aid, according to, currently Paris, and Monaco, an

February 15 [Sat], 2014, 17:27

Starting from the second half of last season, Wenger, and gradually established a combination of per Mertesacker and kesiqieerni in the Centre, Captain weiermalun were relegated, judging from the style, the Germans opened the door, suitable for locker room leader, the latter is more quiet introverted, technologies are comparatively delicate. Top 24 round, lost only two men guarding the defense line with a total 21 goals, this number is only one more than Chelsea. Has data displayed, as long as is kesiqieerni and per Mertesacker partner hit full 90 minutes of League, gunmen keep not defeated, however in against Liverpool of game in the, this a magic law is Sue broken has, arsenal of Defense actually in short 20 minutes within on four degrees Sue broken, audience more is lost 5 ball, this really let people surprised was, hard not per Mertesacker eye silt green led to sight fuzzy or defensive distracted, eventually breed one tragedy? This deserves some elaboration.

Big score the team lost, they exposed the gunman's internal disharmony of the fight news, this is not finished, the daily mirror newspaper reported that renewal of Sarnia similarly Wenger, bruised and battered. On Friday, Wenger had emphasized the Sarnia if leaving the team, then it would be a mistake, "I very much hope that he can renew their contracts, but everything depends on him. He is a fantastic player, attitude is very good, every time I put him first, he will 100% pay. But I think his future is at arsenal, and any other decisions were wrong. ”

Sarnia of contract in this year summer due, while arsenal in renewal Shang sincerity great, but Sarnia hopes can get a copies enough of paid, according to, currently Paris, and Monaco, and Galatasaray are on its very intends to, this let arsenal must rainy day select successor, daily mirror reported under said, arsenal phase has Southampton young teenager Chambers, Wenger has will its considered has right road of introduction aid preferred, worth a mention of is, arsenal and Southampton in trading Shang cooperation pleasant, Gunnersnike blazer mid sale Theo Walcott, and Chamberlain were both from the Saints, of course, although the age 19 years old, but the Chambers don't come cheap, around 10 million pounds. Sports Nets beat spring, heaven! Golden home Al Ittihad, Manchester city like a whirlwind sweeping fallen leaves as 7-0 slaying Norwich, its single biggest score victory in the Premiership this season. Came to rival turf, Blue Moon is on all fours, no, 0-0 with the defeated opponent to shake hands. Agreed minimum spend? Deal quickly rebounded it? Smarter are the clouds.
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