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July 27 [Fri], 2012, 14:42
Cree, Inc, LED Spotlights. announced the building to switch to LED lighting
Cree announced plans to its headquarters and manufacturing facility lighting will be replaced by LED and open to replace the first phase of the results. Cree Headquarters parking lot, entryway, foyer and meeting room is now all use energy saving and environmentally friendly XLamp (R) LED. Cree's LED workplace replace (LED Workplace (TM) conversion) to prove the energy efficiency and light quality of the LED, LED lighting is now a viable choice for commercial and residential customers. Study before and after the replacement of the lighting energy consumption, energy-saving LED light to confirm. The results show that the newly installed LED's total energy consumption 48% lower than the replaced incandescent, fluorescent and high pressure sodium, led spot light. Energy saving, environmental protection, low maintenance and processing costs in an LED lighting is now a real alternative to traditional lighting solutions. Local utility companies - one of the Duke Energy (Duke Energy, the largest U, http://www.regalosdiadelamadre.com/node/15255.S. power company) in cooperation with the Cree to exploit the benefits of LED lighting. Duke Energy's customers informed of how to save money through energy efficiency has been very interested in Duke support LED and other innovative technologies as their own responsibilities. Duke hope that the energy efficiency plan to be approved next year, the company also focus on lighting solutions provide customers with complete, at this point, they hope to develop some of the projects can benefit from LED technology, http://charlessknx.1bl.co/2012/07/26/led-panel-lights-he-rapid-development-of-the-tablet-pc-is-not-just-rely-on-t-led-spotlights/. Cree Chairman CEOChuck Swoboda said: "The general LED lighting, according to the distance of a wide range of applications there are a few years, but proved Cree technology LED lighting solutions can make a reality the company's lighting replacement LED lighting revolution is progressing smoothly, and to prove the benefits of energy efficiency, maintenance costs and environmental impact. "In addition, Cree has also launched a new website www.ledworkplace.org LED workplace lighting replaced with other agencies to share results and details of implementation, vendor information in addition to lighting, the new website also includes a light, energy and maintenance standards, these standards form the basis for a cost savings of LED lighting. The site will also focus on publicizing the installation of the LED in the workplace. Share: everyone CAPE heart network microblogging Sina, Tencent Add to basket Share Tencent space Tencent Bookmark
Cree, Inc. began to expand Ruud LED lamp manufacturing plant in Wisconsin
Following the Cree in August announced the acquisition of a subsidiary of Ruud van Nistelrooy and BetaLED lighting manufacturers, recently, Cree Ruud Lighting positioning announced that will be part of the lighting business in the Career Company and Career Company subsidiaries operate in Wisconsin LED lighting manufacturing facility in Racine to invest $ 24.5 million expansion plan to expand the area of ​​208,000 square feet, November 15 The new factory has been ground-breaking, Cree said the expansion project will promote the deployment of LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) growth and create about 469 new jobs over the next four years. Chuck Swoboda, Cree chairman and CEO, said: "LED lighting manufacturing facility in Racine, Wisconsin, last month to create 500,000 LED lamps, and further proved that the market demand for this new LED technology, so we decided expand our facilities to keep the LED lighting revolution leader. "At the same time, the plant will also receive from the Economic Development Corporation of Wisconsin, Racine County, Racine County Economic Development Corporation and the Sturtevant Village to provide The total funding of $ 8,000,000, Incentive Fund projects and create jobs. The expansion will introduce new production lines, production of existing and new Cree's lighting products, the estimated post-merger Ruud van Nistelrooy and Cree lighting companies accounted for 20-25% of the total revenue of Cree, Inc.. The original Cree, Inc. in Raleigh (the capital of North Carolina, USA), the production line of lighting products have been transferred to the Racine factory. Obviously, the company is rapidly integrate comprehensive business. Share: everyone CAPE heart network microblogging Sina, Tencent Add to basket Share Tencent space Tencent Bookmark