Arsenal ball lost a total of 4 to 5 or more,

February 15 [Sat], 2014, 17:41
According to witnesses at the scene described, in the wake of the end of the game, leaving arsenal team prepared to return to London, as planned, they arrived at Liverpool Lime Street station, as a coach, Arsene Wenger at arsenal big forces the last position. When players have filed into the station, Wenger inadvertently slipped in a hallway. The police before she quickly headed helped maintain order around, face an awkward look, Professor, and gave a wry smile. 1:5 fiasco at the train station, after accidentally falling down Wenger this depressing mood will inevitably hit the floor this afternoon, as an aged over six years old, this fall, both allow Gunners fans to feel distressed. And Liverpool battle, though there are some debatable in the wittiness in directing, but arsenal's defeat was not entirely Wenger's responsibility. The next shooter will face a battle in succession in February, professors can quickly climb up after falls in Liverpool? Gun fans expected Tencent sports news 5-1! Terrible, could not bear to look at! One was recognized as WINS in 55 matches, arsenal left than previously 3-6 lost to Manchester City (official Twitter data) more painful memories. Arsene Wenger of arsenal and he stated, fell to fresh-faced, Rogers and Liverpool (microblog). This debacle, and let the world have a clearer understanding of current arsenal. Although the Gunners from the top spot to Chelsea (microblog data) only 1 minute, but really many people believe that they can win it?

This fiasco has a lot of data and statistics on arsenal, but without exception, shows this is a very small probability event. NET for Arsenal 20 minutes at a time on swallowing four bombs appeared in 2001, losing to Manchester United (Twitter data) in that game. Premier League (micro-blog feature) in the history of Arsenal ball lost a total of 4 to 5 or more, we've witnessed two tim nike cortez ukes this season, in addition to the 1-5, shooter once away 3-6 lost to Manchester City. Two were defeated by rival Manchester United is giving, 1-6, once a hard 2-8. For Liverpool, this was their proud world war I, from June 1964, reds 5 times in a game for the first time break arsenal's goal.

Before against Liverpool, arsenal only 21 goals conceded, Chelsea of the Premier League within the next 20 balls only. Per Mertesacker and kesiqieerni the "Franco-German partner" British media praise Gunners playing Martin Keown even with both men well, arsenal this season promising to break free of the spell. But more credible players, but the more likely problems in a strong dialogue, previously weiermalun, now it's in the Centre combination of equally difficult tradition.

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