September 12 [Wed], 2007, 22:53
today's just... boring. I'm sick and almost can't leave the bed.
Why do I become sick one day before Ashura's coming here?! it's unfair! (; n ;)

I haven't been able to eat or anything today, and I'm tierd of just lying in bed now. want to be outside in the sunshine! (> n <)
the only thing that has been entertaining me (exept Ashura's phonecall last night), is the music on my computer.
6 GB with wonderful visual and oshare! I still have to listen to those new CD's I got this week, and watch the DVD's. (¤ u ¤)~

but before the fun I have to clean the house. and ofcourse it has to be done before I'm going to Stockholm next week. (> u <)/

And can't wait to see Plastic Tree in November, meeting so much fun people and everything~ (´ u `)<中>


September 05 [Wed], 2007, 4:24
today was this day when I should do a candy-photoshoot.
it was so fun!
I miss the freaky humor that those photographers had... (¤ £ ¤)

but this day didn't start as good as it ended...
at first it rained the whole day, I dosen't want to be so wet after just going out to the next class.. (T n T)

and when I should go home, the train never arrived.
I stood freezing and waited on the train in like.. on hour.
then someone came and said that the train was broken.

so I had to walk halfway home and nearly got late for the photoshoot (> nnn <)


August 30 [Thu], 2007, 18:58
I almost missed my train this morning.
When I were at the train station I realiced that I had forgot my traincard... it was just like 5 minutes before the train should arrive (O___O')
So, I just ran home and searched after the card, and then I ran back to the station.
Really don't want that to happen again... (> n <')

and yeah, finally member here! O(O` u ´O)o <中>

~~ maybe better? 

August 24 [Fri], 2007, 13:48
we took this years school photography today. I hate it! (> n <)
I always turn out bad in that kind of photo...
wonder how it'll be this year? (´ u `)

Ashura <3 

August 05 [Sun], 2007, 3:18
today I were in Goteborg together with Ashura... we got lost many times because of me.
but I thought I knew where the places where (´ n `)
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