Teresa stresses over uni work 

September 12 [Wed], 2007, 23:23
Yes I'm a little bit stressed. Although I think I am. I think I have finished but I can't help feel like there is something missing!!! I know I will remember tomorrow after I give it in! That always happens to me! Hmm this isn't very good for my " always reliable" personality...I am reliable!

Last Sunday I went to my cousin, Aaron's birthday party. Just a small family one. We spent the time watching The IT crowd season 1. I just looove it! So sosososoosos much! It is hilarious. I am in loove with geeks! I love this series. It's like The Mighty Boosh but more mainstream but not as mainstream as...a show like...i dunno...whats that show with the chubby red head? the one with Andy Dick on it? Well doesn't matter...its funny!

Aaron has The Mighty Boosh season 2 dvd! I must borrow it from him!

Tomorrow, after handing in my uni work before 9:30 am , I'm going to the city with my Russell. I'm going to get him to pick out something and I'm going to buy it. It will be about 100 something because in return I want him to buy me Agent Provocateur perfume for my birthday!! hehehheheh!!

We're going to eat at RamenKan! I love eating there! I just love the atmosphere...when it's not packed!

I've been thinking of going back to scratch and making my blog on geocities. My friends don't read my blogs anymore. They spend too much time on myspace or bebo or facebook or whatever they use now. I miss the times when we all had blogs and we'd read about each others lives and comment each other.

When you get to university, you end up losing contact with some of your friends. You'll find that you'll become closer with some that you weren't so close to in highschool and realise who your real friends really were.

Oh and people change.

A lot.


I'm back...again! 

September 04 [Tue], 2007, 20:14
Its been a while since my last entry!! If you read my blog there will be times where i blog everyday and some where i dont blog at all for a long time. This is either due to uni and now work but usually its because my internet is capped!
So since I'm posting right now it means I'm not capped!

So I've had my first shift at oportos last week. I was heaps nervous when I started because I'm really shy so I don't like talking to strangers but I got used to it after an hour or two. You get sick of smiling after a while hahahaha XD
Its good I have a job now because there are so much birthdays coming up! Especially this month! OMG pressies!!! I have no idea what I'm going to get them. Especially Russ! You'd think you'd know what your boyfriend would like for his birthday but I have no idea!

Today I was in Digital Design Production class with Marie and Van. We spent an hour on the Mac webcam taking wierd photos. Macs are cool sometimes...

So you think its all nice and pretty and stuff...

I got a job! 

August 23 [Thu], 2007, 12:09
I got the job at Oportos!! I have an induction tomorrow. I'm so happy! I have my very first job!
I'm at university at the moment.

Sparkler Night 

August 19 [Sun], 2007, 16:57
The amount of Sparklers we filled: a bottle and a half of V.

What a day! 

August 16 [Thu], 2007, 18:45
I'm so tired! I've had such a busy day! When I woke up, I was adding stuff to my resume aswell as my assignment. Then I quickly got dressed at head of for university. After Uni I went to parramatta with Russell where we handed our resumes in to Oporto. We were interviewed together by the manager. I was kind of nervous...Russell kept talking and I was thinking "Heey you're taking all of the spotlight!!".

Well I'll find out in a week or two if I got the job or not. After that I went to Mylinh's house because I was told by Sandra that there was a 'girl's night in' there. But Mylinh wasn't home! It was tomorrow! I thought Sandra said Thursday...but I'm not sure anymore. Anyway, it's 8 o'clock and I'm finally back home.

I'm not sure how I'll be able to go to meet Steph in the city anymore. My mum has a dentist appointment and she was expecting me to look after my little brother, Dominic while she was at the dentist. I need to talk to her and see whats going on.

Tomorrow night I might be going to Andrew's 'cause we're going to play with Sparklers! They're making sparkle bombs and I just wanted to get some nice photos. I love experimenting with light in photos. If I do go I'll post them up!

Teresa is extremely bored! 

August 15 [Wed], 2007, 12:58
I have to wait an hour for my boyfriend to finish class because we travel to and from university together. I just did my design thinking group performance. my heart was beating so fast and i was shaking like crazy. When we were practicing, it seemed like it would fill 2 minutes, probably even go over but when we actually did the performance, it didn't go for very long at all. Thats okay, I'm just glad it's over.
Other groups were pretty interesing. One girl was doing the worm on the floor! 0.0 Another group was pretty clever and used scent in their performance as well. The aim of the assignment was to perform your Australian animal without any sound.

I'm so tired! I've been like this for a while now. I don't know whats wrong with me...maybe it's not enough sleep or something...I think university is draining my energy this semester.

Tomorrow, I've got an illustration class. Need to finish my assignment to hand in. Friday, I'll be going to the city with Steph! It will be our first meeting offline! I met her on livejournal. Saturday, my dad will come back from work and we're having a little party at our house; we'll be inviting some family members over. Sunday I'll be going to see mach pelican play their last gig at utopia records. I hope to get some pictures. It will be the first time I see them live and the last!

Bored at Uni 

August 14 [Tue], 2007, 12:18
I'm at uni, during my 3 hour break with no where to go and nothing to do. I always end up getting on the internet when I'm bored but the internet is boring when I'm not at home soooo heres my Yaplog!! I finally figured out how to get one. It took A LOT of babel fish translating and Google searching but it's here! I've been wanting to make one for a while so it's good I had a lot of spare time.
My class starts in about half an hour. So I'm just going to do more internet surfing. I think I'll edit stuff on the Yaplog when I get home. I'm a little tired from all the cutting and pasting of japanese words. Right clicking annoys me a little.
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