Yalin was surprisingly rejected the cherry.

March 27 [Wed], 2013, 10:39
The original really worthy of a double pony tail, Ensaka Rin is duly and properly playfully Department of sister, but this really is sprouting. ╱ оΟ "Okay, okay, I know, but now let's not should talk down to business, if possible, I would like to know Ni have come this world tasks, if both tasks there is no conflict, I believe we can Discovery cooperation. "Antan breath, Yalin own thoughts admits announced at this time does not need to have anything to hide, directly to explain the situation may be advantageous cooperation plus. "Cooperation it ... That's good, but if Ni is really with sincerity, I hope that Ni speak their task." Ensaka Rin care, although we know the identity of the Yalin fallen angels She came into this world, it is your favorite pop stars, but in order to protect the safety of her sister's, she had improve jǐng vigilant, especially sitting in their opposite or same God into gamers. "This is of course no problem, my task is to find teammates team kf contest champion, the way prevent serpent resurrection." This task is nothing to hide, Yalin nature can make a clean breast. "Obtain kf contest champion it ... It seems that we can not keep their business, because our mission is kf contest champion." The hear Yalin task, Ensaka Rin suddenly shook his head, ah blanket, task conflict ? This is indeed quite hard to do. "Ni 'task is also a the KOF champion? Ni their forces ..." Yalin surprised a moment, not underestimate Rin and Sakura sister, but alone they are the two forces. Can not beat all the way fighter, made KOF Champion. "Well ... and Sakura's strength, but we do have a very reliable partner, oh." To see that they have been overlooked, Rin's heart Ensaka naturally some freshness. Was very proud of his arms shoulder, and in this regard, she never will not be throwing in the towel. "Reliable partners? Ni said ...... sbr?" Heard Ensaka Rin then the Yalin immediately think that the recent emergence of the hand-held black sword has dark gold sè hair woman wearing black armor, if you assume that this woman is cold and Sakura's companion, then very likely three from the same world, and to meet this condition, it was only my king Alto, Leah! Or black version! "Ni even know?" Yalin gave away under far Sakamoto Rin can not continue very calm anymore. He really come from the same world, the Yalin magician in his own world, should Dingdingyouming Dui. But why before himself never have not heard his name? "Sure enough Alto Leah her Ni summoned srvnt?" Messed up, it really is a mess, Yalin remember correctly, blackening sbr only blackening Matou Sakura summoned. But the cherry now are not followed to Matou home, should call her Ensaka cherry, but blackening my king and how he has been called out of it? "Yes, sbr in we definitely can win the championship!" We do not know Yalin exactly where to learn these messages, but Ensaka Rin still confident croon a cry. In her eyes, as long as sbr in. Then nothing can stop yourself. "Naive." Ensaka Rin confident, but Yalin was shaking his head heaved a sigh of relief. "Ni said what?" Ensaka Rin furious Paizhuo sky Staring spells Yalin, he ... he should call myself naive? "Is not it? Saying Ni they will not be the first time into a god game, right?" Yalin pick eyebrows looked at Ensaka Rin for this problem Ensaka Rin, is suddenly taken aback. "Ni ,Nike air max sale... Ni know how to work?" Sure enough, so that Ni naive As a gamer, whenever Do not underestimate ourselves in the world, the blind arrogance makes Ni have disastrous Yalin an old-fashioned look, let the Ensaka Rin's forehead full of tic-tac-toe, this instructive tone Ni Ni is Who? "Fallen angels adults mean, there are a lot of strong presence in this world, even the sbr also can not beat slightly?" Unlike his sister, Sakura not so impulsive, and ponder the words of Li Yalin, very carefully asked. Said yes, cherry Miss Ni Do not call me falling angels adults Now that you are aware of, and Ni directly call me Yalin well, my friends are so call me. "Sakura really very gentle and very cute on this girl, Yalin naturally exposed the softer side. "It's that Yalin Ni also directly call my cherry like." Sakura blushed, this is the first meeting, mutual call on the name is too people shy. "Hey, I said Ni they do not leave me ignoring ah, Ni also did not answer my question!" The Ensaka Rin's forehead full black line, how suddenly became independent people, ah? Ni problems? Has just cherry not say what? Sbr, although very strong, but in this world there are many threats to other Leaving aside solely on the upcoming resurrection of the serpent, which was known as the Earth will exist. Ni feel the sbr able to overcome the will of the Earth? "Yalin, shrugging his shoulders, but the words that is let Ensaka Rin mouth fell open. "The earth will? The Ni mean Ni task is to prevent that called serpent Earth will resurrection?" Ensaka Rin a look of disbelief at Yalin, such a task is unable to complete the existence, at least better than King of Fighters champion is much more difficult. Said yes, if I can not stop it, we must beat the big hunting So let me also quite daunting for you. "Yalin Naoliaonaotou hair, beat the snake alone the Yalin forces, he does not have absolute confident, after all, in any case, that is legendary since the birth of mankind after there has been the presence of. "Just ... a headache just it?" At this point Ensaka Rin watching the Yalin eyes as if he is an the underpants anti-wear, muscular men, or from 78 nebula prepared to overthrow all the little monsters tall giant, in a nutshell, is definitely not normal The human right. "That we should how to do? If that serpent resurrected, only the Yalin Ni alone, really no problem you,Jordan Melo M8 UK?" Sakura's little face some confusion, the Earth will not humanly possible to resist , Sakura some do not know what to do, really watched the Yalin one ** the face of such a powerful enemy, looked at him a man to save the world? Sakura's idea has been very simple, and perhaps is overly protective of Rin, Sakura never think about a person will be a bad direction, not to mention the Yalin just save the world, this is definitely a good man!, But how can you bear watching such a good man the face of such danger? Say Sakura also not be able to watch as the world serpent destroyed ah. "Well, I will do my best of." Just do what? It means the Yalin Ni and not sure? Can not,Jordan TC Shoes, I can also fighting, please let me help Ni hand. "Yalin answer the cherry and can not agree with the decision, and we also have to help the Yalin save the world line! "Ying Ni in what to say ah? Could Ni crazy not? Was the will of the Earth, how may Ni can be stopped? Besides, the task of this guy why should Ni helped?" Hear the words of the sister after Ensaka Rin suddenly anxious, she does not think who can stop the Earth will, they can not, sbr can cherry on the impossible! Then Ensaka Rin fiercely glared Yalin a Ni This guy seeking death it, why are you even pull up my sister? This Yalin only helpless smile, can not explain, say there is not exactly explain. "I have decided, will not change." Have been very small to large cherry sister, but at this moment, Sakura is to make their own choice, she could not stand watching Yalin one face of such strong enemy, in any case, their own have to guard this world a force. "In fact, Miss Ensaka, that's right, this thing Sakura Ni or not to intervene." At this point, Yalin was surprisingly rejected the cherry. "Why? Does Yalin Ni think my strength is not enough, only Ni cumbersome?" Sakura quickly asked. "No, this is not a power problem, cherry Ni to understand, Ni is now into a god game player, I understand very well the Ni mood, after all, this is the Ni first experienced the world, the heart has to miss is a normal phenomenon, but Ni do not forget, next Ni also experienced numerous world to see countless Ni always so impulsive, then Ni is in this game can not survive. "Yalin shake and shook his head, and he was very understanding of the idea of ​​the cherry, in fact, he is the same, Take the Cat's Eye World, there first world own experience, now, Yalin long been that the world as their own home, unable to return to the original world of their own, only to find a trace of comfort in the Cat's Eye coffee shop. Cat's Eye World unexpected Li Yalin even fight but xìng the command should be guardian down, like the cherry now, but the only difference is that, Li Yalin master a powerful force, and Sakura, just an ordinary magician only, although the force is also good, but still far less than able to guard the extent of one of the world. The Yalin remarks so cold and cherry two sisters, are caught the meditation Ensaka Rin Yalin touches some admiration, I did not expect that he would say such remarks, and originally she thought Yalin To abduction of his sister run it, but the cherry after thinking for a while, her eyes are getting firmly down, like to see good choice. (To be continued) p unfinished To be continued
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