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February 12 [Tue], 2019, 10:16


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Fck its polaroid.. Disliked
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This movie didnt come till now when is it releasing
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Poloriod* trailer poloriod Say cheese and die knock off
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If you disturb the ghost house, the ghost house disturb you.

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little ghost house, good movie..


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Madelaine riverdale

$80! I’ll just wait a year when it’s $10.

This sucked

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It’s not even the conjuring 3, it’s Paraloid

i miss this game so much ;-;; my xbox cant play this game....even been play this game for a....month ;_;
I am 30mins into the movie and bored asf. What the hell is up with the good reviews? The slow boring pace is killing me. Somebody tell me if Im wasting my time on this movie.

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Thai ghost is the most scariest ghost in the world!!! Did you know, most Thai movies are ghost movies. I don't know why Thai producers don't like to make other movies such as fantasy or adventure. However, welcome to Thailand!.

The visuals my god the visuals

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just watched worst movie ever lmaoo
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This not conjuring 3
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with the jumpscare scenes,movie might be a creepy in movie theater
ed and Loren should be in the conjuring 3,
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The Three Crow Boys Watch gostream
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