San Francisco Street Food Festival Featu

August 24 [Sat], 2013, 16:11
San Francisco's Mission District turns into an outdoor global food marketplace for 80,000 on Saturday, August 17, for the .

Entrepreneurial cooks hailing from theincubator kitchen will present such novelties as fat Mexican-style tortillas topped with stir-fried nopal cactus with salsa fromand theknown as turkey momos topped with tomato-cilantro sauce fresh from Bini's Kitchen.

Adventuresome souls won't want to pass ontrendy Japanese fungus fromor pickled cucumbers from , while thirsty veggie lovers might choose to wash it all down withfavorite Malaysian drink, a blend of rose, basil seed, and young coconut juice with fresh herbs.

The festival is all about the heart, commitment, and talent of San Francisco's vibrant culinary startup community populated by low-income and immigrant entrepreneurs breaking down barriers to market entry. This street festival's audience are the judges and jury.

It's an opportunity for the market to sample the wares of those with mouth-watering dreams who labor from food trucks, carts, trailers, home-based catering operations, and pop-up storefronts. It's a day to test the fruits of that cottage industry. It's a platform for eats that emerge from shared commercial kitchen spaces, from the weeks and months of coaching and mentoring from La Cocina regarding industry-specific technicalities and safety measures.

With each looking to out-cook the others, somewill serve ethnic and California treats to tens of thousands of food lovers ambling by stalls and trucks up and down the six-block, admission-free event. Hundreds of inventive offerings from food startups will be served side by side with eats from celebrity chefs like , , and , with each selection priced under $8. Bigger and better than ever, this year's event will see Folsom Street blocked off between 20th Street and 26th streets from 11 a.m. through 7 p.m. Savvy attendees will plan ahead with the street foodand show up with an appetite.,_dark,_and_deadly_tall,_dark_deadly_ebook,_sleep_poop_journal,_log_book_aqua
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