themselves justice. Just how to proceed, you need some good strategy.    
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