November 20 [Tue], 2007, 16:40
My operation is over, ne? It was kind of bad I guess...because I cannot eat.

Turtle Soup has been the only real food I've ate for a couple of days and the lack of nutrients is causing my skin to turn up in blisters/rashes and my hair's dropping out. My weight is scary. I dropped six kg in a few days D:

That aside, 嵐は最高! やっぱりですね、 僕は 「嵐は最高」の言えありますだ! I simply must say that every few minutes or so.

Excuse me while I fanboy over their latest 宿題くん!★

I should get my hair cut + extensions done soon, since I took those bastards out. They frizz up really badly :(

嵐のコンサート AAA+ in Dome LE ゲアト! やったやったやった! I ORDERED MY LIMITED EDITION AAA + IN DOME DVD!



October 16 [Tue], 2007, 15:39
I need a damned new haircut, and dye my virgin hair (finally)!

But that will have to be after the big O, as usual, but I'd be cutting it on the sixth - gotta wait for 龍綺ちゃん to finish with her's before we dye our hair together.

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited ~ ★

I'm leaning towards J-rock again, especially 彩冷える! 最高だ!



But that aside. I can't believe I am still using the computer with less than a week to the big O. I'm going to study later, I have to! D:

Procrastinator, what a funny thing you're doing.

PS : I hate weeaboos who use Babelfish in a poor attempt to make her poetry sound good in Japanese when it makes no fucking sense at all.

You lose.

嵐のみんな、 僕がみんなが本当に好きです~ 最高! すげですね!


October 10 [Wed], 2007, 11:46
After knowning that somebody is on the government scholarship, I feel both excitement and also, dread.

She's from RJ. RJ DUDE. That's like...way off what I can ever hope to accomplish.

To read that there were so many people who didn't make the cut just killed me.

いや! 最後ね~

Just really, demoralising. I don't even know if I can make it to JC because I'm such a lousy procrastinator.

Go and die already, 歴くん~


October 08 [Mon], 2007, 16:43
Should not a relationship consist of both give, and take?

But all these while, I am the one giving and not receiving anything in return.

I am sick of it. Sick of you, your lies, your pretences, your everything.

Sick of pretending that I did not hear those harsh words you used to describe me to others.

Sick of pretending that everything is alright and helping you do your work, your dirty chores.

お母さんが。。。僕が 悪いです! 絶対 悪い!

I hate you, mom.


That aside, my 黄色い涙 is finally here! (楽)

I really want to go Japan and study now ;_;


October 05 [Fri], 2007, 15:42
今日は 学園の最後日々でしょ~ Which is why 龍綺と僕 wanted to leave the last day with plenty of memories.

でもさ、 僕達が 先考が - 嫌いですね。 We got scolded and forced to change back to our original uniform - 龍綺ちゃん wore my uniform and I wore hers (笑)

僕が 嵐の宿題くんEpisode 52 DLです、 でもさ! 僕の 日本語が。。。あの。。。できません ですね! 大丈夫か?


本当、 ホントにね! 嵐は 最高~ (笑) 龍綺ちゃんさ、 最近が 嵐が 好きですね~ 僕は まじで、絶対に 楽しいます!

嵐は ラブラブ ね~ ★ 最高! 最高! 最高! 愛してるよ、 嵐~

嵐が聞きますな、 が僕は 嬉しい~ (笑)


And always thought it was difficult to like something so much to the point of being influenced by it. To go and see them in Japan, I worked harder in achieving my results - and my L1R5 went down by half.

嵐のみんな - ありがとう~ ホントありがとう!


ジャン : 嵐とコスプレ 、 ホントにすげですね~ 翔ちゃん IN メイド服 好き!


October 03 [Wed], 2007, 17:28

I have successfully got another person to like 嵐、 でも 龍綺ちゃんが 好きの嵐のメンバア は ニノだ。


Mugging have not been very good so far, but I will continue to 頑張っるよ!

歴くん、 頑張、 頑張、 頑張!

夢に いきますへ!

Countdown with twenty days to the big O.

秀子は AC いきませんですね - どうしたの? I do want to go into a school with her and 龍綺ちゃん、 でも...

I hope it works out in the end.

嵐は 最高! やああああ~ ★


September 27 [Thu], 2007, 15:36
Finally, the dreaded Art coursework was handed in and done with. I gave up halfway after being criticised so badly. It is my fault that I chose to give up, it is my fault for being so weak-willed.

嫌いですね、 ここのあたし。

O Levels are coming. They are descending on me like the order of some omnipotent power above or something like that.

ヤバイ ヤバイ ヤバイ - 松潤よ?! (笑)

I got cooped in the library for four hours today because I failed most of my subjects. L1R5 of 31, I ought to be either bloody pleased with myself (my midyears scored 48) or bloody disappointed because my class' median L1R5 is 16.

Yes, a fucked sixteen.

A Math went pretty well today but I could not concentrate during Physics later. My mind drifted off to Aの嵐 due to the wacky experiments.

Sigh. Oh god, 歴! Pull yourself together!

嵐 has dominated my life through and through.

...My DVD burner's pissing me off by not burning my discs. GODDAMMIT.

花子と旭は 僕の好きの女だよ~ 愛してる <3

歴くん、 頑張っるさ!

Le sigh. 

September 24 [Mon], 2007, 17:20
I have to hand in Art O' Level tomorrow and I am definitely not pleased to say that I have not completed it yet.

Everybody seemed to have expected it, and gave the involuntary 'tsk' at me. Does it seem to be my fault?

I ponder and wonder.

Maybe I have been such a horrible procrastinator that others do not expect that I will do things on time. I need to promise myself that this bad habit, especially when I am trying to score that elusive scholarship to Japan.

Qin's going to UK next year, to University - totally skipping the College route. I envy her very much so, but that just spurs me on to work harder - doesn't it?

I do not know anymore.

Because up till now, I am still a fucking procrastinator.

O Levels...what lies after it? One that I want to lead, or one that I have no choice but to follow?

...Oh god.

Brother's being an utter bitch. Life sucks at times like these, really. I am confused, being to contemplate.

What's life?


September 22 [Sat], 2007, 20:34
I took back some of my Prelim papers. Papers like my horribly dismal Mathematics - both Elementary and Additional, as well as papers such as English.

They were horrible and shocking at the same time.

アタシは 「ペイパル」 が 嫌い~ (涙)

But I improved in A Maths, so that is a good sign...? 本当に 好の 進歩?

That aside, I am going on a one-month hiatus but I'd try to blog over here. It kills me to keep everything bottled inside~ ★

I was reading through some of the entries of people who have gone to work or study in 日本 and I am really envious. That should spur me on to work harder for the big O and FINALLY get down to a Japanese class (苦笑) So I can go there and study.

嵐、 嵐 に 夢 でしょ!

Sometimes it makes me think. What are my priorities? What do I exactly want in life?

Sadly, I do not grasp it.

A fleeting moment, a slip in time - these are things that cannot be retrieved.

「光陰やの如し」 : 本当ですね~?

I hate living a life in which I see no purpose in. I hate the previous shadow of myself.

But what can be derived from mere hating?

Muhammad Gandhi once said that you have to be the change that you want to see in the world. To change your surroundings, you must first change yourself.

Can I do it?

Besides the introspective rambles though, 僕は日本と嵐のコンサートさいきますが 夢だ!



September 16 [Sun], 2007, 20:17

There were people who read my long fic and reviewed it. Reviews and comments make 歴ちゃんは 快心 でしょ~ ★ (笑)

でもさ、あなたは 絶対に が がんばっれ ください! (楽) Please work hard, 馬鹿~ (´ー△ー`)

Recently I have been thinking about a lot of things. Things that make me feel nostalgic. Things that make me remember about the past.

But what is supposed to be left behind, is better left behind, isn't it so?

Why should I let myself be upset over that one person ever again?


I should really stop thinking about it. 僕は ばか、ばか、 本当のばか!

I got my shoes today, though they were really expensive. I should try to customise my own shoes so I would not get ripped off by places that actually do have my shoe size...(≧△≧)ヽ

I need money~ お金、お金、お金、お金! (¥_¥)

There are so many things I need to get, like a new harddisk and a mp3 player (finally?)~

僕は お金が ありません (涙)

でも、 僕さ! がんばってください~、ね? (笑)

ずっとずっと の 笑顔~ ☆
  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:reki-tragedies
  • アイコン画像 性別:男性
  • アイコン画像 趣味:
    ・音楽-嵐、アヤビエ、Rentrer en Soi、Kagrra、
    ・音楽-嵐 : 大野 智、櫻井翔、相葉雅紀、二宮和也、松本潤~ V系 :砂月
僕は 本当に 好き が 嵐の皆さん - 大野智、 櫻井翔、 相葉雅紀、 二宮和也、松本潤!

嵐は 最高~★

僕は 嵐のコンサートさ いきますですね~ (笑)

嵐の皆さんの笑顔は 最高~

僕は 嵐が ずっと、本当にと絶対 好きや!
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