Often laugh stature between the moment

April 05 [Fri], 2013, 18:23
High heat dissipation golden, often laugh stature appeared to see often laugh was covered in all the large and small holes, these are the golden ripped out of high heat, and these holes are not often laugh greatest critical Laugh now facing the biggest crisis is often laugh these small edge of a hole in the body is a little bit of cleavage collapse, one can imagine does not take a few interest rate, often laugh body will be completely Beng fragmentation solution into the power of vitality, and often laugh will never cease to exist. "Little doll, I see you this time, the number of root arm can escape the power of golden light burst of high heat! Any of you are immortal, or sprayed with high heat golden as you want it to ashes dust." Laugh body The hole is as if the wood is not lit. Often laugh stature between the moment a fierce explosion spread to the body Beng broken pieces of small pieces, this the explosion scattered stature among drilled another Laugh, Laugh series of grasping hands in the air photo chipping often laugh robbing about half the rest of the ashes are gone with the wind. Two often laugh? Even the sound of the high heat true cents revealing a trace of surprise. Two often laugh a Laugh body half, another a face yīn the dove, this is yīn the dove often laugh. The body only half How often laugh countless opportunities force drill out from his own body, and soon the time often laugh and resume business as usual. Often laugh could not help but took a deep breath, good insurance, but often laugh to see the machine quickly, directly disintegration of the body, the good part preserved, often laugh now has been reduced to ashes, and this also benefited from Laugh have an avatar, this avatar, it often laugh re-polymerization body when Wu Huo real fairy little interference as worrying as his fate. Laugh the lingering fear look to the real palace of the high heat, high heat true cents talent supernatural powers it is too much, the his often laugh is still not the place to start. Wu Huo real fairy voice came: "turned out to be 100% real avatar, Gee, this is the number one treasure, one more on the more one, xìng life, tut, little doll you very set, call you No wind, no waves, and then practice for thousands of years, maybe really can become a character, but unfortunately, Wu Huo real fairy will never tell you to continue to live! Wu Huo real fairy said entire high heat Mamiya beats again, often laugh For this quiver too familiar, and turned around to hide, and sure enough, with about vibration, a sudden strong high heat golden hit again, only this time often laugh I had eaten loss on excessive, so effortlessly avoid the high heat golden high heat golden flip around in the air, no contribution back to the real palace of the high heat of the high heat true fairy sneer: "baby, when I was young like you,Oakley Flak jacket Sunglasses, consider themselves invincible, I have just been born when I thought I was a very sharp knife to cut break all the obstacles of the world, all the difficulties, I occupy the entire high heat to a community, I that development towards the outside world, occupy the wider world, because I was a knife, cut break all knife. "But thousands of years later, I understand, I did a knife, but this is the high heat a community is a scabbard, a reproductive I, but it is also binding on my scabbard sheath is inserted I can only the being lord it over high heat sector, this is the reality! "For you, the reality is that you will always stay in this high heat sector, a sector of origin will become my stuff, and I will be out of the scabbard, go to the main world go Guanqiao tour, a small doll and accept your reality! "Wu Huo the real immortal words sound not yet fall, the whole high heat true Palace began to tremble violently, like savings with large force about to be stifled in general. Often laugh at the sight of this scene will be slightly reduced pupil , then opening: Wu Huo real fairy, If I were your words, you come to do a knife, a knife hidden in the scabbard, at least so you can live forever, I'll tell you now belong to you true what is that you simply can not knife, you live for thousands of years, is to wait for today, waiting today called God often laugh off kill, laugh often called the God from your body for more vigor force, to go further in the world of God, you the lives of tens of millions of years, tens of millions of years of accumulation and prepared to accept your reality! Wu Huo real fairy heard this, he could not help laughing whistling call, followed by the tall high heat Asgard open portal into fierce emit a much larger and more concise more horrible Wu Huo gold to the Road, Wu Huo gold above the flame are purple Yan sè of the, gold sè the light bright colors, within the power inherent in terrible extremely, even high heat around the golden air in the intense burning, one can imagine, if the Road, Wu Huo golden light touching the edges, often laugh opportunity to even the severed arm Road, Wu Huo fierce golden spray toward the often laugh hit in the past. often laugh at the palace began to tremble, threw a pudgy crystal balls. "Wu Huo real fairy, if you absolutely will not be the same as a means of series of cast three times! "A pudgy crystal ball, but the size of the head, the the and huge almost mortal Cedi general Wu Huo golden comparison is simply not worth mentioning, high heat golden moment between annihilation Wu Huo Zhen cents mocking said: "Can not displaying a row of three? I'm displaying a row of ten times so what? Do you break out my high heat golden what? I explicitly tell you, you made a mere gas main, but also does not break open my high heat golden, God is among the top presence in the real world, but we as a sector with the birth of the old guy who is not a vegetarian! You a mere ants were asking me to accept the reality, the reality of this kind of thing, you can make improper assertion it? "Wu Huo real immortal words not yet off the sound, he put out that high heat into the golden light of a sudden fierce fierce issue Dragons roar roar sound really high heat cents a moment, do not know what happened. Often laugh but a clear picture of that gold-high heat sè golden at this moment is rapidly darkening, the original sudden strong pediment trend has dissipated, dark color sè, are against the Wu Huo gold all the way to rapid towards high heat Mamiya spread in the past, the prime fast even laugh often fly evasive speed can not match. almost the moment, the dark flue gas converging leading a huge, this leading issue deafening roaring price, one got into the high heat Asgard "bad smell? Turned out to be the bad smell! Even your kid has a bad smell! High heat true cents is regarded as a real surprise, the tone has changed. Bad smell in control of the decay process of the whole world, regardless of the real world or a false world, bad smell in this world are the bottom of the order , bad smell,Air Max 97 Mens, only illness and death, with the bad smell only the metabolism. laugh often throw out the bad smell but shred, but this thing of the bad smell Once contaminated strength, will quickly swelling | that power devour. bad smell as the dark dragon into high heat Mamiya, the high heat Mamiya immediately shake up really high heat cents issued cries roar, followed by high heat Mamiya sharp Decrepitation in life and stays broken, bad smell dragon , numerous fragments fell from the sky. the high heat Mamiya debris Beng broken piece of bad smell dragon regressing to emerge, this bad smell dragon roar more than his dragon disk live in a huge green trees that tree only in the tree body sheets with a human face, dendrite, and roots in the air like a snake jitter, constantly beating the bad smell dragon often laugh the first time to see under the dragon erosion of the bad smell and bad smell the presence of a stalemate met by the usual laugh no matter how powerful the presence of touch to the bad smell, it will immediately be swallowed down, as part of the bad smell, but the high heat true fairy still struggling endlessly even in the bad smell dragon coiled really is called Laugh eye-opener, but often laugh and then understand, this high heat true fairy who has too much vigor the power of his photo collection of all creatures in this sector vitality force thousands of years old accumulate the power of the vitality of the large number of almost indescribable above, the bad smell specialized swallowed the power of vitality, Wu Huo real fairy is to use the force of vitality in the constant to resist phagocytosis of bad smell, but often laugh know, really high heat cents must be maintained will not last long, because this is a shift in the process, Wu Huo real fairy continue to devour the power of vitality, has continuously weakened, and that the bad smell dragon swallowed the power of vitality, it will continue to become strong, so that high heat true cents not be long before it will be a bad smell dragon devour Indeed, Wu Huo true to Xanadu green crown has begun to emerge yellow sè the leaf, and high heat really Xanadu powerful root also becomes dry up the edge of the root powder even begun. obviously really high heat cents has been unable to last longer. often laugh opening: "Wu Huo true cents, why bother to compete and the bad smell? Into one! The high heat true cents face hideous Road: "little doll, you know what, even if you may not be able to deal with bad smell got me really high heat cents! "Laugh heard a slight squint eyes,Air Max 24-7 Mens Sale, see Wu Huo real fairy fierce physique of a fall, and took bad smell with the impact on the ground, then Wu Huo real fairy dry roots click on the bar into the underground, Wu Huo real fairy yellow leaves on the crown once again began to turn green. At the same time, high heat true cents down roots within the radius of a thousand miles every living creature, plant withered in the rapid death even the rocks are broken Beng, powder high heat real fairy even learned the power of a community of high heat and bad smell Dragon contend. often laughing eyes slightly reduced, in this case issued by the bad smell dragon roar the original concise stature began to smoke a lot of bad smell, transpiration, digestion capacity into the air. bad smell can not be too strong, too strong bad smell natural disintegration dissipated into the world of this truth often laugh know, no one thought really high heat cents vitality of the body force could have very to the bad smell disintegration. often laugh binocular light flashed, his face showing a trace of the beholder, and if the bad smell disintegration, Wu Huo real fairy is not dead, he often laugh really no way to deal with high heat true cents Xian Wu Huo golden high heat really is too much, he often laugh at least for now there is no way to deal with and Wu Huo so be sure to call the real fairy died under bad smell! often laugh to do is cut off the high heat really draw high heat cents the root of the power sector. often laugh is a very risky thing, because the high heat at this time real fairy who drive around the layers of bad smell, often laugh very easy to get burned, laugh often find a relatively safe way often laugh cited brains after the fire of life, thirty thousand fire of life condensed into a long foot km length of the cone, we rush towards the ground in the past. the cone what they drill the true ground been deep down, has been in-depth kilometers, then often laugh at the idea of ​​a beginning of this cone horizontal push real fairy circle around the high heat, and drew a circle the from high heat true number of cents in the position full, then smile as often the Bao He spent all the power, to kilometers cone into a lever shoved Alice, look at the whole land cut out from the earth. launched into a bowl a huge clods, rising into the sky, the sky came the sound of the roar of the high heat true cents, numerous roots from the bowl of the huge clods of drill down, you want to re-drill into the ground, and the earth as a single entity, often laugh and then not give him this opportunity, often laugh the wrist being wiped out sword and brake blood sword immediately fly out, cut off the roots continue to grow out. gradually increasing inability of these roots up, and growth speed is getting slower and slower Ultimately, these roots can no longer grow downwards, and the end of the root is still dry powder, often laugh to know that things may have been a foregone conclusion! high heat true fairy finished.
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