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August 28 [Wed], 2013, 12:59
Of course, this idea is naive, especially the ensuing communications and command allows the newspaper to dispel this illusion. However, their hearts are getting bigger suspicions. Bulletin newspaper received a superior content is: Is there a particularly strong fighting Impossible appear in the nearby mountains, this abnormal cunning Chinese agents forces, many people would say Vietnamese, plus they deliberately make-up, it is easy to mistakenly believe that They own the Vietnamese Mission Impossible. From the corresponding command is: the higher level to strengthen their arsenal alert, sent a careful search of the nearby mountains, looking for traces of Chinese agents forces, found each trace must first report to the higher post, and try to grasp each other's whereabouts, in can not be determined to annihilate the other party allowed to attack, and not to arouse his suspicions. Although the newspaper started by agents surprised Chinese agents so powerful, but they carefully follow the orders of their superiors to perform tasks. It is also just three Vietnamese troops go so prudential reasons, have not seen shadows on a guard look, come up with a little noise immediately stand still. Unfortunately MoGaoYiChe DaoGaoYiZhang, the army commandos to then carefully or be discovered and captured it. Once opened its mouth, the army commandos captured in under the threat to a child down bamboo beans, put all said they knew: defensive arsenal situation inside and outside the fortifications, defense forces, the arsenal ammunition, however, because the level of Vietnamese troops captured too, can speak basically their eyes see, or overheard, they do not know the deeper things. Asked a newspaper sent a search party will be the case, the feeling of intelligence can not ask them to stop the interrogation. Arsenal Vietnamese troops sent to the four directions small search team captured three army commandos which is responsible for the orientation, as they captured, commandos being is safe. With plenty of time, Guo Zhuo Cheng, Liu Yuanchao, Chen, Dengzi Feng, Ye Junhui, Chen Peng, Zhang Jian, Sheng Guozhong other key to safely open up the battle around the map meeting to determine the next action plan. Guo Cheng Zhuo look dignified, he looked at the map and said: "from the prisoners say the case, which revealed a lot of strange army action. Logically, the newspaper for the army's fighting style is very familiar with the military fighting ideas are very understanding. military situation is now a frontal attack, flank, as much as possible to eliminate the newspaper's vital forces, injuring the army to fight the pain, if we did not know before, said the newspaper's tactical routines, but also try to figure out estimator, after so many battles, they should have been clear. newspaper executives did not say that division, regiment an officer can easily analyze it. However, the newspaper why make such a stupid action it ? "Zhang Jian said carelessly:" header, you see Vietnam devils too .. In fact, I say, you are so nerve-racking for them for trying to do? newspaper was originally an idiot. most stupid when the Vietnamese leadership the Soviet Union from their galaxy, we around them, but they did against us in order to curry favor with the Soviet Union, do not say an adult, that is three years old child would not do that, would not do such a stupid thing detour So, I think it is understandable that they do, they are so stupid, that is drilled into our jaws of death, perhaps in our superior officers they count it and you do not think about how clever it is because our heads? "Ye Junhui then shook his head, not quite sure when he said: "the newspaper can not be so stupid, you say, will not be in their senior years into our comrades, we lurk down underground party members sent to the newspaper Bad command? let the newspaper delivered to our encirclement of the arms, the military help supplement? Oh, and if so, it becomes funny. "Several soldiers laughed, his face a deep that the expression. Zhang Jian is to applaud, said: "Ye Junhui're right, I just told the newspaper that contempt, saying they are stupid. Actually not they stupid, but our underground comrades just smarter than they are." Chen they looked funny and good gas "Zhicuojiugai" Zhang Jian a, said: "as you say, the army not more stupid yet? incidental take our comrades say stupid, this is not actively expose themselves identity do?, this confused command discerning eyes feel right. Mongolia coax moment, Mongolia can coax a small force, how could deceive so long, deceive so many troops? soldier can produce a few doubts, their officers do not ask, confirmed?, it really is a strange thing. Liu, vice captain, you say? "with other people about, and now Liu Yuanzhao Guo Cheng Zhuo has a blind trust, but no one else so obvious it. He looked Guo Zhuo Cheng a, see Guo Cheng Zhuo still in meditation, and he said: "I guess the intent of the newspaper, only to find that they see that we want to send a pillow to sleep over, they certainly have yīn seek I did not know where the focus yīn seek purpose why "Chen white at him, the heart: you is not nonsense it? Chen Peng next only recently integrated into the SCS senior circle, really want some performance to get more attention, he interrupted: "I think Liu, vice captain was right, there is definitely a newspaper do yīn seek now is shaping the army's encirclement, no matter how fast they run, the enemy 346 teachers, 304 teachers two enemy army divisions have most of the main trump card will be surrounded us, cut and eaten. throw away the main do not say, Canada Goose Elijah They have to discard all heavy equipment, leaving the armed militia and police Tuen jǐng police, leaving factories and mines factories here, there are a lot of equipment. army commander if I was, I can not bear to discard. part of its remnants with defeated escape, might as well gamble with the squadron. before the master is not said to you, the army anxious to play, it is possible to mobilize jīng sharp troops from Cambodia back to aid their fight is probably the idea. put in place to attract the main army and they do not attack the capital, and other sharp troops invaded Cambodia jīng come back, will be able to a collaborated in one fell swoop "Here, Chen Peng stopped not say, apparently he felt that speak Vietnamese troops destroy his army very unhappy, and that is not comfortable lip service. Guo Cheng Zhuo eyes lit up, nodded and said: "I think Chen Peng's analysis makes sense, although they may not dare to make a plan to wipe out the army, but to give Womens North Face Hyvent Outlet our army a heavy blow is possible., The army is doing The bottom line in the test army, was testing the army's appetite. since our army to swallow them, and they in turn put the army's appetite stretch, bursting at the seams and now our military encirclement against the provincial capital city of Cao Bang was not yet forming everywhere loopholes so they rushed to go far beyond the expectation of our military, our military is likely to surprise. really let them ripped through several large holes, coupled with the Cambodian army invaded back to aid our military a little passive. "Guo Cheng Zhuo remember past lives repatriate Vietnamese troops from Cambodia is indeed a small part of the army to relieve the siege of Lang Son, but was blocking our military forces to fight back. Vietnam will be taking advantage of the high-level military offensive Hanoi false, it did not dare to attack, but they will all be deployed in the region around the capital of Gaoping City, Lang Son region is no longer reinforcements. Zhang Jian said scornfully: "That's too presumptuous a newspaper? Army afraid of them hundreds of thousands of troops a few small divisions? They dared much force into our pockets, we can eat him how much force , the tube that they are not left bones. grasses afford they think they are Chinese Eighth Route Army ah, that can establish base behind us? bah They are also equipped? "After some discussion, it is generally accepted Vietnamese troops have yīn plan, though not yīn know what the specific plan. Guo Zhuo Cheng Although thought, but was not sure, but did not dare to put their ideas to their superiors to report: after all, he mastered much information, if captured with three little confession to report to their superiors, once misled heads judge sends the wrong order, and that sin is big. Guo Cheng Zhuo heart suddenly have a fun idea, would like to clarify one thing: "Oh, I can influence the decision-making generals promised you? More superior it?" In order to obtain more information, Guo Zhuo Cheng decided to garrison arsenal this battalion as a breakthrough, arresting officer to get inside the greater value, higher accuracy of information, even arresting officer fails, you can win or blow up the arsenal, so the newspaper take a few days to heartache . Anyway, now infested army commandos already know the approximate location, active and passive attack hiding little difference. If the attack fails, the commandos can also retreat, with a large force behind the convergence in order to protect themselves. Gave three captives a happy, hastily buried three army corpse, commandos army arsenal by advancing toward a triangle. From the mouth of prisoners know that this arsenal advantage of mountains cave, Canada Goose Reversible Vest Baby which in the main are in the mountains. If you want to completely destroy it, if you want to catch the enemy senior officers, commandos have rushed to go inside, just outside the swim warfare is not to achieve a goal. As the newspaper said prisoners, in addition to the three of them that search teams around and no other army troops search. SCS very smoothly forward over six hundred meters, over two small hills, click on the opposite wall of black sè saw the cliff, cliff below a flat square. Plaza of soldiers, militia, many migrant workers, in addition to duty troops, others are in the handling of arms, coming and going, trucks, carriages and out. In its top of the hill stands a huge antenna, the antenna beneath a small mortar positions. Vague positions in the army could see and weapons. Around the square there are three patrolling soldiers patrol back and forth, they first walked in the arsenal in front of the cross, then walk into the surrounding mountainside, through here checkpoints position and then back down the mountain arsenal. East and west commandos can see some of the situations, but do not quite real, as the south is completely invisible. Lying in the rubble of Liu Yuanzhao put down the binoculars, embarrassed, said: "The enemy is too closely guarded, and it is difficult to start ah."
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