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April 11 [Thu], 2013, 11:03
> Ping Keguo the complexity of the relationship between the point of the major forces in canines cross burning "Lu I Www, QUAnben, CoM I have you as the largest energy supplier in Ukraine, Ukraine Ukraine's Unified Energy holds only legitimate Exhibition nuclear energy qualified companies: Ukraine Atomic Energy part of the company's shares. although belonging to the Ukrainian state-owned Atomic Energy of Ukraine in the next plane, but the reality is that this nominally belong to the Ukrainian state-owned company, actually belongs to Ukraine several factions years in nuclear energy, electric power and interest groups, Ukraine did not progress with this internal friction is not does not matter now since Alice Group reached with Ukraine's Unified Energy cooperation, Unified Energy Company of Ukraine is Ukrainian Atomic Energy one of the shareholders of the company, then it is natural to Alice Group has become one of the shareholders of the Company of Ukraine Atomic Energy, now we are in the Alice Group which held shares issues during the competition. although these years in Ukraine nuclear power plant project is basically any progress Ukraine Atomic Energy company is basically in a state eat cooked rice, but no one to give up control of the Atomic Energy Corporation of Ukraine. everyone knows that Ukraine's future, we must vigorously Exhibition nuclear power, and the process of building a nuclear power, is simply is to own up and down the large gaining typical decade opened, the company opened eat decade fool would give up such a company. Ukrainian National aspects of the vast majority of the shares held by moaned fully controlling stake, the only way to be able to ensure the Atomic Energy of Ukraine for the Ukrainian people, at this point, we do not think it can be used to bargain. "President Leonid Kuchma, a party's representative in this issue are the same between Alice Group argue, a strongly fight for the interests of the country looks like, despite the fact that everyone knows now Ukraine there is no national holding enterprises, said the so-called state-holding enterprises, basically have those oligarchs or interest groups to divide up this guy so some position, in fact, just fight for more benefits for their own interest groups and benefits only did not make this guy so some righteous cause Ling natural scoff, we all know the head are actually thinking the same thing, and no one who do not have a joke. "is it really? "Jill scoff at this guy's words," I am sorry for your statement, please forgive me respectfully expressed different views. If you say, our Alice your about to inject anvil billion dollars not make sense,Coach Outlet Wallets Online, right? We are businessmen, businessman born as their sole purpose is to make money. If at this point you still insist, we will not exclude to abandon this note posture may xìng. If you want to the Alice Group guarantee this capital injection, the shares must ensure that our Alice paste. Gill also argue for the sake of their own interests, threats and other means to intimidate and so forth. For a business, does not necessarily want to control more than fifty percent of the shares to be able to control the purpose of this company, the more the number of shareholders in the case, even if only 20 percent or even lower of the shares. As long as the rope in a few shareholders, and their own views on consistent, but also to achieve the purpose of control, Alice Group now indisputable,Online Coach Outlet Shouder Bags, 30 per cent of the shares, has been fully up to control the purpose of the Atomic Energy of Ukraine. "Impossible!" Jill's words seemed to touch the feet of this guy's pain, Leonid Kuchma party representatives anger shook his head vehemently opposed to the views of Gill, and sent to the chair jumped up "Alice Miss stick to their program of cooperation, we believe that it is necessary to re-discuss this cooperation, so unfair cooperation, we will never accept." "Yes, sir? Are you sure you ? remarks you dare tell you guarantee it? "Jill is a look of profound meaning at this guy, Shining eyes, through the eyes of this guy seems to be able to. Directly to the hearts to see this guy go. "Yes, I'm sure!" Resolutely extremely like to fight is the patience and the ability to control the situation and my heart stop drums, but this guy's face was still to make, or to see who is more daring, to see who is bragging blowing bragging, not able to leather to blow broke. At this time, whoever barely compromise, one who will not be able to get the maximum benefit, know tip Lisi Group is now in the twilight of atomic energy technology situation facing the Leonid Kuchma side of people, there is no reason to give up the such huge profits Alice Group at a disadvantage ah. If not more take advantage of this great opportunity to fight for their point of interests, then later want very cheap from the the Alice Group who fishing can be difficult. "This thing is both of us, the people of Ukraine are good for one thing, I think we are not can both take a step back?" As before to discuss good, we have fallen into a stalemate when Yulia Tymoshenko stood out. With Alice Group has reached a cooperation agreement in the energy sector of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, understand his mind, and now there is no retreat, either to obtain the support of the Alice. Their property value; either lose the support of Alice, who before had to hate teeth itch guy carved out. Yulia Tymoshenko, she was very clear, and now the eyes of other people in the political arena of Ukraine. Has become Alice Group spokesmen for the interests of Ukraine, only when Alice Group standing behind his own time, domestic interest groups do not dare to play their attention. Alice behind in their own support, then they at any time are likely to get involved, want to keep their current status, and the only way toward Alice Group proved very necessary existence value. Leonid Kuchma's representative looked at his boss sent Plenipotentiary, who sat on the back of the chair, and nodded not check this guy is not known for the secret Plenipotentiary to the micro- to indicate this opinion to their side can accept: Alice Group are willing to compromise, that nature is the best, and they also do not want to engage with the relationship between Alice Group too stiff, Ukraine also need to Alice Group read a lot of things, latest Dong festival wash Stream book the drying thin Au said conditions Shan Qi umbrella since the past one month, under the guidance of the Alice Group of Ukraine zhèngfǔ work to attract foreign investors has made significant progress in an unprecedented, one-month stint time in the Ukraine zhèngfǔ has signed a total investment of a billion dollars in investment contracts, as well as the total funds up to the magic one hundred million U.S. dollars investment in the ongoing negotiations or signed an investment letter of intent course. Has signed a contract fly one hundred million U.S. dollars, each other, and one hundred million U.S. dollars in projects which are talking about Alice Group, and the rest of that clarity B dollars. The Alice Group also occupy blade billion. Alice Group has adequate supplies to Ukraine zhèngfǔ proved what a qualified and excellent partners, so Ukraine zhèngfǔ Alice Group in this matter to compromise naturally not how surprising things . Even the intention to cooperate on both sides in this matter, and the two sides also have contributed to The cooperation in the effort, but even so, we reached a preliminary framework for cooperation, also after a month of tough negotiations. The negotiations have been successful a long time yet, like this cooperation projects, in three to five years time to completely get that already belong to the scope of God does not look at but now say exactly how much international interest group is not willing to see that originally belonged to their cake had been given away by the Alice Group ah you when they do not do anything? At least in the area of ​​nuclear raw materials rely heavily on Ukraine Lao Maozi will never see the original such as the back garden of their home Ukrainian nuclear raw materials so no Ukraine back into the foreseeable. Some time in the future, it certainly missed the damn Lao Maozi arrives to knock Although the Lao Maozi now our sight, but yù wear helplessly hope Alice Group to invest there. Tuoyi Lisi before hastily leaving Russia blessing. Western countries business people in Russia there has been sort of a small the divestment cháo of surge. During this time, Russia's foreign trade sector and the investment sector the small rì sub quite bad, they desperately hope Alice Group is able to help stabilize the situation as early as what happens to the? Although things open in nuclear technology with Ukraine has been in a highly confidential, both Alice Group, or Ukraine zhèngfǔ aspects. Are not semi-sub-lipped on the matter revealed that, but like the sentence as saying that the world no unventilated wall,Nike Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV, the Alice Group this eye stay in Ukraine, with Ukraine zhèngfǔ Yi talks open in the nuclear energy surface things the news, or the United States, Russia, Europe, those a resourceful intelligence agencies have known. Stay in Ukraine did not go because Alice Group, also be advertising that the world at this moment: feelings they stay in Ukraine did not go because they Alice Group is to discuss such an important cooperation with Ukraine zhèngfǔ No wonder it! Although this news yet few people know, but as long as they know. In determined after a a real xìng on this message. These guys suddenly tense up, for them, to reach this they imagine the depth of cooperation between Ukraine and Alice Group, is definitely not a good news for. Ukraine is not in their interests. A powerful and even their market compressed to no longer be able to compress the Alice Group, is not in their interest, or they need to do something? Deed goes unpunished, this eye Alice Group do things too far and touched to the bottom line of some interest groups have been serious, they finally decided not to do a little worse. Before them in a conflict of interest when the same Alice Group did not do something, because everyone some dirty, but Alice Group's practices and no damage to the fundamental interests of their own, but things are different now, and now Alice Group put his hand into the field of nuclear energy, has been thoroughly touched the bottom line of certain interest groups, they are absolutely not allowed to touch any interest group own root sensitive nerve. Well, he was perhaps also can do something? Know we are planning what's going on, and the eye was those sinecures guys toss almost have shè nuclear revenge on society thought the Russian Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev, of course, Sergeyev and not issued shè rights; nuclear command eyeball began milling around: Since these bastard guy before, so treat yourself, then look at these guys look depressed look down is also a good choice, if you die in this matter after few people, so much the better. The most important thing is that he did not betray the interests of Russia and Reese is not? Just do not want to see Mr. Sergeev so consoled himself. Retaliation own their own cynical, isolated looking for an excuse for their own behavior. When the crowd Group Alice the reasons for detention in Ukraine speculation, and in to the news that Alice Group, this time its cooperation with Ukraine in the busy it when Alice Group to let them down. The actual situation is just busy it, Alice is absolutely no need for this matter in Ukraine fetters so long time, in addition to this reason, so Alice reasons fetters so long time here , Alice Machinery Design Bureau with the Xiqi motive companies, as well as progress in talks. See if you can help design a small, above applied to small private aircraft turbofan motivation. The small turbofan motive Ukraine, but this is not Ukrainian military technology strengths, this applied to small or medium-sized turbofan motivation to see on a medium-sized private jet Ukraine to produce, but for Aviation motive processing technology "rough" Ukraine, they manufactured this turbine the fan motives in the xìng can with colleagues in Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States to create a similar motivation compared to either unit The fuel consumption of power, maximum power, noise control, is not satisfactory. Zhang Lan idea is that before leaving, to be finalized with Ukraine co-operation in this regard. <
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