it is more likely to cause bleeding or Placental abruption

January 27 [Sun], 2013, 12:12

The Spring Festival, eating is the most important. But for those expectant mothers preparing to give birth, how to eat just should become careful choice and low key show properly that needs to be moderated. Especially on childbirth eve, fatty food, too sweet, too salty, spicy cold, stimulate alcohol and easy to cause contractions food, had better not to touch. To rationally arrange meal, have more meals a day but less food at each, not excessive consume Cheap Diablo III Gold .

At the end of the year, many stores have activities, an air is d more poor, expectant mother must resist the temptation of discount, don't go to join in the fun. If she really wants to, she must go together with family Guild wars 2 CD KEY . And those clean health work, can cause abdomen forcibly, uterine muscle contraction if she is careless, if belly is touched, it is more likely to cause bleeding or Placental abruption.