Sleepy , sleepy & sleepy !! 

2004年11月08日(月) 11時39分
Went to bed at 3 sth last night , so I was extremely sleepy today !! Something very spooky happened at the mid night ! The story goes like this , when I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water , I saw something was moving . I thought it maybe a baby cockroach . And so I switched on the light immediately . You know , it's a heap of very huge ants !!!!! OMG , my mind was blanked !! How come there's such species of ant in my home !! They're always live in the parks with trees or soil . It's very mysterious !!!

Had dinner at Delifrance , ate a new dish today !! Garlic chicken cheese sandwitch , delicious 〜 Done 35 maths questions at tonight tuition , troublesome !! Sleepy now , bye .... zZzzZZzZzZZz

A three-day-entry 

2004年11月07日(日) 23時55分
Done lots of stuffs these days and I'm gonna tell you what they are .... !

On Fri , School picnic day !! A delighted and hyper day with my lovely mates , played games , spent time in gossip , BBQ , took heaps of photos !! Grins * I have never excepted it was so much fun . Honestly speakin , it's hard to express my feeling in black & white , but I can say it was kept as a cherish and immortal memory in my whole life !

On Sat , watched a Korean movie , " A little bride " at home , finished 3/4 of the movie before going to Poly U . Went to Poly U to have interview wirh Professor Yeung who is a Ethics expert !! It's really happy to talk to such interviewee . We then went sightseeing around Poly U and we went to one of the classroom to have a short discussion wirh Professor Yeung . I felt like a university student while I was sitting there !! ^V^ Due to Mr. Kam absented , I dont need to attend Acc. tuition . Therefore I went back home after the visit to Poly U and continue to watch the 1/4 part of movie .... It's a riveting comedy , although the ending is not good at all ( not a sad ending but somehow I though it was pretty odd ! ) , I recommend you guys to watch it !


2004年11月04日(木) 15時42分
At school now .... Waiting to attend tuition at Prince Edward .... So far away from my home .... And I'm so sleepy right now ..... The bell is ringing now !!Gotta go , cya tonight !

Life goes on * 

2004年11月03日(水) 23時50分
Life goes up and down , and I was in bad mood for a heap of reasons today ... Sigh ...

Discussed about what to take and buy for BBQ on Fri. all day long , cant wait no more !! Excited !!

Sentence of TODAY : "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going .... " I hope I can do what this sentence means 〜

It's HATEFUL !! 

2004年11月02日(火) 23時17分
It cant be !! Why there's no other choices for Computer ? Why our school merely offer Pascal for students to choose ? Tha matter of fact is that WE Both have NO CHOICE ! How could it be ?? Bad , Bad and Bad !!! How nice it could be as if I'm not studying Pascal ......

Needa hand in the puzzle program for tomorrow , but I'm afraid mine is a disaster ..... * God , I dont mind how worse it is but at least let me pass this assignment .... I have never had any exceptation in getting high grade for HKCEE . I merely hope I could get pass !!

Happy Halloween ! 

2004年10月31日(日) 23時45分
Watched two movies this weekend , "THREE EXTREMES" at home and "The Grudge" at the cinema . Both of them arent that horrible than I expected . Yet , some scences are quite spooky . Overall , I feel a bit disappointed !

Hang out at TST with Fina tonight , we had dinner at a restaurant ( I forgot the name ) at Ashley Road . The food there is pretty delicious , I luv that street so much !! I'm so delighted as I bought two Brockmann Vol. 01 !! Luv it !! And it's cheap and worthy , Cant wait to go there again and buy the other five 〜

How time flies ! It's November !!

You pissed me off !! >;[ 

2004年10月28日(木) 0時13分
Feelin so frustrated today .... How could it be ? It seems to me that I cant do something with succeed . Everything is an obstacle for me ... I cant perform well in academic ... sigh , I felt like an idiot ....

What made me pissed was your bad behaviour and attitude , Mind your words PLS !! Hey , I'm not your boy or maid , you cant treat me whatever you want . I had no fight back didnt mean that I didnt mind . I start to know why people always boycott you , it categorically is your own problem .

Dont wanna talk abour this sort of things 〜 Hey het , new target : GROOVISIONS BROCKMANN LIGHT Volume 02 Wild Animals !!Luv it so much Though it is very beautiful , I still wanna get the the Volume 01 first . Sigh ,,,, I'm grieving for missed the chance to buy Vol. 01 for $370 with secrect version !! I felt deeply regret !!

Sleepy ! 

2004年10月27日(水) 0時40分
Wednesday is always the happiest time during school days as we have 2 Account , 2 Compt and 2 Maths lessons , hahaha 〜 Time flies extraordinarily fast on that day ! A good news from Mr Kwan , NO Compt lessons on Friday !! That means no need to hurry the program up and it'll postpone until Tue !!! YEA !!!

Today's assembly is great though I dont understand much * Yet , I'm interested in the story , It seems pretty good ! It's very dry during day time , I kept spraying rose water on my face after each lesson . I hate this kind of weather !

Sleepy now ... Dont wanna wirte more .....


2004年10月25日(月) 19時03分
What a wonderful day !! No double Eng. lessons after lunch !! I could leave da school early 〜 But , my teacher seems not feelin well of her tooth , poor her 〜 Needa attend maths tuition tonight , dont have enough time to finish my homework & revision for econ. !


It's 00:20 a.m. ! I'm now sittin before da computer and doin nth ...... I feel blue right now .... My skin problem always made me feel so frustrated , I cant stand for not squeezin my nose on the condition that my nose is so dirty ! But once I squeeze it , I definitely feel so regreat .... sigh .....

I'm eatin a pack of mentaiko-flavour chips , till now i still dont know what mentaiko is ... Better say which part of fish does mentaiko belong to ... It taste a bit spicy .

New RAPPYs days !! 

2004年10月24日(日) 21時38分
Phew 〜 "DAYs" in yaplog comes out ! This skin is terrific and seasonable , I frankly luv it so much !! To make a long short , RAPPYs won't has any new version as long as I needa take my HKCEE !! Chums , welcome to text me messages !!

I've got so many stuffs to do in the coming few weeks , Say , tests , quizs , projects ( esp. for the programing of Computer !! Kill me PLS ! ) , prepration for da hall assembly , etc. It must be a harsh time .....

Havin' econ. test on Tue , better start revision tonight 〜 But , yet I hvn't finished my homework ....
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