NTU/NUS application starts now. 

2006年02月03日(金) 1時48分
I just realised it's already Feb 2, and the Uni application has already been officially started. Just out of curiousity sake, I took a look at the Uni online application form, and just browsing through it, gave me a very bad dose of butterflies in my stomach.

While I was being busy hiking with my dad in Sentosa, Senta Buloh wetland Reserve and just Kusu island for today, time goes very fast. I was at bugis the other day with my dad, and we were at the Guanyin temple. I have a shot in asking Her what are my chances of entering NTU, and she said, "Do not be anxious. What you get, you will get. And what you won't, you won't."

That's not really~ answer my question, don't you think? And I heed her advice not to be anxious and just spend my days, until I took notice of the date that it has come.

Got to make my decisions quickly for other Unis... >_<

Hong Kong 

2006年01月27日(金) 13時48分
Back from HK finally! Bloody cold there. My sister caught a flu and I caught hers when I came back. It was gone in a day though. ^_^

Quality over quantity right? I didn't buy ALOT in HK, though the goods that I bought back greatly satisfy me. Manga and OSTs definitely satisfy me the most, judging from the lack of those here, but my new Vivienne Westwood wallet definitely ranks the top. XD My cousin took me into a shop where they got their goods from Japan, and they have a whole shelf of VW bags and a whole drawer (8 full drawers) of VW wallets. ^_^ In case you are wondering, everything there is genuine. My sister got her beloved Burberry. The VW wallet burns a hole into my wallet though (hah. Just in time to change one.), so the plan of getting Wild Arms 4 original has got to go.

I also went there to have my hair cut, coloured and highlighted. A good HK friend of mine introduced us to a saloon at Tsim Sha Tsui, and it's really packed. Probably cos of new year. Anyway, this guy called Ah Man (YES, MAN, manly that pronuciation of man.) served me and my sister for the day. Truly living up to his own name, he's really manly. XD Not muscular type, but the slightly hiphop type with a nice mature touch.

Other stylists there are also either really handsome or really pretty. XD Not to mention, a female stylist wore a long VW necklace which is +10 points in my book. However, Ah Man is the best looking guy there. XD His skills are good (for the money that I paid which is twice cheaper compared to arrogant Kimage) and he's sweet to boot. Time flies~. He's sooo handsome I can't help but keep admiring his face.

I also have plenty of good food there. ^_^ My dad bought us to a famous Hong Kong buffet, and it's scrumptious. ^_^ Of course, Dim sum and its likes.

I don't have much time to shop, but all in all, I have a good time.

FYP success 

2006年01月18日(水) 21時15分
Finally, my blood and sweat for the FYP pays off! I have been absent for both blogs' updates is indeed mainly of FYP. -_- Well, I had like to apologise to some people during that time, since I feel really frustrated under such extreme pressure and may have vent it on you guys accidentally. Sorry!

The big final presentation is on 8th Feb, but that's likely to decide only on the backend, adminstrator side of the website.

For Front end, which I play a really big part (80% of them are my work, javascripting, design and its likes.) has already been decided, and like some friends already know, it's already been hand picken against the other competitors, to be uploaded to the server, and entitled to be displayed in SPinnovex during the openhouse! ^_^
For the past few months, I aim to beat the other groups because the last presentation was such a huge dissappointment. My goal was just to beat them, but to receive such an honor is totally beyond my expectations.

Well, my work is almost done, probably just be a backup programmer for backend. It's time for the others to shine. XD

(I had like to thank alot of websites out there for giving me alot of inspirations. And of course, google image search is such a big help. I never steal anything but the images help alot as a sample when I have a "designer block")


Hong Kong trip 

2005年12月12日(月) 15時51分
Making a little trip back to Hong Kong. -_- But now with such cheap air tickets (half of my month's allowance can take me there), it ain't such a big fuss.

Going back tentatively around mid Jan (exact dates, come and ask me if ya interested,I don't want to mention it here) for about 4, 5 days. Reason? Well, my sister need to renew her IC and she needs company.

Now that will be fun. XD one in Jan and another around march?


2005年11月29日(火) 14時28分
Yew Tee doctors are shitheads. Proven. Anyway, me and sister are sick. Me being that I'm suddenly down with some stomach problems (again) I'm very very prone to stomach illnesses, known from someone who massage my feet when I was in Hokkaido. The area she pressed gave me a very sharp pain, then she tell me it indicates the stomach area.

Anyway, stomach flu? or viral fever? Either way, it's serious because I couldn't eat anything. Nothing is appetising. Everything just look so gross. Even water. To add on, I have very bad giddy spells and I feel nauseous when I take long rides in "suffocated areas" My sister is pretty concerned over giddiness, because of the danger I possess when I take the train.

My sister suspect that I may have contacted Dengue, becos the night before, I have hot and cold spells, and I have diarhoea. Though I think it's closer that my stomach got some virus, and it's upsetting it.aka. stomach flu? XD

The doctor feel it's normal though, so long as I didn't really vomit and I still can supress it. My sister think she's BS though. Either way, should be getting the blood test done by today.

What made me angry about the docs here are my sister's condition. She have some bad coughing for about a week already, and now she's coughing out blood and her nasal mucus contains blood as well. Just wtf are they doing? They are total BS.

Work stuff 

2005年11月24日(木) 11時52分
Yesterday, Milton came in and gave me a huge task. Though I have been doing work that will be shown to the client, this is the toughest he has given me so far and a very tight deadline at that. I rushed through yesterday, but it wasn't good enough (and I know it) Earlier this morning, he emailed me to work on rephrasing the text to be more "marketable" but still, I couldn't just come up with marketing words out of the sudden.

He had to show it to the client this morning, so he can only give the (very demanding, demands perfect) client the make-do work. -_- When he left the room, he said the client's gonna scream at him. XD I guess he's trying to joke (since he always say the client's really scary), I still feel immensely guilty that I couldn't produce better work.

This being a new experience for me, because the work that I gave back to them, I always tried my best. Even if I made mistakes last time, I'm not that guilty because I give complete work.

Argh. >_< All in all, I honestly believe I learn alot of stuff here. They may take my credit when I do good work, but if I can't, the negative comments from the client still fall down on their shoulders.


2005年11月02日(水) 15時25分
My birthday is coming. -_- I'm gonna be __. OLD'ED. The last of my teenage years. But as I have explained to Andrea, so long we haven't hit 25 and beyond, we still can be consider young and do various crazy stuff. I'm planning to go to HK for a visit with Andrea around March, or maybe after graduation. ^_^ Should be pretty fun, but need to ask my family about it first.

It also seems my sister wants to make a trip to Japan around March to see Sakura and get her beloved burberry. But like all times, I'm wary of what she say, because she change her mind faster than you can say, "Holiday". We are also planning to make a short Cruise trip on January, so yea, I guess we are very much deprived of overseas journeys.

I have to start saving up for Japan/HK trip though, since my sister refuse to pay for my expenses. -_- But since I'm working now, I suppose it's okay...But I really wonder... Going to Japan with my sister is a see-no-touch sensation... She really wants to go Disneysea, but when I start talking about those water-splashing, steep-slope rides, she say she's just gonna take photos.

I feel like we are two different dimension beings.


2005年10月27日(木) 17時54分
Wikipedia save my ass plenty of times while I'm working. Since I'm dealing with Nokia handphones, I need to understand alot of technical terms. I took a module on mobile communications before but of course I threw everything back to him and I don't listen.

Wikipedia helps that it explains in layman terms.
I seriously don't understand why they like abbreviations so much. like SMTP, IMAP4, POP3, WCDMA, CDMA, GPRS, Triband, Dualband and stuff.
-_- And luckily, I did study about the OSI model, so when they talk about the application layer, it's not like I don't have the idea.
Hell, maybe when I finish my attachment, I will become a handphone expert.


2005年10月27日(木) 16時30分
Just a quickie update. I went for a shopping spree (finally) since last month, and that time I ain't enjoying TOTALLY since I'm made to shop for office clothes. XD Surfing yahoo auction triggered my shopping impulse, till I literally went straight to 2cm at far east. And though I very much want to buy something there, their vivienne westwood work is really extremely bad. I was walking around the place in circles, for shame that I couldn't get anything I want.

Finally reaching those less-popular areas of far east, I drop by a shop called Belle de Lis. Some fancy name huh? Their Chobits namecard caught me then I stop and take a look. Woah! I was highly amused. They sold alot of high quality Vivienne westwood! And seriously alot of new designs. I love it! Though the first necklace that I ask for a try is not westwood. It's a delicate pendant that has a 3D pink heart and a pair of artfully designed wings. I fell totally in love with it. Then they also sell blumarine! They sold alot of gucci accessories too but I'm not that interested. Blumarine's really very nice. ^_^ I bought one blumarine and the heart pendent.

Moving on, I walked around more and went into this shop that sell alot of T-shirts. What caught my eye is a bag with a photograph of Sid Vicious. Then I browse around, woah! PUNK T-SHIRTS! I was hunting for these for ages! I tried on a T-shirt that has Sid on it, but nah, doesn't look nice on me. =/ Then I realise their shop name's "Punk No.8" -_- So yea, they sell loads of punk stuff. Get 3 T-shirts from there. =)

Haircut part II 

2005年10月26日(水) 17時09分
I asked him whether he wants to go to the beach, then he ask whether I go out as a group. I said yea, and provide some info, then he said he really want to go but he can't find anyone. I kinda understand though, it's not like I can ask anyone I know to go to the beach with me.

Then he said he don't have much friends then I ask, "you are not local?" He said yea, it's obvious? I said usually locals have a huge bunch of friends (antisocial or not) Then I guess he's a malaysian. Ha! Reached first base. I have successfully manipulate the conversation. I then start reading and casually mention that I'm not local too. He then ask, blah blah blah, then we talk about Hong Kong. Like all strangers that I met, they will start saying, "Oh, Hong Kong! I want to go there/I'm planning to go there. What's a good place to shop?"

Second base. ^_^ Then it's all about Hong Kong and cantonese from there. I managed to survive through the whole ordeal with no more marketing and I get to talk to another stylist (whom he intro) who is ALSO VERY INTO VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. :P She wore a vivienne westwood pearl necklace and I ask where she got it, far east? She said yea then we talk about shopping.

The conversation had gone on enough and that guy's already done with my hair. I took a few more mins to listen to that girl, then I got up and pay for it. That guy (who's so far ignored) make one final attempt to get me to purchase the stuff, but I laughed (works wonders) and said no. I then pay, smile and say goodbye.
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