2006年03月22日(水) 22時50分
Oh man.... i found myself here again.
Teela was right. This is nice to write here.
Awwhhh only 16 days to BLOOD's concert. Awhh... i can't wait to see Laura again<3 I have really missed her.
And im going to see lot's of my friends there. ^^ YAY.
Im designing my cosplay dress. Well... this is not so easy for me... But i think i can do this. And i will do this. Im just little out right now. I need just time^^
Awwhh... i need more coffee.... It's like drug to me^_^''<333
Awh... Im bored.... im allways like this. Just sitting here and wasting my time. Well.... I would like to take a walk...but im too lazy...V___v.. ah man....


2006年03月22日(水) 4時10分
Ok. Now. I try to write.{げっ} Man.... This day was... full of everything. Well, i wrote up all, what i have to buy to my cosplay{パチパチ}. Well, there's lot's of stuff on this paper^^'No matter. I have time to get all that stuff. Umm... My mum hurted her leg. She can't walk, or even stand with it. i have to help her with everything. It's ok, beacuse she have done so much for me. Now it's time to pay back. And my bab. he ackts like a young little teen-age girl and yell's to mom that he's too tired to help mom all the time. Then he runs to bedroom and locks the door. What an idiot. My family is like a circus. Thease peoples are just like monkeys. I hate this place so much. i wanna get hell out of here. Well... in next year i can move away.^^ Ohh... I don't want to go to school tomorrow. But i think i have to.{どくろ} Erh!!! I just want to stay home...{スリープ} Fuck the reality...... I go to sleep....{バイバイ} But i keep waiting if one call{携帯}


2006年03月22日(水) 1時58分
>____< Umm... Im trying to write something... And sorry about my english allready^^'' ummm.... But i think i try to do this entry...... man.... Maybe i write something intresting later^^''
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