Imprest system

November 18 [Wed], 2015, 21:55
This is my imprest system today I had my \1000 go for my small disbursements on work time. I am frequently being a hungry eater on four o'clock. This is called "Petty Cash" or "imprest balance". It's always \1000 at my general ledger.

His reply

November 18 [Wed], 2015, 21:46
Yesterday, Mr. Obscure was finally sent me an email that said"No". I had always been waiting his NO. I want his honest answer. That is what he makes smile, I think. I think that for a long time. For him (and me). I loved ya.


November 02 [Mon], 2015, 21:39
Three women were having lunch at cafeteria of fifth floor, which is most lovely place because the view is nice and peaceful especially when they work for the big company and be tired like ants.

Two girls come to three and say "Would you tell me Goto-san's extension number?" "Ok, later."

I have said Goto was a one of handsome guy he has good clean skin. I had been suffering by my acne on my face for a long time.

Actually, he was so kind for me that day. He called everyone to ask my query.

Boy meets girl

November 01 [Sun], 2015, 23:42
He will meet a girl who likes drinking at izakaya. Her taste is very cheap, but she has energy. He thinks she might like to go Disney. Two mice go to a cafe at nolita-like town and spend a nice time. She likes Minny cookies too. Young lady she is, he feel dizzy that he cannot see her eyes very well.


August 24 [Mon], 2015, 14:35
Making my clone
Considering about you
Finding a boundary between you and me and a fiction
Just to see my hidden desire

Good not Sexy man

August 05 [Wed], 2015, 22:24
His ex-girlfriend had depression.
She worked at Starbucks.
She wore many lame wear to metamorphose into other character.
She was a married woman.
She had no child.
Her husband was cheating on her.
And she was cheating time with him.

He felt excited all about her.
Especially her expression of emotion. He actually had a depression too. He does not feel. He unlikely feel. He need strong stimuli and cheers. He has a mania for idle singers.

He was forbidden something. He waits all the time, but the x-day was never coming. He expected and depressed and lost his something. He obeys you. He depends on you.

Fearless Games

August 01 [Sat], 2015, 16:13
Enjoy racing without fear.

A girl

August 01 [Sat], 2015, 15:27
She want her OK. She want her clone. She has claimed about her husband. She claims about not only her husband also her child. She want yes. She depend on them. The way she could escape away from them is to look up/feel their needs.


August 01 [Sat], 2015, 15:11
He examines every single person if he or she has right talent FOR him.

He works for a big factory. And he is proud of it. He's a big dog and a child of that kind of society. He don't know his own happiness. He loves right things. He don't know other ways. He don't know other children. His friends and colleagues are all adults. He likes being hearing and treated. He seems to seek a dog whom can hear his needs.

He want his mother. It's his desire. He want his clone. It's his desire.
And he has disease now.

Hell to Clear

July 16 [Thu], 2015, 23:56
I possibly could be a giver when a friend of mine was angry at me because of my high score of exam. I feared her nor everyone was not please about my happiness. Why she was angry while I was so happily in peace. Was she not my true friend? At least, she was on race game and not kind person. I was too kind for her that I got not to study and be playful person. Everyone liked me but I could not go to any college.

Now I think what her and everyone's need is. I wanted close friends just like my family. But she is not. She was just a player on race world. I lost on race world. She won at that time. However, I find my heart. I wanted to be everyone's friend. She was not. She didn't want to be my friend. She want to win. I liked being her side. She liked win rather than me. She want to win.

When I was young, I feared the game because a race game makes friends opposite. I liked friends, I needed her to soothe my mind. I fear ed her disliked me. I liked people for me. I liked me whom everyone liked.

So what?

Me everyone doesn't like but I like is all about me now.

A few of my friends give me some warm words but they're so busy that they cannot be with me.

Another friends betrayed me and I cried and cried. I grudged against his doings because it was lack of responsibility. Of course I blamed it very much. I was so tired.

How can I get over that sufferings?

Letting go?

I rather get in touch them. Instead, change the way to expect him or her. And luckily, I've been gifted to read people's needs so I decided to something good/beautiful with this talent. It's education maybe or art maybe or just a love maybe.
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