Operation Clusterflutter: The Aftermath

August 03 [Sat], 2013, 14:40
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Jagex released their newest invention to aid them in the war on bots, Clusterflutter. Despite the name, this project had great expectations, and proved successful. October 25th, 2011, all bots used for Runescape, have been knocked offline. If you attempt to use a bot to open the game, the bot will not load the site, or for some bots, just say it is currently down.
Many developers and staff for these bots have announced that this update was rather large, and are still trying to investigate what the update has changed in detail. RSBuddy and RSbots have done more work it appears, but both RuneScape Gold have said that they will be up soon, but the users of these bots have said otherwise. I read through a bit of people saying that this was the end of botting, maybe not forever, but for a few months.
For those who do not know, this is one of Jagex's biggest updates, having many purposes. This update was involved in many internal changes, and since it now requires newer software, like newer Java, to shed room for newer technical and graphical changes. Not only is it for those purposes, it is also to stop botting, as it now stops Injection and Reflection, which is what the bots use for Runescape.
Though the developers seem like this will not block much, and they will easily surpass, many others disagree. Not only are some users of these bots think this is the end, so does Jagex. Though it should be they are confident of this update, in the past they lack this RuneScape EOC Gold kind of enthusiasm. They seem so positive they have stopped botting, they gave bonuses for certain things, and have laughed at how these developers think they will continue to conquer on Runescape.
People have also talked about what Runescape will be without these bots, the economy will obviously raise, but the player count will be lowered dramatically. The income Runescape brings will slim down, due to many gold farmers buying membership, and now Jagex is hunting down the gold farmers. But, even with all these different things happening due to this update, no one truly knows how the aftermath of Clusterflutter will impact the game.

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