Wanna go to Japan! >.< 

2005年10月12日(水) 20時39分
I really wanna go to Japan!
And after the first plan failed, we made a new plan ^-^
The new plan says, to fly over there in march/april 2006 and to finally see ガゼット live!
It's exactly the same plan as last time, but it's another time XD
'Cause last time, the lives of Dir en grey in Berlin and Paris crossed our plans >.>'
And this time....if my driver's licence happen to be too expensive, that will cross our plans again >.< But it's just about 1100 euros, including the hotel....so I'll hope for the best this time ^-^

First entry ^-^ 

2005年10月09日(日) 7時40分
I....have a yaplog! ^-^
It so useful when you can barely speak/read japanese XD
But I wanted one for such a long time, and now I finally did it =3
As I can't write my entries in japanese (besides the fact that most people I know couldn't read it XD), I write them in english....I think that's a compromise XD
And isn't the layout cute? <3<3<3
Oh, and feel free to comment XDD
You have to use the first button out of these three above to comment....
Just ignore the first URL-thing on the Comment-site ^^ Then...the first space is for 'Name' the second for 'Mail' and the third for 'URL' (Obvisiously XD) You don't have to fill all of them of course ^^ The fourth space is of course for the comment ^-^ When you've done, just click the button under the 'Comment' thing...I don't think, that it makes any difference, if you check the box next to the button or not.
Well....hope, it works.... ^-^
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