another boring day

July 24 [Fri], 2009, 2:36
oh i just noticed these new things at yaplog and especially new layouts = pure love!

i've been suffering a swine flu, and lately spent all days in bed. 退屈なので、私は買い物か何かに行きたい。 .

love power, 最高 power

June 14 [Sun], 2009, 9:10
i played the second Shugo Chara! -game through. although i don't understand japanese that well, it was pretty fun

it's raining and thundering.

killer move, merry merry

June 04 [Thu], 2009, 5:16
feels like i failed again

and i'm cold.


May 18 [Mon], 2009, 23:36
すべての。 i skipped the school b'cause my throat hurts and now it hurts even more ...

so today i messed up my school and now everything else.

over three weeks to the deadline...

May 10 [Sun], 2009, 22:04
最低の this is so hectic and yes before that i have to finish those. fucking. art works. before thursday.

really haven't got no time ........ stop clocks for me


May 07 [Thu], 2009, 21:03
i just listened heidi.s new single and i really liked it!

this day was good. gotta love that weather, sunny .
nothing interesting to tell right now, i'm poor at writing blogs if u haven't noticed that yet

trip to the REAL ghetto!

April 24 [Fri], 2009, 20:41
pieksämäki, here we come! (° ω °) but first .... my stomache tells me i have to eat something -__-''

bye now.


April 19 [Sun], 2009, 3:59
oh yes i feel like a
HUGE looser ...... i've been doin my cosplay all day long and when i tried it on, it ripped (*д*) and it's only a week to go!!

i can't do it just .... can't.

love & joy

April 18 [Sat], 2009, 0:18
i have zoned fabrics every hues of blue today -__-'' and now even my hands are blue by blue ballpoint pen. but it feels so good to do something on my own
i just
love to wear stuff i've made myself ♥__♥

nothing special

April 15 [Wed], 2009, 23:10
hi everyone!! how was your day?

me: not that good. i fell down on stairs carrying like over 20 books and all of them slipped off of my hands ...... owwch, my back hurts.

i hate being this clumsy > д < oh well i know. shit happens n' stuff.

so hungry again. even when i ate ice cream just a second ago. {だんご}
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