December 18 [Sun], 2005, 17:21
I went out for lunch with a neighbor(Mari) and her friend.Her friend picked us up to chaina town.His car is limousine!!He is limousine driver.We went to chaina town by the car.Its so long.It was farst time to take it.I was excited,I was happy.

Honolulu City Light 

December 16 [Fri], 2005, 23:30
My friend came over to my apartment.We ate taco rice,salad and egg soupI made some mini mochi(japanese race cake).I put wasabi(japanese strong spice) for one of themAfter dinner we had a Rossian roulette to use the mochi.It was very funny.Yuka lost and she ate wasabi one.Then she criedIm sorry Yuka
After that we went to down town to see illumination.There are amazing illuminate.There were Santa Claus,many kinds of trees(surfboard tree,flower tree,smile face tree and sweets tree...).It was a beautiful viewing,how cute!!

Yuka was excited 

December 14 [Wed], 2005, 21:50
It was very hard to walk for us.But our body was getting better.feeling good today.So we could go sufing!! We haven't gone for 4 days.I wanted to go surfing,but I couldnt go.
We were paddling to outside,at first yuka arrived there.Then she said "come here,come here,hurry up"I didnt know why she told me.I noticed whats happend with her.She found a japanese popullar actor who was starter of the Honolulu marathon.She loves him.She asked him to shake hand.After that she goes bananasShe talked about him all day.
It was a great day for her,but it wasnt me....Because one bigginer sufer was comming.His board hit my shin!!it was so painfullIt was a bad day for me.


December 12 [Mon], 2005, 17:02
suprised me!! I noticed a huge blister on my footToo big.I've never seen the huge blister like that.I cant move well.because I feel sore all over from full marathon,and what's more,I have a huge blister.Its hard to walk esepecially going down stair.

Honolulu marathon 

December 11 [Sun], 2005, 19:59
Finally the day came.I ran in the Honolulu marathon!!
I woke up at 3:00am.I arrived start point.There were so many people,about 28,000 and big fireworksThe place was filled with excitement.
At last it began to count.My heart was beating
5,4,3,2,1....start!!I started at 5:00am.At first I walked for 2km.after taht I ran for 15km,then I couldnt run any more.I've never run for its a strange world.
It was too hard,too long.But there were many cheers,some bund's lives when I was running(walking).They cheered me up.I made the goal lineI did itIt took 7 hours.I was so tired.But I had a very good exprience.I thought marathon is individual sport.However I think marathon is team sport.Runner,cheers,audience...everyone help each other
I was full of joy.It was a really really nice day

Im nervous 

December 10 [Sat], 2005, 18:15
I stayed at home almost of all day.because,Hononolulu Marathon is coming tomorrow!! There were so many Japanese when I was walking sea side.Japanese,Japanese stretched as far as I can see.Where is here? Am I in Japan?
AnywayI really worry about it.Can I finish the goal?? I didnt do enough traning.I hope I finish the goal linePlease pray for me that I can do it!!
I have to wake up at 3:00am tomorrow,so Im going to go to bed right now.Night Night

big cheek 

December 08 [Thu], 2005, 17:35
I went surfing after school.There were small waves today.But it was windy.
I hit my cheek on my board when I tumbled off the wave
its so painful
I was surprisedwhen I saw my face on the mirror.
There is a big bruise on my cheek!! too bad


December 05 [Mon], 2005, 22:05
I had a big test last thursday.Jen(teacher) returned the result was....87% correctBut I couldnt move up the classI have to study more and more!!

hiking in Hawaii 

December 03 [Sat], 2005, 21:58
I went to the Hoololi Aina hiking corse.It means "white cliff".There are narrow,steep,many dangerous Its going to be a hard one.
We left bottom of the mountain at 9:00.It took to get to the top for 4 hourstoo hard was like serious climbing.I saw many Hawaiian plants,cute flowers,some birds and great viewing.I heard there are lots of big snailsI dont want to see them.I hate the snailsAnd I met nice people.I had really good time with them
Thank you Reiko,Scott,laula,Andrew,anemarie,tour gides,Stefhen and Camilla.

awesome waves 

November 29 [Tue], 2005, 21:40
Diamond Head is a popular of surfing place.If you go there,you need to drive there.I dont have a car,so I havent been there.But I could go there to surf with sume friendsOne of my friend took us there who is friend's friend.He is very nice guy.He looks like Japanese comedian.And with one beautiful girl and her hansam boyfriend.
There were awsome waves,no people.great condition.If you catch the wave,you can do long long ridding.The size was about 6-7 feet.Its very big wave for me.I was scardBut its good practice.and really enjoyed.especially the sunset was so beautiful.I was happy to see it.
I wanted to catch the waves more
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