nothing new... 

2007年07月31日(火) 21時43分
this is a short brief post.. nothing really happend last night after i got home.. but i had a great time at work cuz of some webcam session =)
yea.. i know i always disappeared during the weekends... =( disappear into the world of warcraft.. lol... i'm also the superman in WoW =p have to save that world too =)
i have to travel to one of our client's office tomorrow.. its going to be a rough day.. =/ might not be able to update tomorrow =X
k..getting ready to start my day at work now.. ttly~

My Weekend... 

2007年07月30日(月) 21時48分
well.. here's my weekend update, i dont really remember what all happened.. but let me try my best to recap what happened over the weekend... let me think... hmmmmmm.. well.. Friday after work i went out and started prepare some food for the weekend.. i had prepared some chicken the night before so it could be ready to cook in the oven, i cooked some brown rice and started the oven.. and an hour later.. my dinner is ready. later on the night one of my old roommate came and visited me.. he moved to chicago but he was in town over the weekend, he came to check out my place and see how i was doing.. it was pretty cool...
Saturday.. hmmmm.. what happened saturday.. hmmm.. i think i played WoW most of saturday... Steve came over and kick it for a little bit.. but i think i played WoW most of time saturday.. but Johnny was playing WoW too, so me and Johnny were questing together in WoW and try to level up.. lol
Sunday.. hmmmm.. Ray came over and brought me some lunch.. that was pretty cool.. we watched some TV and stuff.. that was about it.. played some more WoW.. went to bed early because we have a meeting early monday morning...
But yea.. my same old borring weekend.. just me and WoW.. =p

this is how i live~ 

2007年07月28日(土) 4時15分

so.. finally a picture of my my place.. you can only see my living room and part of my bedroom.. its still a mess.. hopefully i'll have time to clean it over the weekend..
TGIF!!!! finally weekend is here... i finally able to not worry about what time i need to go to bed and what time i need to wake up!! ahhh.. so nice!!! =)

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2007年07月26日(木) 21時48分
hmmmmm let me see what happend last night... so i got off work as usual.. the drive home sucked cuz of the traffic... i got home.. washed some dishes and started prepare for dinner... dinner was easy... i cut up some ham and mix it with shrimps... and of course my egg and rice... i have to eat egg and rice every meal!! i've been doing that ever since i was little and i luv it! my night was pretty relaxing.. watch some sports news and world news.. and of course some WoW... i should've spent some time clearning my place but that can wait till the weekend.. =)

Dont live with regrets 

2007年07月25日(水) 22時05分
lol silly jocelyn.. even sometimes i donno what i'm thinking about.. =) so.. lets see what i did yesterday after work.. hmmmmm.. i got off work... went grocery shopping... i got milk.. banans... chicken legs.. ham... orange juice.. some spice.. and my contact solution.. i guess that was it.. didnt really buy too much food, dont really have time to cook it.. =X last time i cooked some shrimp and ate it with rice and egg.. not too badk its definitely better than mc donlads. at time like this i really miss having my family around.. their cooking is like 5 star restaurant compares to mine... one person i missed the most is my grandmom.. she rasie me ever since i was a baby... i was sooooo lucky that i didnt even know it untill she was gone.. i really regrat hat i couldnt show her how appreciative i am now... i'd still remenice all her cookings which i probably would never ever get to have it again... i really miss her... and i wish she knows how much she's appreciated by me... well... i guess thats all what i have to say for now. see ya later!

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2007年07月24日(火) 22時26分
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so my second post.. what should i write about? hmmmmmmmm.. i guess i'll write about what i did yesterday after work. So i was supposed to go grocery shopping after work yesterday, but then my friend Johnny called and told me he's around the area and to give him a call after I get off from work. So I guss grocery shopping can wait, plus the after work traffic is horrible, and he said he will bring me food. So I went home right after work, first thing I did was I took some pictures of my apartment because I promised Jocelyn that I would, I only took pictures of my living room because everywhere else in the house is messy. I took the pictures with my camera phone, I still need to get it transfer onto my laptop and still need to figure out how to upload it onto this blog. Shortly after that, Johnny came over and he brought me food!! But I paid him for it. Normally I would be playing WoW for the rest of the night, however work give me a assignment to write a article for the company about my visit to one of our customer's site. I could have write it in 10-20 mins, but I wanted to be good, so I actually spent the whole night writing it. I couldnt believe I didnt even get to play WoW!! ohwell I'll play it tonight or something. I lay on my couch with my laptop and was just typing away while watching the Democratic Presidental Debate. I would never thought I would ever watch something like that, it is so grown up, however I found it very interesting compare to stupid reality tv and other useless tv programs. There are more to talk about the debate but this post is borring enough already so i wont bored you with more serious stuff... but thats what I did last night, I think I fall asleep on my couch around 11 pm.. I was extremely tired yesterday because I was up early for the company meeting. I woke up from the couch around 3 am and turned off the tv and lights and finally went to sleep in my comfy bed. =) so there goes my borring monday. hopefully I will have more insteresting stuff to write about later. take cares!

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2007年07月24日(火) 2時41分
this is a test.. woot!! hi jocelyn!!!
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