June 17 [Tue], 2008, 2:29
im bored out of my face yo! XD

more lee jun ki love! 

June 17 [Tue], 2008, 2:09
hes too cute for his own good!

for teh smexxxie azu!!!!! 

April 24 [Thu], 2008, 9:24
Heres your blue kitty baby!! <3333
i love you!!!!

je t'aime dans mon pantalon!! lol


March 15 [Sat], 2008, 1:15


lee jun ki 

March 09 [Sun], 2008, 3:40
is a sexy bitch! <3 ^^

right?? X3


February 17 [Sun], 2008, 2:38
>////< peggy i love you!!


January 29 [Tue], 2008, 0:38
- [posi setsunai hi] just like the title, has become a positive and painful (sad) three songs.
Yu-ri - Of a hard to breathe feeling.
Ritsu - Suddenly, that?
Yu-ri - All three songs are choky.
Shuta - You press that don’t you?
-What part is hard to breath?
Yu-ri- The first song [dame inu] is quick (pace) and choky. The second song [boumei sanketsu shoujo] lyrics are choky. Even vocally the breaths. (?) And, the third song [sora shita sanka] B melody is noisy. (laughs)
-So, we’ll say that they’re choky songs….?
Yu-ri - It’s okay.
Ritsu - It seems to be all right.
- And now, from the first song [dame inu] please introduce your songs.
Yu-ri - This is a re-recording. It’s existed from before but, it’s a song you can’t get used to (?) at a live.
-But this is something that has a live feeling, a song that seems like you could get roused up at a live.
Natsuki - So this, I drummed the live as it is. (?)
Ritsu - When we made it, it was that kind of rhythm/beat but, wasn’t popular among the members (painful laugh).
-And you decided to include it this time because?
Yu-ri - The song is good.
Ritsu - It matches the theme of the single (also).
-But, from the title you don’t receive a positive impression do you.
Yu-ri - My word play basically tends to head downwards. This is about our bass (bassist). For the time being his face is doggish.
Ritsu - (painful laugh)

In bold: IROKUI
Positive + painful=hard to breath (?)
Following [negaomo type], Irokui will release [Posi setsunai hi] on November 11th.
Positive and Painful songs just like the title were recorded, as the members say it has become [hard to breath] finished product. On October 27th a fast selling one-man will take place at Holiday Shinjuku, so be sure to check that out! This times live what on earth will jump out? That, Natsuki only knows, that is. (Hazuki due to circumstances is absent)
Interview/ (Miyuki Murayama)

- From the lyrics, is it true you are really a lonesome person?
Yu-ri - No, it’s an expectation. But Ritsu likes solitude.
- The lyrics that people don’t gather around?
Yu-ri - That fits (laughs).
Ritsu - (painful laugh)
- Even though there are such parts, it’s a positive song that you’re able to advance forward isn’t it.
Ritsu - Yeah yeah, its develops like that.
Yu-ri - It’s like it’s no good but, I’m still thinking of the future and living.
Ritsu - It’s like, I’m lonesome but, still a dreamer.
Yu-ri - It’s about a poor (pitiable) person who saw a dream and went out to Tokyo only to return home in 5 years.
Shuta - It didn’t have that kind of ending.
- It’s a ending that has a future.
Yu-ri - Yes. Listen (to the cd) and hold dreams to the utmost please. (laughs).
- The singing style from the beginnings part “it’s no good”, gradually changes doesn’t it.
Yu-ri - The beginning with a sinking (he uses sound effect *bunya~*) sense.
Shuta - It really is of that sense isn’t it.
Yu-ri - I dared to bring out the no good feeling in that way. Since I am a good vocal. (laughs).
- Did the instruments play conscious of the force and rhythm/beat?
Ritsu - That was the number one thing we were conscious of while in the composing stage. We thought that we wanted a punkish, kind of song with guitar standing out.
Shuta - Since it’s a song with force, to not kill that force, we took serious consideration in the beat/rhythm.
Natsuki - This is, the sound source was dropped 30 or 40. (beats?)
Ritsu - Before it was violently fast (he used a word he made up).
Natsuki - So this time it was veeery hard to save it up.
- I think this is a song that will have success at a live so, certainly from now on even at a live. (perform)
Yu-ri - Not until I approve.
Ritsu - I’ll persist (work hard) for the approval to alight.
- The second song [boumei sanketsu shoujo], is surely a painful (sad) song.
Yu-ri - It’s painful isn’t it. I’m about to cry soon. It’s a lie. (laughs)
- It’s interesting that you used the condition of suffocation to express, the sad feelings of a girl isn’t it.
Yu-ri - Yes. I thought, I’m good.
Shuta - Quite good.
Yu-ri - And the last part’s lyrics of suffocation where I made it of a dry feeling was quite good also.
- Self-praise isn’t it.
Yu-ri. I truly love this song. Ritsu brought the demo in a terribly random (whatever works) condition. (laughs) , even if it was that kind of demo, it was a good enough song to capture a “It’s pretty good” atmosphere. Out of all these three songs this one has number one spirit (concentration) contained in it.
- What about the original music image?
Ritsu - I matched it to the product concept, with easy listening melody, I thought to make a pretty song thing. I was very particular about the bass. From the way of holding the pick to the way of plucking.
Natsuki - I restrained on the drums considerably. Without putting in too much goodies (side-dishes?), not getting stiff and simply. To firstly bring the song out.
- The bass has become the point of the rhythm, there’s also a solo and it stands out doesn’t it?
Ritsu - The songs that I make just become that way. How the bass stands out….Irokui. Has many bass solos.
- Although the organs and the sound of the bubbles in the water at the beginning brings out the atmosphere.
Yu-ri - Shouta did the synchronization. Since I don’t play guitar much (laughs).
Shuta - I’m in charge of synchronization. I thought to work hard on synchronizing. For the opening image , I read the lyrics and thought there’s no other way than this.
Ritsu - Shu-chan’s guitar solo is very cool.
Yu-ri - That is cool eh.
- This interlude, is like the highlight of the instrumental team feeling isn’t it.
Ritsu - That’s right isn’t it. I was making the bass solo portion from the demo.
Shuta - This song is enjoyable to play.
- The song, like a girls’ voice.
Yu-ri - I thought that the impression of this song would come beforehand so, instead of what I wanted to do, I thought how nice it would be to have Ritsu’s song and my lyrics image to come down.
- As if to act it out.
Yu-ri - Like an actor.
Shuta - You don’t have to change the way you say it.
Yu-ri - You mean Japanese? Like a performer.
- It seems like it’ll be easy for listeners to import their feelings.
Yu-ri - It may be nice if they rolled over there. (laughs) ?.?
Ritsu - Aiming there. (laughs)
Yu-ri - That‘s the representation of hard to breath in [Posi setsunai hi].
- It seems that the third song [sora shita sanka] is Shuta-kun’s first song.
Shuta - Yes, it’s The first edition.
Yu-ri - The first edition, and for that to become a single is a honour. Think of it as thankful.
- The impression of the original piece of music?
Yu-ri - It was an one shot adoption. Like an anime opening. Such as [Naruto].
Yu-ri & Shuta - Like [One Piece]. (laughs)
- Your opinions match don’t they. It’s that catchy and pop.
Shuta - The first try I put out a type of song that was my strong point, I made it thinking that I wanted everyone to hear it.
- In the lyric credits as well Shuta-kun’s name is in it.
Yu-ri - I put it in for him.
Shuta - Eh? Just now I learned (laughs).
Yu-ri - I use the composers image as number one when I write lyrics. I thought Shuta’s song had some kind of purpose. It was sort of what should we do so we both ended up writing it like that somewhat.
- As for the content, you’re singing about all of you as oneself aren’t you.
Yu-ri - It’s kind of like a message song. It‘ll be great if that‘ll be heard.
Shuta - With our deepest wishes.
- The song too with a straight rhythm. There’s a bass solo.
Ritsu- When I got the demo from Shuta-chan, there was a gap like here you absolutely have to do something with bass.
Natsuki- This is really tiring. It’s really fast. It’s tiring but, for that share a driving feeling comes out and it feels good. (comfortable)
Yu-ri- Painfully pleasant, Kind of.
Natsuki- M-type like (laughs) . ?.?
Yu-ri- It’s like there’s a plus world feeling. This guitar solo is also Shuta and, in that time, stars come flying and fall down.
Shuta- Surely stars are falling.
Yu-ri- Sparkling (kira-kira), stars pass by so, if that part too could be played.
-This CD’s pre-release one-man is October 27th.
Yu-ri- A hard to breath sort of one-man. We want (audience) to return home painful/sad, choky.
- Can’t become positive?
Yu-ri- At the beginning we’ll do it positive since it can’t be helped. The beginning cheerfully, at the end I’ll absolutely make them cry. They’ll be sobbing.
- At the one-man [Dame-inu] will be able to play.
Yu-ri- …Yes
Shuta- Let’s at least do a rehearsal.
Ritsu- Like right before is sluggish as expected.
Natsuki- Then, at SE. (laughs) ?.?
- At the next one-man, is anybody going to do something again?
Yu-ri- Will show something again, Shuta will.
-Shuta-kun again?
Yu-ri- Then, Ritsu will.
Ritsu- Wait a moment. (painful laugh)
Yu-ri- Then, Natsuki will.
Natsuki- Eh? What shall I do.
Ritsu- He’s full of eagerness. (laughs)
Yu-ri- No good,(don’t do) typical things like drum solos.
Natsuki- I won’t do a drum solo.
-Oh, There’s big anticipation.


January 12 [Sat], 2008, 0:19
i'm not in a good mood today u.u

for metta-chan =^.^= 

January 10 [Thu], 2008, 4:18


V! ^^ 

December 12 [Wed], 2007, 0:45
i found a good band a few days ago =D

i love ν(ニュー)!!!


Gelukkige Verjaardag Mimiko!! (-^ω^-)

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