new life. new blog.

June 10 [Wed], 2009, 7:28
so like i said... i made a new blog.
yes yes. yell at me all you want.
but you know you'll like my new page. hahaha
yeah. i'm still not used to ameba/ameblo but im working it.
not that anything's wrong with yaplog.
but.. how should i say this..
yaplog's very .. PUBLIC.
and like.. people add me just cuz they find me
from my friend's yap list. whatever you call it.
and visa versa.
freshman year i used jugem
sophomore through junior year i used yaplog
so i'll use ameba for senior year.
my new blog...

hello. i'm back!

June 09 [Tue], 2009, 4:02
YOO!! i'm back. finally. xD
sigh. may and june has been very
and i wasn't motivated to even blog.
i'm such a bad blogger. hahha.
i'm still not motivated to blog.
but yeah.
maybe i should get another blog?
i unno.
yaplog doesn't intrigue me anymore.
too many people using it and spying on me.
i don't like it.
yes yes. i know i'm switching blogs around a lot
but i have yet to find a suitable blog fit just for me.
maybe i'll go back to jugem or ameba? who knows.

POOPS. i'll be going now.
to see if i can get energetic and write a real post.

m o l e s .

May 06 [Wed], 2009, 6:05
Moles are a very common form of pigmented birthmark. Many fair-skinned people have a multitude of moles, usually brown or black in color. People with many moles have a slightly higher chance of developing skin cancer and should take precautions when in the sun. Some congenital moles can be abnormally large, but plastic surgeons can remove them. Just removing the mole, though, doesn’t reduce the chance of skin cancer, and anyone with moles should stock up on sunscreen.

ugh.. man... this sucks.

i suck.

April 29 [Wed], 2009, 10:49
ugh. i suck as a blogger. hahaha
i haven't blogged in WEEKS/MONTHS.
im sorry.. but please put up with my lack of blogging.
i've always said the same thing
but with the finals, english AP testing, SAT's, and
the orchestra concert near i am BUSY BUSY BUSY.
not to mention going to the dentist and lots of
homework and DID I MENTION CAT DISSECTION? hahahah
so yes. here's a few things that happened in the past month.

-Dad went back to korea. TT_TT
-Went to MAMMOTH to go snowboarding during
spring break. it was AWESOMENESS!!!
*i'll post pics later.. later.. hahaha*
-Got Straight A's except for 1 B in my English AP class
for my report card. which is.. HELLA GOOD. hahaha
-cat dissection in anatomy.. it sucks.. and SMELLS..
-Nation Honor Society group services..
-helping out at the library for a total of 15 hours..
-english AP practice exams...
-study for SAT's...

I'm sure there's more that happened but i can't remember.
everyday is fun and exciting. i'm having fun with my friends and
i am currently busy with my life. xD

n e w . d s i

March 08 [Sun], 2009, 1:57

Oh yeaah!!!
new nintedo dsi is coming out in America
on April 5, 2009
yay! i am so going to buy it.
but.. too bad there's only going to be colors
blue and black...
oh well. i'll just buy it when the white one
comes out

b o o t s .

February 17 [Tue], 2009, 7:33

yesterday, mom and i went shopping.
yea. i know right
why go shopping when we're struggling with
money right now.
well.. mom said she wanted to use these
macys coupon from her stars rewards card.
so off we went to macys.
once we arrived at macys, i noticed a whole
bunch of people around the boots section and
i saw something that caught my eye
i saw a steve madden boots on safor 40 percent off
yeap. i ran with my mom and asked for a size 7.5 and 7
tried on the 7.5 and it was a bit loose.
so i tried on a 7 and it fit PERFECTLY.
my mom said it was pretty and said she would
buy it for me with the coupons and well yea...
i told her how much i LOVED HER
the boots were originally $160 but with the 40 percent off,
it was only 99 dollars.
after my mom used her 45 dollars off coupon from
her stars rewards card the total cost came out to
be $56

hee hee.
after that we walked around and
went to bakers. AND GUESS WHAT I SAW
the ed hardy shoes i wanted was on sale!
so now it's only 100 dollars.
which is a lot considering it used to be
160 dollars only a few months ago.
yeap. so i've decided to buy the ed hardy boots
in spring time or summer when the price drops more.

the only thing is...
i don't know which one to choose.

i personally prefer the dark brown one
because it'll match my clothes
and because it won't get dirty easily.
and the light brown one.. is cute.. but i don't know...
the white one is REALLY pretty.
and it's made out of silk... but i know it'll get
dirty easily.. so hm....
sasha agreed on the dark brown one but
what do you think

p o u p &eacute; e

February 17 [Tue], 2009, 7:26

i forgot to post this..
but the big doll on the left is
the jumpy doll i made for anatomy.
hee hee. and the one on the right
was made by riezell.
not bad. not bad i say.
we all gota 180 out of 150. i think.

B o A

February 17 [Tue], 2009, 5:48

I am so getting boa's new album.
all the leaked songs ive heard on youtube album
is tickling my love love senses. hahaha.
well, here's her latest mv eien.

boa performed at music station with
crystal kay and verbal from mflo.
YAHH! i love this performance not to
mention that the tune's catchy.
my 2 favorite japanese musicians with
boa. mmm..

p l u i e .

February 17 [Tue], 2009, 5:37

sigh.. it's a beautiful day today.
it's raining.
i love the rain. it makes me feel all bubbly
inside. haha.
well. i just finished editing my cbox.
well.. before editing my cbox, i was....

installing nero 7 so i can burn
video from my computer to a dvd so
i can have more disk space.

finishing paradise kiss.
sigh! yes! i finally finished it.
it makes me cry everytime i read it.
i dont feel satisfied with the ending...
i wish carrie could still end up with george.

playing sims on psp.
i sims. hahaha. too bad i can't
find the computer software version.

watching korean variety shows.
omg. i watched the infinity challenge
parody of boys before flowers.
and now i'm halfway through from
watching family outting with top

yea... after spamming on my blog
i'm probably going to read nana and then
do my homework... or go to costco
with mom later on. hahah.

dammit! i feel so sad right yazawa's mangas are about growing up
and pursuing your dreams that it makes me
depressed. i wish she had more bubbly and happy
mangas.. but that's what i like about her work.

n e w . e n t r y

February 16 [Mon], 2009, 15:16

i keep telling myself to update my blog but..
i always end up being lazy and not updating it.
Life's good.
AP language and composition is still quite hard but
my essays are improving. which is a good sign.
the school year is halfway done so it's pretty hectic.
studying for SAT's... homework. blah.
well. the past weekend i've been getting into
maplestory again.
hee hee. xD
i've been playing maplestory with sasha and
micah so it's cool.
and well. yea... i sorta stopped playing afterwards.
right now i'm currently doing an ai yazawa
i just reread gokinjo monogatari
and am now reading paradise kiss.
tomorrow i think i'm going to reread
tenshi ja nai. since i love it so very much.
well.. i'll for surely post a new entry
tomorrow morning.
im getting addicted to paradise kiss all
over again. hee hee.
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