October 09 [Sun], 2011, 17:52
there are two types in the world of the police.
one is a groop of having commonsence. the other is a groop of trashes that should be aborished.

i don't know why many of the latter groop is in the upper class in this world. but that is a very truth.
they don't hesitate lying, seeing lies they make as facts, or something.
they are ashes.


September 30 [Fri], 2011, 2:03
i strongly think it is banned to evaluate one by he/she was!!!
also think you can't estimate one by only one side of his/her character.

BUT still there are so many people who do so...
i don’t know why. i can't understand them. they don't have a right to say that they have commonsence. 'cause they are fools.

my major 

August 30 [Tue], 2011, 20:33
i had been unable to make a decision whether i would select the economics department or the liberal & arts.
but, i decided. i'm gonna major in economics in Hongo.
what is this reason? ha...could you tell me why? i wanna know it too.
but, such a determination is also good, i thought lol

my plan during summer holliday 

August 18 [Thu], 2011, 19:35
by traveling around London and Exeter, i realized it's really difficult for me to speak and to listen to English...
but, i won't give up but eager to get this skill definitely! this is why i'm gonna start using bbc news.
btw i also have another thing i wanna be good at. Guitar. So frist i will play an acoustic guitar so that i master codes.

Air to the UK 

July 28 [Thu], 2011, 4:01
Parhaps i'm going to the UK from 5th August(≧▽≦)
A friend in my univ. is staying in the UK now, and i'm going to see him! i'm so excited from now!! because this is my first time to go abroad♪
i have a little sickness, but i'm looking forward to a sightseeing with him in London!!!

new com 

July 20 [Wed], 2011, 3:01
i think i have to treat my life while univ. more importantly; about not only studying but playing with friends.
i realized that we must delve into how to get new comunities. if we take time for both com A and B, unfortunately time confine time we can use for each com. along with it, it's difficult for us to make each com be abandont. no one can cultivate every com to be the best.
we have to consider which we select or aborish.

but i also have the other thought, the opposite one. For meeting for the first time is a door at a entrance to all.
people we met there are real and they have a wonderful potential of being able to undetstand profoundly each other, that is, with us.


June 05 [Sun], 2011, 3:05
Thesedays i think to get a love is so difficult for me. Love has an own pace beyond his thought. Of course, so love is beautiful, mysterious, absorbed, and indispensable. But because of this characteristic, you are sometimes in difficulties. i'm living in there now! i want to abandon my love, but i can't. So i tried to use a tecnical way. i tried to get another one. But i failed to do so. For love isn't mine in a sence. i realized love is an event that occured to you suddenly. Love is a song that you can't listen to without special ears. i gave up sticking out an eagerness. i'll depend on time. But i decided to forgive me to let my first one exist, nontheless if i'm going to have a big pain.

My idea changed! 

April 13 [Wed], 2011, 22:14
i said that i wanted to go to the department of the economics. But my plan is going to change. Now i want to go to the department of the arts and sciences. Strictly speaking i want to major in the culture and representation course at Komaba, that is, in the department of interdisciplinary cultural studies. For i want to study the act at the university too, especially from logical and academic view. But i need more than 83.5points for this plan. It is so high!!!

i must become an elite at Komaba..... Really? ha~...yes, i do. But i'll stick it out!!!!!!

My grade 

April 13 [Wed], 2011, 0:55
Our university costs us 40days for knowing our own grade of a last semester. It is too late! hmm...
i really hope that this sistem will change!
By the way, i wanna boast. i got 99/100points in the economics U class!!!
i was so happy because if i have kept this circumstans now until i finish the third semester, i'll be able to get the right to go to the depertment of economics!

Oh, and i could pass the final test in the Kasaibashi driving school. So, after that, i need pass a mark test about driving.

Telling you these days of our band acting, we will play 3 songs at our university in 23th of April. That place is a 743 room of the 7th building. if you have free time, please visit us!!!

Thanks for your reading.

Let's drive a car!! The new semester in my university started!! 

April 06 [Wed], 2011, 23:16
I have been going to the Kasaibashi driving school that is near from my home since March 5th. Then tomorrow, i'll have the last driving lesson in that school, that is, soon i will finish the course, and can get a driver's license!!! It's so exciting. But before that satisfaction, i must have a driving test for graduation. So now i feel the strain a little and have a uneasiness. i still afraid of driving a car, especially while i drive at an intersection or a pedestrian crossing. So i tend to use a foot brake many times. A certain instructor told me that i don't have to use it frequently. He also said if i use it so many, it is troublesome for others though it may be safe for me. Of course he is right, but to drive outside is fearful for me! But i wanna be good at driving. So, i will pass the last test and learn to drive better than now!! It's true that it is to my benefit to get a license, however, it is also the sake for my old father. So i'll stick it out!!

And at last i had younger students in my class "SAMPACHI" in my university. Everyone is pure, gentle and above all, they are so cute!!!!! But i hate "Keigo" or terms of respect for the person as expected. i hope that they become to use "TAMEGUCHI" and "YOBISUTE" at fast. i wanna destroy the "Keigo" culture in Japanese society at least around me.
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