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2008年06月11日(水) 16時33分
It’s so funny that when one is experiencing a horrible time, the other one is experiencing great time.
When you think about it, it’s so ironic, but I guess that’s just one part of life.
I am really bad at adapting to that kind of situation.
What I mean is that I am bad at switching my mood.
When I hear sad news from friends sometimes I empathize way too much.
Sometimes, it interferes with daily activities.
It’s difficult to balance all those feelings.
I had less sleep last night……god! I’m so tired!!!


2008年06月10日(火) 17時02分
Hi, everyone
How is your day?
Mine’s okay.
I have sad news though.
My friend’s father who is suffering from cancer, is in a very bad condition.
His days are numbered…..
Actually, the doctor told my friend that he might die in few hours or few days at the longest.
I was shocked…..
It’s just sad….
I hate people’s death. That’s like the thing I fear the most.
I have couple of friends who lost their parent from cancer.
It’s horrible.
I just hope that things will get better………

Long time no blog.... 

2008年06月04日(水) 16時03分
Hello, hello!
It has been long since I wrote this blog..
I guess I was spoilding myself a bit....for almost 2years
My bad...
Well, well well, I know that on my last blog I wrote that I am going to change. And I guess i didin't change.........
But this time for real I will CHANGE
Actually I need to change.
I need to write this blog so that i can write English, and it will be a good habit.
Ask me why.

I got the JOB!!!!!!!!
I got the job that I wanted!!!
They hired1 person( that'd be me:)) out of 60 people
I just couldn't believe that I got the position.
It was quite a competition!
I am so excited and at the same time overwhelmed.....
But I know I can do it.
I just have to be confident.

hey hey! 

2006年12月03日(日) 23時07分
hey all the bloggers!
i know...i've been bad
I was a bit busy. know, it's been hectic.
well, you know once you skip doing one thing, you just keep on skipping this one thing.
it's not that i forgot about this blog, i guess i was just being lazy...
I chaged!
I am going to continue writing!!!
you know,,, sometimes i need to write things in English too.


2006年03月11日(土) 23時43分
I'm depressed.
Just things get kinda worse.
And negative things keep on happening to me.
Thinking about my husband makes me depressed, thinking about his mom!!! Make me more depressed. Thinking about next week when we will meet for the last time makes me depressed. And once i felt like this, I just can't change my mood right away. Plus I start thinking about other things which makes me depressed.
UGHHHH This diary is so depressing!!!!!I'm so sorry....

long time no blog 

2006年03月11日(土) 17時01分
Guess what??
I already have license!
i got it like 2 weeks ago. I love driving but it's kind scary too, espeacially in Tokyo. I almost got into accident the other day. I know i should be careful.
So these days I am not having a great time.
Yea that stupid devorce thing.
It's hell annoying.
he called me but never askes about his daughter.
I think he is just an ass.
Thnking about it makes me wanna throw up!!!

Passed it! 

2006年01月16日(月) 22時11分
I passed it!! I passed the driving test i think both writing and drinving!! ohhhh but i still have many lessons and 2more? exams to go! But alleast I passed the first test. I feel a little reliefed. Oh and I made friend today i was happy! Making friend is always a nice thing. And u know what? She is a mom too! yea!


2006年01月10日(火) 21時55分
I talked to one of my friend in U.S.
She told me that she is proud of me.
I was happy to hear it.
Yes! I am proud of myself too!! I am getting divorced and I am going to make my life happy. I am not going to stay depressed forever. God! I deserve more!
Forget about that stupid jerk!

I am just pround of what I have done.


2006年01月06日(金) 0時07分
Driving school....
Okay, I have to admit that I respect all the people who can drive.
It's so difficult!!!
I really hope that I can drive better.
I have to go to school tomorrow too.
Taking my daughter too


2005年12月30日(金) 23時02分
oooh It's already this time of year....
Only one more day and it will be 2006!!
oh I really wish that upcoming 2006 year will be a great year for me.
I mean it has to be great! Oh and I will make it great.

well, this year, I gave a birth to my precious daughter. That was good.
I mean it was so painful but still it was a greatest thing i ever experienced.

and stupid devorce thing. That wasn't good, obviously....

Next year, I am going to be a better mom and i am going to make a great bf!!!

oh yeah and I am getting devorced too.

But there's so much things to look forward to!

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