May 20 [Tue], 2008, 3:36
Long time no see! There are some old entries below, please ignore them. They're ugly and old oh and I will continue to write in English because it is good to practice on it. Yay~~~ (*_*)

So~ I'm very tired! I can't sleep well... It's disgusting. And sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep again. I don't know why.

Ok, here's a shot of some new jacket I got.. from my beloved mum, thank you
I love it, it's a little too big for me (size M) but I will wear it, I think~

*giggles* I look so funny~ it's so hot, I would sweat like an idiot in the jacket

Making Cake! 

November 10 [Sat], 2007, 1:58
ちわ ▼o・_・o▼

I made the cake yesterday with Yami and....!!
the cake is crude inside!
that's sooooooo disgusting. But it was our first cake,so...
nevermind ( ̄〜 ̄;)

Today it was windy  ̄Д ̄
I felt very tired during the lessons, but it was O.K.
my math boost came today and we did a bunch of homework... bla

Here's a photo with my cool friend Yami and me... aaand the crude cakeee!

After I came from school.... my father made the cake once again
That was so cute from him
and it tastes much better now

ヾ|* ̄ー ̄|* ̄∇ ̄|/"マタネー


November 09 [Fri], 2007, 1:46
Hello !!
I am doing good <3 I feel happy. And I am making a cake with my friend Yami.
It smells so good
I hope the cake will also taste good
it's with chocolat and colorul streusel

Pics will follow soon~
This is me, with J-Pinchu!
I bought him in an asian store in a big town near my city.
Isnt J-Pinchu adorable
J-Pinchuuu and me!

g'morning ◎\( ̄O ̄) 

August 17 [Fri], 2007, 18:00
so sleepy and tired
i only slept for some hours .. my mum woke me up at 9o'clock with the phone oh, last night i fell in nostalga..
so sad i think i cried a bit (T_T) so sad!! i missed my boyfriend so much come back to me!!
i love you~!! i wished i could fall into mydreams in your arms please argh (_ _|||)

today i have to send the packet but yet i can't find any time!!
i am so tired.. the station for the post office is about an hour from here .. it's better to wait for the next week!! i don't know (─┬─ _ ─┬─)

so tired (´。_。`) 疲れたぁ・・・ 

August 17 [Fri], 2007, 9:57
hey guys!!
i i feel so tired but i can't sleep although i'm exhausted!
so sad and i don't know what i should do. my school starts in a few days and ew. i will write later soon. now i have to go to sleep!! 。゜(>д<)゜。

ah, before i forget.. my friend valerie has forgotten her mantle here and it is still unsent (;_;) she's going to kill me..
actually, i couldn't send it because of my mum. she's yelling all the time...
but anyway, see you guys.. i am so~ sleepy!! ;;(≧ω≦;)