1 year.. seriously? 

2011年08月08日(月) 11時09分
wow.. T_T our last post was more than a year ago.. that sucks.

dimi is almost graduating!!! same goes for our other friends
while as for me.. i have 2 more terms ahead.. (time flies fast indeed~)
as for my social networking life (is that what you call it?)
i deleted all my blogs a year ago.. i still have my facebook tho
twitter is the only site i use and enjoy atm
prolly bec there are no like buttons and stuff like that
plus you can blabber all you want which is perfect for me <3
(and OMG.. people ARE hilarious OMFG, including convos with friends OMG REALLY)
school's the same.. except for those new poker-faces i get to see from time to time (and more conyo people)
and OH YEAH OMG some of our blockmates already graduated, errrrr... i miss them so much!!!! :'(
*calms down* so.. most of us will be flying to japan (again)... for scholarships or to work our asses off..
and I'll probably stay there for.. like.. forever after I graduated XD hehehe *sarcasm*
but thats ok i guess at least i have my family and come to think of it...
i have dlsu friends who live in tokyo/near yokohama!!!!! OMFG!
i really hope i get to see naomi, kim, elise, janelle and steffi there too <3

so anyway, i pretty much fucked up these past few months..
i did/thought a lot of crazy stupid things (it was awesome!!!!!!)
omg i want to enjoy .every. single. moment. i have right now!!!
i want to experience everything~ especially the ones you can no longer do after college (IT'S NOW OR NEVER BABY)
like eat tower burger or something =)) kidding!
but seriously, i know my limitations.. im not that stupid.. and it doesnt always have to be wild LOL (but that would do tooo hehe)
maybe stuffs like~ sleepovers.. vacations.. or go on TOUR! that would be kewl.... awesome.. awesome..
so yeah
a lot has happened already
dimi and i still have/had our fights.. and some of it..
almost ruined our friendship....
i think most of it was my fault tho.. but im glad we're still hanging til now.
obviously.. ive changed.. grew (and is now living alone in mi apato hehehe)
ive met new people, made new friends... had new experiences (again it was Awesome)
and most importantly i realized whats important in life...
to be happyy no matter what <3
it happened during summer (i was the most meaningful summer ive had so far)
just chill and not think about how stressful life is.. live life not think about it..
there is a right time to think and face that problem.
"lilipas din yan"
dont get me wrong.. there will be days that you'll feel like shit and emo again, you cant seem to stop thinking about it.
you just wanna get fucked up and die or listen to justin bieber and let yourself devour (what a word) his gayness all at once.. well~ that's completely normal.. (except the bieber part) but dont forget
there are also days when you just fucking dont care anymore (doesnt apply to all problems)
you just want to stop worrying all the time! sometimes you just have to let the chips fall where they may..
in other words.. go with the flow~
the important thing is.. try to enjoy even if you feel like shit.. dont make yourself miserable than you already are..
try to enjoy life, it may just pass you by.. :)
and dont forget to make side trips too, if you know what i mean ;)

so anyway i dropped by this blog to make a letter for dimi~ but i guess i enjoyed too much~
ive been feeling a LITTLE down and pressured lately.. (but im still jolly and satisfied most of the time dont worreh)
i'll probably make another post.

ーゆしこ yushi <3

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