but if the other five or six top players with the siege Nie words

January 09 [Wed], 2013, 17:49
Tribal elite cattle were subjected to attack, the Master Alliance the sacred guardian angel dominance suspects, but the other associations also had anti-other Association estimates that of being anxious cattle tribes and Master Alliance Association played badly, they can snipe quarrel play off, they also have a motive. Even if below the elite members of the assassination - kill cattle tribes temporarily only endured more preventive, lest too much loss, while tracing the blood evil Why cattle will be eyeing the tribe, in the end who did. Nie words thought for a moment, this thing to the Anu polo sale, Anu tracking blood evil people, see if we can find some clues, Anu ability, no matter what the situation, escape is absolutely no problem Ne . Nie words to understand, this time with the Master Alliance, the sacred guardian decisive battle of the tribes of cattle, it is a bit uneconomical, and other cattle tribes grow again. Number of tribal cattle, or curtain holders sixty thousand has not changed, but the following five branch, the number of each club are over thousands layers of selection, the elite have the opportunity to join the cattle tribe, not cattle tribes inside technology, may be playing back the branch to go. Such tribal cattle more and more high-quality players, the equipment is getting better, far more than the players of the Master Alliance, Divine Guardian Association. Cattle tribal the players strength of strong players between the names. The same number of people, such as ten cattle Horde players and ten Master Alliance players suffered, under normal circumstances, beaten the crap out of the certainly Mage Alliance party. Sometimes the number of other associations far more than cattle tribes, still lost appalling lu2, lu3 of the tribes of the cattle were players who simply are commonplace, cattle tribe, players on the same level, not IV2 more simply ashamed to see people. This is the quality of the gap! Nie words can clearly feel the tribe is growing cattle one day be able to exceed the Master Alliance Association, do not have to hurry. "You have to be careful, I get the message to the blood evil people who are ready to find you to start." GUO Huai Road, although he believed the NIE words of strength, under normal circumstances would never lose out, but if the other five or six top players with the siege Nie words, it is difficult to say. "I'm fine, they wanted to kill I estimated a little more difficult." Nie words confident smile, this is definitely not conceited, the bar of his skills, those skills coupled with a sturdy equipment, even if the fight but they escape is absolutely no problem , when he want to escape, no one can be blocked lives. Recently Zhai Hao, Li Rui how they like? "They learn just fine, the next group of people followed the biscuits copy of a period of time, technology has made great progress, brand new equipment, the most recent period, I let them in Daoguang let the ugly light band, even if not to become top-level players, the technology is certainly stronger than before, more Zhai Hao chance to squeeze into the Top 200, Liu Chengxu mixed top 500 no problem As for Li Rui, talent, a bit poor, I can not guarantee is estimated to be several thousand outside. GUO Huai Road, tribal cattle can reach the Top 200, Top 500, has been quite remarkable, Li Rui, say not so good. Know the current situation of Zhai Hao et al, Nie words will be assured, so they continue Hunzhuo it. Li Rui Even almost the small captain still more than enough. "Hilton fort has been opened, the other guild already begun to send a team to the Hilton fortress, and said side Monster installed equipment and honor than we brush the elite, the lords out even better equipment. GUO Huai Road, major associations went They can not fall behind, otherwise the equipment has been opened on the worst. Nie words thought for a moment, painted some time Troll Di Lunsi upgrade speed is relatively slow, might as well go to the Hilton around the fortress there, just that he can go to receive prophecy Hilton fortress Monster siege event reward. "Daoguang how they look? They want to go to Hilton fortress this?" Nie words asked, these players must have their own views. "Hilton fortress is certainly going to hunted Monster reward honor Daoguang With Honor to NPC buy Honor suit, PK properties of Honor suit better than ordinary equipment, Mage Alliance, Divine Guardian went, we go mixed a mixed pictures. passed there, they will inevitably encounter occurred PK is inevitable. "GUO Huai Road, cattle were the enemies of the tribe, but many scuffles with the enemy is normal. "Let Daoguang their team go, pitchfork painted a few levels to the Hilton tomorrow." Nie words thought for a moment, the Hilton the fortress is must go. "Okay, I went to convey the message." Generally to the Hilton fortress, at least more than a thousand, it will be very easy to lose. "Jia Blue Temple of the Holy Roman Empire, Ares tribes and mad war to go to the Union, and they follow Come." Nie Yan Road, and more called on each other to take care of Ye Hao. Cattle tribe, the players began to busy up, they saddled luggage, ready to go to the Hilton fortress. Daoguang bright color cigarette butt led players probably have more than a thousand like cattle tribes dispatched, Jia Blue Temple of the Holy Roman Empire mysterious about will add up to a total of one thousand, two thousand troops, regarded as mighty. Top elite of these associations are dispatched. "You have to explain it?" Bright Daoguang asked Nie words, and then after a while, they will start. "Be careful on the road." Nie made Road, simple phrase that contains a lot of meaning, bright Daoguang should explicitly. Understand that worry, unless the Master Alliance sacred guardian angel dominance of people turned out in full strength, otherwise they can not get us. "Bright Daoguang a slight chuckle. Hilton fortress on the road, or at the Hilton fortress brush Monster, certainly troubled. Nie words believe, bright Daoguang and other people should be able to be resolved, he is not worried. "GUO Huai Master Alliance, Divine Guardian how many people at the Hilton fortress?" Nie words asked GUO Huai-side news. "Probably five or six thousand like them master top level of the two associations, but we went to these thousands of people to deal with them more than enough." GUO Huai Road, cattle tribes quality of the players, not those Association match . The successive wars will be able to prove everything. The NIE words and brush for two days Troll Dilun Si rose eighty-eight, and finally in the next afternoon, when engaged in the magic of the key out, and see pictures of the forum in the past life memories. This is the magic of the key probably inch length quintana dark, pure color, like crystal generally exudes strong magical atmosphere. The magic of the key (the legend level): special items. Item description: the fate of the rotation, the legendary thieves Clooney key. Jewelry Timberland Classic Shoes, hi According to - a jewelry bar. Properties: wearing the items fortunate +3, using the items have a certain probability to open a locked chest. Binds when picked up the article, can not be traded, not falling. Of the key attributes of the magic does not look how kind, but only experienced past life of Nie words, they would understand how precious it is, seems Nie words, it is a fetish general existence lucky +3, allows players when synthetic materials, the success rate improved significantly, they brush strange Womens Canada Goose Camrose Parka, articles burst rate is higher than ordinary players, in addition to a lot of hidden effects. In fact lucky this attribute touches Second, the back of a property is the most valuable. Have the magic of the key a certain probability leapfrog to open the chest, unlock, if the unlocking level is not reached, the magic of the key can be made effective. The most important thing open the chest, with the magic of the key to leapfrog, players can get open chest of skills proficiency, but there is an additional bonus, used to exercise unlocking skill proficiency best, Past and players with the magic the help of the key will unlock the level reaches the master-class. Unlocking of the master-class is very rare, Past and unlock level to achieve a master-class, and never more than five fingers the number will be a master of the level unlocking the thieves with the group a copy of the commission is very expensive, because they are able to open ordinary players can not open the precious chest ordinary team simply can not afford to hire. I remember when, in order to impact the master unlock, Nie words fee for a full six months time, search the chest to complete the 3! ÷ can imagine, how difficult rushed master-class unlock. Good luck, and finally to the most valuable things the trolls Di Lunsi body get out. The magic of the key can only be used by Nie words a person will be useless if discarded, the magic of the key, the key, the magic of the NIE words up, put it in a backpack. Over time he will be able to let this thing play out due effect. The NIE words looked backpack, backpack javelin quantity is running out, there are two or three hundred look, first keep never know when you need them. Upgrade is completed, do not know the magic Runestone pay also up again after a few levels. Nie words back to Carol City, GUO Huai said to make up a group of magical Runestone been deposited into his personal warehouses, open personal warehouse looked to turn back above full sets of magical Runestone dense, quite spectacular, forget about the magic Runestone about as much as six hundred, these days GUO Huai people scrape together a lot. Exactly 600 groups, GUO Huai acquire these magical Runestone spent at least two or three hundred thousand gold coins, a few months, these magical Runestone absolute value of more than one million coins, but for Nie words, the level is much more important than the money. Even if this million gold coins to throw it out, his eyes will not blink. Nie words these magical Runestone transferred to a backpack, and then go in the direction toward the NPC Kelai Mi where. ~ ~ Thank the the book thirty sixth happy hermit students to become chief. Cough for nearly two weeks, the doctor let snails more rest, recent cough a lot lighter, snail worry about down the root cause, the first to raise a raise. [Www.bxwx.net]
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