Striking teachers make their presence fe

August 24 [Sat], 2013, 5:41
's government offices, housed in a colonial palace, look onto the sprawling Zocalo plaza one of the worlds largest public squares. But this week the plaza has all but disappeared under a tent city constructed by a striking teachers' union.

They are protesting a federal education reform that hinges their job security on their performance in evaluations. Thousands have taken over the Zocalo and nearby streets. Elsewhere in the city,teachers blocked first the lower house of congress and then the senate, forcing deputies and senators to meet in a convention center to continue their August special session, according to the(link in Spanish).The city estimates there are 19,000 protesters in all.

The teachers mostly from s southern states, and who belong to a wing of the powerful union are angering city residents with their tactics, which include marches that have worsened already stultifying traffic jams.