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June 18 [Tue], 2013, 17:29
Shocked, to complex with shock! White peak was aghast at Wang Ke and Ouyang Yan, as if the day to see a ghost, that body trembling. Although he saw Bai Zhengming's angry face today, that he sent out yesterday should be some losses, but did not think of his loss will be so big! For those who acquired realm, congenital realm and third Qi and realm of the ancient warrior, he died,Oakley Juliet Sunglasses, even if it is like the number more, No. But four of fifth heavy gas God advanced state of strong, this is too crazy! To know that in addition to the five people support the white Zhengming always sixth heavy realm of the master, the white Zhengming around a total of only eight fifth heavy gas God senior State henchmen hand! This time even dead, no wonder he can reveal that the look on your face s è. It took several minutes, he slowly convergence of that shock, replace sb. Is emerging in his face, is a brilliant smile, laugh and said: "! Really terrible ah! Using the method to kill four fifth heavy gas God advanced state of strong, I feel some incredible. This time the white Zhengming but were knocked out teeth to swallow! Reap the fruits of one's actions, ha ha say, after last night's loss, his subordinate forces are stronger than me much! Even the rush and they now, we can not win x ì ng." Wang Ke smiled and said: "I think, if we attack it, or early decorate good feng shui kill array, as long as they can draw them to the Feng Shui kill array, also can cause great loss to them!" White peak laughed: "yes, this, Wang Ke you and Ouyang Yan two people in tomorrow night,Oakley Sports Clearance, to the layout of the wedding scene near the layout of Feng Shui array, prepare in advance! I'll send someone to your shield, never let them find you Feng Shui array layout! Also, the dust in the dust, you go to see the Mo Yunrou tomorrow, ask she really wants to marry white mystery, or threatened. We work along both lines, make a sure card in advance." Wang Ke, Ouyang Yan and white if three people nod with a smile. The time went fast, a blink of an eye to the very next day at noon. Because the White House yesterday sent out the invitations, so the ancient martial world each big family through various channels, has brought gifts have arrived, and the white peak and white Zhengming two people, are constantly and those who came friends meet acquaintances, entertain them. In the evening, from the white family somewhat remote ancient house, also sent congratulations to the people, and this is the White House's most outstanding ancient and genius. "Ha ha, Gu Xian Zhi, this time you can represent the ancient home, apparently you family, has started to be handed the reins to your hand! Gratifying! Yes,Oakley Scalpel Clearance, I heard you and Lee family that the girl's marriage, a problem?" Bai Zhengming smiled at a tough old and said. Gu Xinlong's eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, heart a cold Italy, said: "a man, men and women affairs not to promote R ì process!" Bai Zhengming smiled, eyes a cold s è flashed, seemingly pay no heed to say immediately: "this idea is good.
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