December 19 [Mon], 2005, 21:27

huh? this picture scares me...
I'm just at school and I had my jury this morning it was kinda okey but not good!
I am bored I'm sitting in the library with my portable (I can go on the net and I don't have to pay for it! LOL)
I'm listening to Dir en grey's kasumi I luv that song!!!!
Well one week more and I have holidays... I have to buy some christmas gifts for my family!
I'm going to do that this afternoon! Coz where I live it's only 1:30 pm... hmmm do you know where that is?
Anyway tomorrow is the birthday of Die from DEG so I have to write him a lil mail later...
That's enough for today...


December 19 [Mon], 2005, 4:42

pOm PoM... hihi


December 18 [Sun], 2005, 1:34
Hey everybody, I'm new here and I don't really speak japanese but that's not a a problem I think!!!
I like this site very much
Today I've done nothin, I'm a bit bored, I've been listening to some music...
Right now I listen to 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 I love that group... and some others aswell...
Have you guys ever been on the blog from sou?
Ok I don't have more to write now...
I'll write more next time...

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