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February 04 [Mon], 2019, 3:43


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Holy shit is this gonna be DC’s second good movie lately ?!?!?!
In a world of dark moody battle weary its hell being a hero with a destiny to claim and a backstory to tell of a brother/sister/uncle or close family friend they must defeat, of a dead/missing or never known parent/parents while discovering some truth about themselves that all makes sense of how who what, so now it's their time to go get it , what was ever it was that was rightfully theirs in the first place and mourn the death of a wise elder who was killed by sibling/ uncle or close family friend who cared for them as a child( phew, that about just covered every DC or Marvel super hero solo movie so far and future ones to come!) So Shazam looks like what we use to call back in the day fun !.

Fandral lookin swole 💯💯💯


isnt this the movie about that app that can tell whats the name of the music youre listening? why a movie to this?.

Ah DC, I see you’re making another good movie. Done being dark and edgy? Good. People were getting tired of that. Titans trailer peaks in I was talking about movies! We’ll deal with TV later!.

After watching Aquaman, I have faith this one will be good..

To all the people who are not aware and dont have a clue about the man who played the leading role in this trailer, and to those people who do not have a clear acquaintance of Jimmy Fallon, the guy in this trailer is a talented actor name ZACAHRY LEVI. He was the star in one of the most watched tv show called CHUCK. He also voiced in TANGLED animation movie and even had a role in THOR. That's mean he will be one of the few actor who cast both in DC and MARVEL movie..

I thought Billy transformed into Captain Marvel not Jimmy Fallon in a costume..


I think it will be a good representation of what every kid would do if he/she got super powers..

Does it feel like DC keeps trying to imitate Marvel comedy-action formula and they keep messing it up?.

Copy of superman...

ouch that hurts mabea he neads to practice alout

Man he could have used his powers to buy beer from that store.

Not at all the original adaptation - he was not humorous or corny or stupid. Perhaps they should actually read the original or watch the tv series adaptation or animated series both which showed his original 1940s personality. Dc never learns and this movie like green lantern is a guaranteed flop. The costume is absurd, its looks as stupid as something from party city. DC when will you learn, worse capt marvel adaptation i have ever seen..

Looking GREAT 🎥

this movie makes more sense than deadpool

How can anyone get excited for this? I won’t give a difinitive answer until I see it obviously, but based on this trailer it seems like an 11am Nick Jr special.

hey u should have release this a bit late...u have eaten views of the officia trailer


Think don't enjoy it... looks so stupid scenario) Will watch this movie, using boxxy software on my android... it's free.
I will only watch it because he's Chuck man
2 ironic things here Matt, during his first episode of Doctor Who, also had a thing to deal with not a patient zero, but a prisoner zero and Matt plays an american man with a british woman helping him.

This actually looks really good, I'm finally excited for a DC movie!

how classy jason and henry look but this guy looks like a buffalo in a red suit
Yes finally, DC makes a silly movie, like seriously they made Superman into SuperEdgeLord.
Dear DC, Don't screw this up. Sincerely, Your Fan :)


Shazam: Billy Bad Son Billy: Oh hai Mark Shazam: I choose you... Billy: Yay! I can be your pokemon! Shazam: be champion. Billy: Awwww :(
boy=can shazam defeat thanos? me=maybe boy=can shazam defeat John Wick ? me=hell no, he killed three men with a fookin pencil, now he's doing it with book
Another DC ripoff Shazam rip of Dead Pool Wonder Woman rip of Captain America First Avenger Suicide Squad RIP of GOTG JL rip of Avengers. DC has awesome characters but at least some up with original plots. Geez.

Think I’m gonna sit this one out

Says shazam Becomes a grown man


Looks like jimmy kimmel after taking the super soldier serum
I'm not seeing this cus DC is a dark universe not funny or happy place and also actor is WRONG he is to skinny he should of done a Harry Cavill and put the weight and muscle on instead he looks to goofy.

This is comical in the worst way.

2:23 is that merlin from the kingsman
It's amazing how comedy series stars can be kickass suerheroes
Marvel Movie: Spider-man Homecoming: That ain't spiderman that's just Ned in a red shirt DC Movie Watchers: Shazam: That's just Jimmy Fallon in a suit.


Shazam is a childish and funny character...Stop saying they copied Marvel funny theme....
I'll admit, this trailer got few chuckles out of me, but this might be the first DCEU movie I'm not exactly looking forward to. For me, my major axe-to-grind based on my initial impressions of this trailer boils down to which iteration of Billy Batson the film seems to be going with, which isn't the earnest bigger-boy-scout-than-Superman Billy, but rather the New 52 douchebag Billy. (It honestly kind of baffles me that this latter version of the character has stuck around this long). Having said that, I'm still going to check it out. Despite this gripe of mine, I'd like to be proven wrong about that may affect the movie as a whole..

Up until 0:29 it could be an amazing movie.. but no...

The third trailer of Venom is coming very very soon
A pane of glass is way more expensive than the 50 bucks in the register...
DC can’t make a good film to save their life





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