the monster of the total class touches many dozen

January 30 [Wed], 2013, 12:51
Battle is playing out, rather than by mouth to tell. Hell white mighty Titanic, it is to face, after all, more than one hundred teams 11 order order arms, dozens of rounds down, with white center on the ground despite the many monsters after being crushed fragments white number dropped from 49,000 18000o fists face four hands, this sentence is applicable in any branches of the military body. However, this difficulty also beat Zhang Mu, Zhang Mu hoarding has long Blazing from the tent called out, as he put on a pseudo skull magic Bingjia the future, battle end result is no doubt the won by Zhang Mu. "Second brother, Why do not skeletons? 470,000." Plague some does not want to understand Canada Goose Men's Snow Mantra Parka, with 1 ∽ units Blazing Angels clearly more lethal than skeletons. "Oh, when it comes to the attack force, 470,000 Skeletons indeed better than Blazing so well, but the team arms the disadvantages are also obvious, First, mobility is too bad, too slow, not suitable to deal with long arms. Followed vitality too fragile casually Jiang what you have to lose a few thousand units. j } contingent vampire characteristics from the monsters absorption vitality back was completely unable to make up its own damage. playing such skirmishes Blazing Angels more practical. "Zhang Mu shrugged his shoulders, Yue said:" in a particular environment, the use of specific branches of the military, with a multiplier effect can be achieved with the bad, but it will not achieve much, you, ah, need to learn something also living. were knocked to the virtual screen ■ was! $ Source and feats, Zhang Mu exclaim: "Well, 11 oil-water order branches of the military who really very generous Whether meritorious or resources, more than 10 order soldiers to 40%" a few scattered hours, players column going crazy rush to ... boss, while there was no one, multi-band Let. Four brother said, "I'd like to ... But you really map which our place to go? Zhang Mu depressed pointed to the map. On the war Canada Goose Men Borden Bomber Jackets, so for a martial arts Ogre forest map has been crowd probe opened nearly 1/1 ○ disperse clean on the surface of the shadow of war, in addition to the players running in droves on the map nothing. Even the good luck to see a team of loitering creeps Canada Goose Lodge Jackets Cheap, do not wait for them to go past, poor monsters Rulangsihu, hungry extremely City elite to the flat became a pig ... "everything has two sides ... people more may not be a good thing. "Zhang Mu deep emotion. "That we now how to do?" Plague asked. "Easy to handle, we left the ogre forest would be finished?" Zhang Mu not slow slowly open the map, right pointing to, Xiaohe He said: "According to the map display, through the ogre forest right away can be found in a village called 'Orion Village through Orion Village can reach the' magic Ridge Mountains' ... Well, where the same risk coefficient is c, the monster of the total class touches many dozen, we go directly to that leveling . "Then, Zhang Mu thieves looking complements saying" Do not be too assertive ... everyone primitives of the next hour, Zhang Mu with the team four due to various reasons, the loss of large numbers of troops' elite through the dense forest of ogre, officially entered the Orion village, which is to map the benefits, do not have to worry about getting lost, do not worry about straying into high-risk areas. course, Zhang Mu 'treacherous impossible to succeed, trailing his into Orion Village dozen teams, especially the imam headed the 'reincarnation messenger group like a throw off the tail, sides from always, but meters apart. "Brother, you are very kind Oh, sneaky, you want to f Han?" Fat smirking repeatedly. "You know what, I'm in Pathfinder brothers! Do you think I want a special treatment?" Muge, is not kind to directly map to the brothers sent me would be finished, which use your Pathfinder ah! the "Dragon the root Shuai Leshuai arm. Zhang Mu just about to open his mouth, heard imam said: "It can not do, twelve ah Devil Map, Do not tell anyone but yourself, that is based on the most critical items in Devil, Devil map spread, we advantage may be gone, to staff a map, the players should have known where leveling faster, where the risk coefficient is less ... "In fact, Zhang Mu early also thought of this, said:" When will, I will Makai map copied into ten parts, respectively, issued to you, after entering Devil by elite members will you lead the pioneers, explorers In my opinion, a short period of time, the number of the Devil's more not to go, 11 order arms, how can there be so good to deal with, in short, not rumor left, ah D "she spoke, dozens of troops have entered the Orion village. Looked around, a small village a few hundred thatched covers an area equivalent to a small town, said Village, but everything inside blacksmith shop, clothing stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, here clearly place of supply to the player. Not only that, a lot of walking in the village NPC head through lit task breakdown of the past, can be connected to a total of no less than 1 ○ task. "Freedom of movement" ○ minutes ○ minutes after the entrance to the village collection. "To" receive "the team just a dissolution, Zhang Mu, went straight to the various stores ran him to the Devil Day is neither leveling nor material Branch eleven to play treasure, but to find manufacturing 'burst vector),' destruction Stone "" you're looking for a black crystal (destruction of stone referred)? "The grocer is a head with a pair of sharp corners Mozu, do not look fierce." Yes, may I ask, do you know the whereabouts of this about black crystal? Looking for clues from NPc who is the quickest and most simple way. Pondered a piece grocer S1, said: "This amount of ore is very rare ... although I do not know that you want to use this ore to do'' Well, you can go to 'devil mines that touched magnetic luck." Devil mine ... "Zhang Mu began on the map to read." However, hi collar devil mine is a very ferocious the 'Devil Gryphon king, "Most people ranging from close to that, it would have been torn to pieces ..." found! "Zhang Mu right hand one finger on the map. The Beelzebub mine: Devil Griffin King occupied the mine. A-level, the risk coefficient. Monster total 7 species 11 Dom eagle (Kawasaki-order) mine foreman (order 13), the double-headed rock snake (Kawasaki-order), Pirates of mine (step), the the black crystal patron saint (order), fine crossbow manufacturing Masters ( {} o muscle), Devil Griffin Wang (congested nose ▲ ▲) 0 "the small mine turned two Bo ▲ ▲ entrenched, the weakest arms is a sewing Bu ... I do not know my strength hard broke in'' odds how much ... "Zhang Mu Some worry about, I do not know to go or not to go. From the map, the devil mine from Orion village not very far, only needs across the four regions can be reached, it may take two or three days.
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