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There are tons of ways to successfully decorate your next baby shower. Themed centerpieces are also popular baby shower decorations. Try serving milk in clear, plastic baby bottles. To make a unique one, use stuffed animals holding small baskets filled with favors. Easy and fun!

Other options for table decorations include a diaper cake, and a vase of fresh flowers with the color of the theme.

What about the tableware? Matching plates, cups, spoons, forks, and napkins go a long way in establishing the theme and giving the party a "polished" feel. How about a baby-themed tablecloth with matching disposable napkins? You TPE Yoga mat can use baby cloth diapers as placemats.


Let your chosen theme help you select the color for the shower.

General Decor

Whatever theme you choose, there are items almost every baby shower should have.

What better way to remind everyone of the importance of the occasion than by having a decorated baby crib against a wall? Not only does it set the tone perfectly, it can also double as a gift table. Here are a few ideas:

- Nursery Rhymes - Classic. Whatever color or colors you decide on, let them help to unify the other elements of your shower. Use your imagination to honor this special occasion and, at the same time, hone your creativity.

Baby Shower Theme

The limitless possibilities for a theme mean any size budget can sustain a successful baby shower. Hopefully, these ideas have gotten the ball rolling for you.

- Disney Characters - We all have fond memories of our Disney pals!

- Diaper Party - Send out diaper-shaped invitations, use diaper cut-outs in the decor, and have guests bring diaper packets.Need a guaranteed way to make your shower unforgettable? Why not set the mood from the moment your shower guests arrive with memorable decorations?! Fun and beautiful decor create excitement and set the tone of the event, and the secret to succeeding with decorations is simple: choosing a theme. Open your mind and let your imagination guide you while staying grounded by your wallet. White has also emerged as a popular baby shower color to symbolize innocence and purity.

Table Decor

Finding great ways to dress a table for your shower is super easy. Any party stores will have these available in a variety of colors for the shower. Try white chocolate-covered almonds served in white baby booties and tied together with a white satin ribbon. Enjoy!
. What about the tablecloth? How about one in the color of the theme sprinkled with animal- or baby-shaped confetti?


Whether you prefer home-made or store-bought, having plenty of yummy food for guests is always the right choice. Decorated diapers hanging on a clothesline, baby bracelet napkin holders, cookies in the shape of babies or animals, a stork placed outside the door, and baby figurines will add to the light-hearted spirit of the event.

- Tea Party - Perfect if you know the baby is a girl. What about vanilla ice cream instead? Food party favors are always a hit, too, as they give them a steady supply of goodies to snack on while gifts are being opened. Balloons, streamers, and banners set a festive tone, and displaying balloons in front of the house will also help guests identify the location of the baby shower. What if your theme is color-independent? Then you can always fall back on the old stand-by of allowing blue to signify an expected boy, pink for a girl, or either yellow or green when the baby's sex isn't known. After you set a theme, the other parts of your baby shower will fall together into a cohesive whole: color, general decorations, wall decor, table decor, and, everyone's favorite item, food. Need some ideas? How about a white layer cake, chocolate candies, macaroons, yogurt-covered raisins, marshmallows, or chocolate-covered nuts? They're all fun items that can be bought at the local grocery store.
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