Long long time.../o/~~~ 

2005年08月02日(火) 21時35分
Yeaha, has been a loong time since I don't post here, isn't it? Oh well...I'm here now XD

I duuno what to say here, really...about our cosplays?! About Animefriends?! Hahahaha...just one word can describe: awesome. You know...when you have A LOT of personal satisfaction whith some stupid people that don't like you and you do not even know why?! Hahaha, that was it...that was my AnimeFriends...with a lot of personal satisfaction...

And we played taiko at AF, too!! It was just awesome, though I was really really scared +_+ *never played for such a huge public*

Oh! Our cosplays, of course! They're SOOOOO beautiful and I love them!! My Kaoru cosu went out so...I dunno, fancy XDD it is a fancy cosplay, i like it..and my Beautifool's Ruki...OMG, i LOVE my Beautifool's Ruki!! Just...just because it is Ruki and I'm absolutely, completely in love with Gazette!!TxT~~~~~*lovelove* I can't wait to dress up my Disorder cosplay!! We've made I live version of Disorder for Animecon, and now I want the official one *loves Disorder the most*

Well...I guess this is it...byebye, minna!

*geez* =P 

2005年06月21日(火) 11時59分
Y'know, sometimes I feel really stupid...really, man, I mean...why couldn't I just go there and say "hey, this is happening and it's about you"...I really hate myself for being so...coward =='...and that hurts, man...I mean...aah...nevermind...

I guess I'll find out the courage I need to say that...soon...I hope so, ne...=x=~ nah...byebye

o.me.de.tou x3 

2005年06月17日(金) 11時33分
Eeeeeeeee, today is Aoi-san's birthday!! Omedetoou, ne!?^_~

*die* =-=~ 

2005年06月13日(月) 13時56分
Geez, man, ending of semester sux, y'know?=P I'm with loads of school works to do, and texts and nihongo shikens and stuff...I'm dying!!!+____+" damn...

Almost hadn't any time for my cosplays =-=~ Rukicchin and Kao-kun cosplays are on the sewer, I'm going there to see how everything is going on with them tomorrow...==""

And huh..I duuno...not really much news to tell =P just that I NEEED vacations, I WAAAANT vacations and I hate not having time to rest and to my hobbies ==" yeah, sometimes life sucks

By the way, isn't Mitsu just lovely?=3 OMG, I love this website...*diesinlove*

Here, posting =P 

2005年05月30日(月) 20時19分
Hahaha finally, ne? Thanks, Nobu-kun, for making my nu diary

Maaaaaaaaan, I really need to run with my cosplays...my fabrics are STILL here XD I really really want my Beautifool's Ruki done soon ;.; love him so much...and huh...I need vacations...I really really do...=="""

And yeaah, Mitsu is almost done!XD We just need to find a decent host...==""

Byyyyye!!\a_0) *playing ibuki on the taiko*


2005年05月28日(土) 13時54分

Nobu testing here too a_AV
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