I'm BACK! 

February 24 [Sun], 2008, 17:43
すごいですね! I can't believe I wasn't dropped from this
blog after being away for about three years!
Anyway, I think my future blogs will be purely 日本語
since I have an 英語 blog anyway.. 


March 27 [Sun], 2005, 5:20
juicy couture is THE hottest name brand for bags in my opinion. before i was hooked on dooney&bourke, but only because it was a fad among everyone with mischa barton advertising it, (& she was the it girl cause of the o.c.!) juicy juicy juicy. so cute! i have my eye out on that cute pink bag. a lot of people are selling it on ebay, but i'm skeptical. you never know if it's real or not on ebay.


March 26 [Sat], 2005, 6:41
i want i want i want i want custom@designs can take like any cell phone and change it into that. so cool. each custom job is like twenty boodles. not bad for an awesome techno-lighted looking phone though. in all the samples, they only have rainbow colors and all blue or all white, but if it were up to me, i'd have hot pink/light pink.
anyway, i was looking at this one other site too & i can't believe they jack up hollister prices! it's unbelievable. take like, a regular yellow tshirt.. they sell it in japan for about $60! (it's actually 5,880 Yen, about 100 yen = $1.) man oh man. i really can't wait to visit harajuku (the young fashionable district) one day & sport all american hollister clothes, as well as some abercrombie (cause they're crazy about that too) too. hehehe!
p.s. i just bought these hollister pants.. northside stretch bootcut pants. size 1 regular. i liiiiiiike hollister. they need to come out with better track jacket styles though.. cause the ones they have now are kinda iffy..


March 26 [Sat], 2005, 4:07
i can't believe i got started on this japanese blog. it was so challenging but like my sister said it's good practice for me to become familiar with all the hiraganas and kanji's and katakana's... blah blah. i am going crazy cause i just blogged about something i bought and i'm blogging again (what can i say? it's payday! ) ... i'm just browsing my favorite sites & immediately buying anything that looks nice. i actually wanted to buy this top for a while though. i love how japanese fashion is so form fitting but loose, unlike american fashion which is just full on tight clothes. i know a few people (no names mentioned ) that wear really really really tight clothes & it just looks awful.


March 26 [Sat], 2005, 3:26
this is my first time using yaplog. freakin' cool. i love how it's all japanesey and stuff. it's COOL! woohooo! so chyea i just ordered that pink hoodie this morning.. isn't it cute? yes it is. i am so into japanese fashion. one day i'm going to move there and live there for a while.. they're so fashionably and technologically advanced than u.s.! rowena hearts japan.
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