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February 15 [Sat], 2014, 17:10

The last League game against Atlanta, boss Rafael Benitez agreed to assign Puerto Iguazu for rest of Naples, to adequately prepare for this week's game against the Roman Italy Cup semi-final and League clash with Milan over the weekend. Naples Italy Cup semi-final first leg against losing, but starting in Puerto Iguazu delivers straight into goal. Weekend against Milan, as currently team in the top shooter and occupy is willing to methyl assists list side-by-side topped location of Gonzalo higuain, will is Naples strike Shang most was rely heavily on of players; two team this season first round against Shi, Iraq melon due to on in St West Rowe break had Milan goal, into winning ball help Naples eventually got has 3 points Moratti select thanks to Hill after doubled thoughtful, at least from currently see Indonesia people on blue black Regiment is "really love". Early in the process of acquisition of inter asked Hill to sell his own shares of the feicheng76ren, winter transfer window and took out his pockets for inter to add two players. Apart from inter, Tohir also has two football teams, United States Major League huashengdunliandui and Indonesia's Persib Bandung. Mediaset said the Indonesians will choose to sell huashengdunliandui shares to cash in the near future, United States team manager Williamson also will enter the Internazionale's management. This amount of money not including debt for the Club, most will be fed into the summer transfer market.

No longer a shareholder of the major league teams, Tohir will use all the energy business inter club. Italy media said Tohir found operating inter economic pressures far greater than he imagined, Indonesia decided to restructure the Club structure to keep the team healthy operation. First step to leave Blanka is reshuffling senior, Tohir trying to get a United States-style of management to run the Club, influence in new areas to expand the Club. Breaking the Club's salary cap introduced Nemanja Vidic also consider opening up Asian markets, the Club believes Manchester United players in Asia has a wide influence.

Sources said Tohir are best to buy partner Ross owned by Rani 20% inter shares, financial fraud scandal in which, if the completion of the acquisition, inter President would have a 56% of the Club's shares. Indonesians is the target for the future acquisition of Moratti's shares in 29% completely become the full owner of Inter Milan. In addition, Tohir also actively promotes inter-listed, the current Club asset evaluation and restructuring work being carrie cheap nike blazersd out, the fastest, and Jakarta, Indonesia, in September, Inter Milan will be able to Exchange. Born in 1981, Nemanja Vidic by the Red Star Belgrade youth system, became famous when young, he attracted the attention of a number of Europe's top teams. Among them, the intended attention. In 2003, Parma once Nemanja Vidic's transfer was finalized, even Ronaldo's transfer. However, because the parent companies pamalate bankruptcy in Parma, deals fell through. Zhihou, Nemanja Vidic into Inter Milan's sights. Of the Mediaset said Moratti Vidic Scouts study requested technical features and performances both inside and outside the pitch. However, Inter Milan in a deal too far. In 2004, joined CSKA Moscow Nemanja Vidic.
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